Chapter 24

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The worst birthday
Side: Ari

Today is the day Rei celebrates his 10th birthday.
It is the second most important birthday in a person’s life… It has to be a grand party.

When Rei was born, I thought that he resembled Ani, however I’m glad that he has become a calm child similarly like me.

After that, I was surprised at the skill judgment.
A normal person has 2~3 skills, a person with special skill is set for future and Rei has four of them.
I’m glad that Rei doesn’t understand the details about his 4 special skills, he would become something similar to treasure and the town would fight for him.

Though magic can be learned with memorization, without having a skill like “Chant Abbreviation” you won’t memorize much.
Rei probably realized it himself and asked for a Martial Arts tutor, I thought that he inherited Ani’s hard-working spirit.
I was slightly anxious because there was not much money to hire a tutor.
But the worry disappeared when Lelia-san wanted only food, shelter, clothing, and 5 silver coins as her payment.

After hiring Lelia-san as a tutor they were practicing from morning to the evening, however, I’m not worried as Rei will definitely accomplish great achievements in the future. Therefore he has to work at least this much.

While thinking so, Ari began arranging luxurious food on the table in the living room.
Because you celebrate this type of birthday only twice in life, high-quality ingredients were used abundantly and the food produced a very appetizing scent.

Rei’s running will be finished soon and he will enter in a bit.
Ani also stands in front of the door of the living room, preparing the surprise.
What kind of face will Rei show… I’m looking forward to it.

While Ari is thinking so, the door of the living room opens.
Ari signals to Ani, they open the door and jump at the person who opened the door.

“”Rei, happy birth… day?””

However the person in Ari’s arms wasn’t Rei, but his tutor.
If it was a normal Lelia she would apologize in a hurry, but because she stayed silent, Ari talked to Lelia.

“… What is wrong Lelia… san?”
“…… I.”

Because Ari couldn’t hear Lelia’s quiet voice she wanted to ask again, but before she could do that Ani grabbed Lelia by her shoulders and said.

“Lelia-san, did something happen?”
“…… I want to eat.”
“… Rei will come soon.”
“After I eat the two of you.”

The moment Lelia muttered, Ari sees Ani’s head floating in the air.


After Ani says that, he falls on the ground.
Ari remains standing stunned without realizing what’s going on.

“First the eyeeees!!!”

While screaming in joy Lelia begins eating Ani’s body.
Ari remains standing stunned, not understanding that Ani was murdered.

Ani died?
No, that can’t be true.
Ani constantly thinks about having an affair, but he never went that far.
Gentle, children loving, a reliable husband.
And yet he was killed, by Rei’s tutor.

I won’t recognize this, Ani is… Ani is… Ani is dead!!
Hey, you aren’t dead right?
Surely it’s some kind of trick in order to surprise me right?
Say something… please don’t die…

“Fufufu… You are next!”

Lelia gradually approaches Ari while giggling.
Ari shakes her head desperately, denying the fact that Ani has been killed.

“Ani…! Ani…!”
“Don’t worry, you will soon join him in the same place!!!”

At the same time Lelia shouts, the door is opened.

“I’m home~”

Rei’s voice woke up Ari from the trance and she began chanting magic.

“Wind, Atmosphere, tear the enemy apart, Wind Blade.”

Ari sends blades of winds towards Lelia.

The best technique I can cast, Wind Blade.
The high-ranking spell that I learned at the Magic Academy, an ordinary human will die instantly.
Sorry, but I must defeat you here before you hurt Reiーーー!

However, the blade of wind Ari released only left slight cuts on Lelia’s body.

“That hurts…”
“It didn’t work!?”

I have put a considerable amount of magic power in that, but it didn’t do any damage!?
I have to hit her with all my magic power so she won’t be able to chase Rei!

However, at that moment Ari has noticed something.

There are… no arms.

“So noisy.”

I run into the living room after hearing Ari’s scream of agony.
While thinking so, Rei hears Ari’s audible voice.

“Did something happen, Mom!?”

Aah, don’t come Rei.
If you come, you will be surely killed.
By this monster.

Lelia whispers to Ari after hearing Rei’s voice.
While having a disgusting, crooked smile.

“I will kill you before your child.”

Ari thought that there is no room for the resistance and has accepted her own death.
Something flies from the door of the living room.
That something strikes Lelia and blows her off.
It cuts her hair and she falls unconscious to the floor.

Before fainting, Ari could hear someone speak to her.

“I won’t let you fight anymore.”

The voice was Rei’s, but his figure was different from his usual appearance, with doubts on her mind, she fully lost her consciousness.

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