Chapter 6

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When I woke up, the sun still had yet to rise.
The system screen shows that it’s 5:00 am. I guess because I’m not used to sleeping in a tent, I woke up earlier than usual, but I’m not tired at all.
After all, the specs of this body are crazy. What was the guy that summoned me thinking, giving me such a body?

While touching the tattoo of the sleeping twins, I say status.
I can grasp the status of my slaves by doing so.
In the case of adventurers and commoners, status is used as a display of social standing.

Sara Lv10 Talent 9

– Magic “Fire” Lv4
– Magic “Wind” Lv2
– Magic “Water” Lv1

Mira Lv7 Talent 9

– Magic “Light” Lv1
– Cooking Lv3

Their levels are rising wonderfully.
Sara has killed one boar, but Mira hasn’t defeated anything yet.
If that’s the case, how did her level get so high?
Is this normal? No, after only killing one boar, this can’t be normal.

Perhaps they got exp from the boars I defeated?
The experience the master gets is shared to their slaves, is this a common thing in this world? Hmm, I don’t understand.
For the time being, because we gave away the rest of the wolf meat, I have to go hunt for breakfast.

I step out of the tent and activate my [Detection] skill.
There are 4 boars 3 kilometers away. It’s slightly far away, but I’ll go.

Sara Lv11 Talent 9

– Magic “Fire” Lv4
– Magic “Wind” Lv2
– Magic “Water” Lv1

Mira Lv8 Talent 9

– Magic “Light” Lv1
– Cooking Lv3

After we finished eating breakfast, I checked Sara and Mira’s statuses again, and their levels rose again.
Apparently, the experience from the monsters I kill is shared amongst the twins. With this, I’m convinced. However, is this ordinary, or is this one of my cheats?

“Is something wrong, Master?”
“Is there something weird in our statuses?”
“No, everything is okay. Fold the tent.”

Well, even if I think about it, I can’t tell the level of other people, so let’s not worry about it for now.
The tent is folded and put into the item box, and afterward, I take the twins with me to the adventurer’s guild to sell the boar and wolf materials.

There was a request for wolf’s fur on the bulletin board, so I take it, and with the extra materials I had, I received 900 Gill.

After that, I go back to the bulletin board to get another request.
There are more than 10 requests of rank 3.
Aside from monster subjugation, the “gathering materials from monsters” type of request is popular too.
Because requests of this rank aren’t that dangerous, they’ve disappeared from the board completely.
By the way, how do you confirm a subjugation request? It seems that the monster’s name and a number will appear on the guild card, and if the person who took the request, his party, or his slaves defeat the monster, it will be reflected on his guild card.
This guild card is wastefully high-tech. I wonder why it’s like that.

Because there weren’t any subjugation requests, today I’ve got:
– 5 pieces of boar’s meat: rank 2
Reward: 250 Gill
– 5 boar tusks: rank 2
Reward: 250 Gill
– 5 pieces of wolf’s meat: rank 3
Reward: 500 Gill
These 3 requests.
I fought boars yesterday, and they were weak enough that the twins should be able to take them down, so I will leave this request to them.
The wolves may be dangerous though, so I’ll stop their movements with [Coercion] if it gets dangerous.

“Hey, could I have a little of your time, please?”

I took the request forms to the reception desk, and the reception Oneesan called out to me.
Does she need something?

“Actually, I have a favor to ask of you.”

I put on a smile, but my eyes aren’t smiling at all.
While I released [Coercion] yesterday, this Oneesan was unaffected.
This pressure… just who?


The face of the slave-dealer Grandpa appears in front of Mira.
Yeah, that’s it. This overwhelming feeling is the same as from that slave dealer.

“Are you perhaps slaves from my father’s place?”
“It’s not a grandfather, but father?”
“Oh my, do I look that young? I’m happy. Well, let’s just leave it at that. Will you please accept my request? I think you are the most suitable for it.”
“Ask someone else.”
“To be honest, all the other adventurers are too weak. I went to the castle to ask the heroes first, but those children are still too weak. When they grow up they will get much stronger, but it will take some time. However, compared to them…”

Oneesan stares at me while squinting her eyes. I don’t like those eyes. It looks like I’m being observed, and it doesn’t feel good.

“You really are strong! I’ve seen countless adventurers and monsters, but you are way stronger than any of them. You could probably defeat the Demon Lord on your own.”

Just who is this fellow?
She can see through my strength, and she wants to use it for a personal request. She’s not just a normal receptionist.

“Thinking about it, I haven’t introduced myself yet! I’m the president of the World Union of Guilds, Maria Hanesuto. I would be happy to be in your care from now on.”

… What is such a VIP doing behind the reception desk of the adventurer’s guild?

“Well, if you want to ask something, just ask. I’d like to associate with you for a long time.”

As the sun rises, the number of people in the guild has decreased, and we have moved to a meeting room in the guild.
If possible, I wanted to leave, but since the opponent is such a VIP, and I don’t know what would happen if I left, I decided to keep her company.

“Maria-san is…”
“You can refer to me without honorifics.”
“… How did you notice me, Maria?”
“I noticed your unusual strength thanks to my special ability.”
“Ability? Not a skill?”
“That’s right. In this world, there are people that have extremely rare skills that do not belong to the normal types of skills. I don’t know why people have them though. My ability is to visually see the status of others. Because it’s such an ability I usually cover it, so please don’t spread it, okay?”

She winked at me. Creepy.

