Chapter 27

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Desperate struggle – Part 2
“What happnened…?”

Lelia who was knocked down to the ground with incredible speed asks again.
However, Rei doesn’t explain and feigns ignorance.

In fact, my Taijutsu level is 82 and surpasses Lelia’s Jujutsu level greatly.
However, even if my Taijutsu is higher, with Lelia’s stats I would not be her equal with just that.

“Doesn’t matter, after all, you are powerless before me!!”
“I’d like to think that I’m not powerless though.”

Rei calmly tsukkomi’d while Lelia plunged at him.
After transforming his legs to dragon legs, Rei similarly charges at Lelia. He is now able to match Lelia’s speed.
However, his speed is still a little bit slower than Lelia’s, therefore she’s able to eye his movements.

“Too slow!”

She counters Rei’s charge with her right hand resembling a spear.
Lelia pierces Rei’s body with her spear-like hand――is what was supposed to happen, but Rei grins.

“That was on purpose.”

Saying that, Rei puts his hands on the ground and somersaults behind Lelia.
Lelia couldn’t follow the speed of such excessive movements and the gap between them was closed in an instant.
While his right hand is transforming to that of a dragon, Rei shouts.

“Eat this!!”

Lelia is blown off after being hit.
When being hit, the sound of Lelia’s body breaking was conspicuously heard.
Rei approaches Lelia.
However, Lelia nimbly twists her body and sends a round-house kick at Rei.


Because the attack was so sudden, Rei’s guard was down and the attack connected to his stomach.
He immediately regains his balance and takes his stance while clicking his tongue.

“We are not done yet.”

Lelia stands up and turns towards Rei.
Rei confirms Lelia’s remaining health.
Rei confirms that Lelia’s health is at 800, then he looks at his own health.
Fortunately, he didn’t take much damage, he dismisses the screen.

“An opening!!!”

However, Lelia didn’t overlook the chance to attack while Rei was looking at his status.


He crosses both arms to guard, however, Lelia switches her target to Rei’s legs which are not guarded.
Lelia penetrates Rei’s left leg with her spear hand, the blood erupts.


The pain attacks Rei, he frantically swings his right hand at Lelia.


Lelia quickly retreats behind Rei and licks the blood that sprayed from his penetrated leg.

“So good… more blood, blood, blooood!!”

While Lelia is shouting crazily, Rei looks at his left leg.
The wound on his leg is horrible, you can see through his leg to the other side, his bone exposed, he needs medical treatment soon.

After thinking about it, he puts as much weight as he can on his right leg in order to avoid straining his left leg.

This is bad, if I’m not careful my consciousness will fade.

In the first place can I win? Against this monster-like fellow?
No matter how much I surpass her in T her specs are just too overwhelming.
In addition, my left leg is mostly useless, blood is flowing like a river…
… Iya, if I die here―――

“I will thoroughly torment you!!!”

Rei focuses on Lelia who charges at him again.
However, in this hopeless situation, in order to defeat Lelia, Rei prepared in advance, he shouts.


“My important person has dieeeed!!!”

At that time, Rei could hear a voice.

… Well said, thy other self.

Hallucinations, it’s getting dangerous…

This is not a hallucination. I am a sleeping dragon.

A sleeping dragon?
I don’t understand.

I shall explain later, give the body control to me.

Body control? How do I do that?

It’s simple. Just close thine eyes.

I can’t trust you.
If I don’t give you control of the body?

You will die, thy important person will die too.

Can you finish?


… I understand, I will trust this sleeping dragon.

Rei didn’t want to rely on the sleeping dragon in his body, but he is sure he can’t win by himself so he reluctantly closes his eyes.
After closing his eyes, he feels like he’s being pulled in the darkness. The dragon talks to Rei.

Leave it to me.

Sink or swim, I bet it on you.

There is no need to gamble.

Is that so?

That very moment, Rei loses his consciousness.

The dragon inside Rei’s body talks to Lelia.

“Art thou mine enemy?”
“What are you saying?”

The dragon in charge of Rei’s body talks to Lelia with disdain.

“Foolish, to lose thy original ego.”
“I’m me!!!”

Lelia shouts while thrusting

“Thou art quite good.”
“You… What did you do?”
“Mere bloodlust.”

After saying so, the dragon in Rei’s body started shining brightly.

“Forgive me, but thou wilt end the game at once.”

The dragon in Rei’s body says and immediately Rei’s body fully transforms into a dragon.

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