Thinking about it, the King said something about heroes having some special abilities. Is this the same?
After Maria started talking about her ability, the twins tensed up.
Perhaps these two have some hidden abilities as well?
I’m interested, but I’d hate to force them to tell me, so I’ll wait for the day when they tell me about it themselves.

“Next question. What is the World Union of Guilds?”

“As the name suggests, it is an organization of guilds scattered across the world that do not belong to any country. I’m at the top. The most important person in the guild.”
“… Why are you a receptionist at this adventurer’s guild then?”
“The king of this country summoned heroes from another world. I’m in touch with someone at the castle you see, and while confirming the situation, I took a job as a receptionist to find more strong adventurers.”

If she has a contact in the castle, does that mean she knows that I was summoned along with the heroes?

“Of course, I know your situation. I’m sorry for you, but I think it’s a good thing that you got caught up in the summoning with the heroes. Since you weren’t a genuine hero, that incompetent king let you go.”
“What do you mean?”
“That fellow, he turns the heroes into his chess pieces, and in order to protect himself, he engaged his 3 daughters to the heroes. The most important post of the country will be lost without the heroes. I wonder if at this moment he’s using his daughters to tempt the heroes?”

Whoa, that king is the worst kind of scum. I’m glad I refused at that time.
Well, I’ve heard everything I wanted to know, so let’s listen to what this request is about.
I’ll at least listen. Whether or not I accept it is another thing.

“Then, what’s your request about?”
“Finally you asked about it. My request is to buy some slaves at my father’s place and go to the dungeon that humankind has yet to explore. It’s the Dragon Valley in the Lost Forest. The rank of the dungeon varies though. Also, if possible, I want you to bring me materials from that place. Of course, I will reward you for doing so.”

From the names such as Dragon Valley and Lost Forest, it’s understandable that these places are dangerous, but shouldn’t high ranking dungeons be entrusted to adventurers of the same rank?
Also, why do I have to take the slaves? I don’t understand.

“The rank of the dungeon is not based on the rank needed to clear it, but the rank at which the party can safely return. A party may be able to clear it, but the adventurers with a high enough rank are few in numbers, and most are affiliated with some country. That’s why we can’t assemble a party.”

Maria seemed annoyed when she said that, and her beautiful face has twisted.

“I want you to take a slave with you, because raising the level of a slave is faster with a contract, and slaves that have more talent than a normal person will become stronger even faster. For example, these two, yesterday they had the power of a normal child, but now they are as strong as a beginner adventurer. Because talented people are poached by countries, I want the adventurer’s guild to get some talented people as well. So, I want you to raise one. At my father’s place, there’s an able slave.”

I see, the reason the levels of these two grew so fast, was I the reason?
If I’m the cause, then I can accept the reason. It must be because of my [Growth] skill.
It’s surprising that the skill also has an effect on my contracted slaves. Or, did the skill change when I came to this world? I didn’t look, so I don’t know. It may be better to check if any of my skills have changed since I got here.

“The reward?”
“I will buy all the materials you collect at a high price, and I will also raise your guild rank to 10. I will give you 200,000 Gill upfront. I’ll also give you 1 horse-drawn carriage, and a magic tool to copy a slave’s tattoo. With this tool, a slave’s tattoo can be made invisible.”

“I understand. I’ll do it.”

To be honest, I had no intention of accepting the request.
Taking the twins with me would be very dangerous.
However, slaves that have a contract with me level faster, and when I heard that I’d also be able to hide the slave tattoo, I changed my mind.
Above all, if a slave could get an invisible tattoo, in this world where slaves are discriminated against, these two could live a normal life.

“As for the slaves, buy another two.”
“Yeah, I understand.”

Indeed, taking any more than that would be bothersome.
Plus, with someone like me, who’s bad with strangers, caring for another two may be tough, but I think it’s necessary for Sara and Mira to have some friends, so I will bear with it.
Ah yes, there was something else I had wanted to ask.

“Just why are you placing this request?”
“For world peace.”

It was an immediate response.
Are you kidding me, was what I thought, but she looked me straight in the eyes with a serious look, and it does look like she’s truly serious about it.

“This world is in danger. Dangerous monsters lurk in dungeons, and they are gradually increasing in number. I don’t want to say this, but the people of this world can’t defeat them alone. If every country cooperated, we may have a chance, but kings only think of themselves, and if there’s no harm done to them, then they aren’t interested in world affairs. However, I really want to do something about it, and it’s regrettable, but we have no power. Therefore, I asked you before it was too late.”

A wrinkle appears on Maria’s forehead.
Honestly, I don’t understand Maria’s way of thinking.
If anything, I can sympathize with the kings.
If I’m safe, the country is safe. That’s what they’re thinking.
Although I don’t care if some stranger is suffering, it’s unforgivable to touch what’s mine. The lowest kind of human, but I think the same way.
If someone like that cared for world peace, how weird would that be. That kind of stuff should only be done by someone with a sense of justice.

“Umm, Master, if everyone is in trouble, then we’d like to help them. Though we may be a nuisance at first, we will get stronger! Therefore…”

Hearing Maria’s story, the twins that were quiet until now spoke with determination, and their eyes, that are filled with a sense of justice, are looking at me.
I understand what the twins are saying. I don’t understand why they want to help others so much, and honestly, I don’t care about world peace, but if these two wish for it, I can only support their feelings.

“Leave it to me.”
“Thank you, to all of you. It will take some time to prepare the new guild card, the money, and the carriage, so you should first head to father’s place. I will pay for the new slaves you buy, so just choose whichever slaves you like. You can ask my father for the magic tool.”

Maria smiled with relief, and I thought about our future plans.
It looks like today is going to be busy.

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