Chapter 43

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Mean Obaasama after Frightening Hermit-sama
Because his head had sunk into the floor, I can’t see his face.
The leg on top of the head seems thin and fragile. However, I can clearly see through my eyes that the thin leg is actually firm and well-tempered.
It’s clear that the magical power flowing through the leg is both hard as metal and flexible as a rubber. That leg――I have never seen such magical power.
Such magical power wasn’t flowing through her when she sat on the sofa a while ago. But, it’s not the same, but I saw a similar flow some time ago.

When the muscle daruma――Roland Jiisan buried his hand into the ground.
When he used his hand to stop and turn around at the entrance hall.

It’s the magical power flow he demonstrated that time.
She――The astounding physical ability that Annela Obaasama displayed, wasn’t it made up of this magical power flow?


“Seriously…… dear…… even if Lily-chan was able to see, I can’t permit such attitude, you know? …… Lily-chan may come to dislike you if you continue acting like that, you know?”


There was compassion in her tone, but the ridiculing mixed in was distinctively audible.




Immediately after hearing Annela Obaasama’s words, Jiisan started saying something while flapping with his arms and legs, but since his head was buried in the floor, I couldn’t understand anything he said.
Because Annela Obaasama’s foot is still on top of the head, the pitiful flapping object can’t slip away.

Annela Obaasama was watching the flapping object which was saying something for a while, but when satisfied she lifted her stone weight foot, and Roland Jiisan’s head vigorously emerged from within the floor.


“No good~! Only that is no good~! Lilianneyoooooou…… sorry! Forgive me! I am in the wrong, but pleeeease forgive meeeee!”


He instantly shortens the distance between the sofa――the muscle daruma rushed towards me with a waterfall of tears streaming from his eyes just like in the entrance hall, but Hermit-sama who had moved to the sofa before I noticed stopped him.


It made a good sound.


Roland Jiisan fell down and rolled two, three times, but he immediately recovered and once again, in a similar manner rushed at me while trying to cling up to be with words of apology――Annela Obaasama made him roll again.
“Supaa~n” or “Zupaa~n” or “Dogoo” would reverberate each time.


W, what on Earth is this……
Where did the serious atmosphere from a little while ago go to……


I ended up sighing at the unreasonable development.




The skit of Roland Jiisan rushing while crying and apologizing and Annela Obaasama’s making him roll continued for several minutes.

After Jiisan finally stopped crying, Annela Obaasama returned on the sofa and lifted me up to her arms.
After walking slightly away from the sofa, she changed to her nonchalant tone and whispered to me.


“Fufu…… Does Lily-chan really understand the conversations? Far from that, you might even be understanding the situation properly, don’t you? That sigh of a little while ago…… It’s not something a one-year-old child would do?”


Even though she should not have looked at me even once while sending Roland Jiisan rolling, it looks like she has seen everything, but nonchalantly…… I remember that frightening tone.
But, I also mysteriously feel a sense of security from this nonchalant tone. Affection and gentleness that wraps up everything just like Claire.


“…… Besides, the sorcery-like feeling I felt at the entrance hall. That was Lily-chan’s doing, right? And particularly when you buried your face into the maid’s tail. It would be better not to do it in front of people. Even though I felt only little signs that made me think that it was just my imagination, but while scarce, there certainly are people outside who can sense it better than me. You are special just like Ro has said, I think it would be best to conceal it.”


If I thought about it, I did. I just didn’t think that a person who could sense the presence of magical power would be so close to me.
I’m a little surprised that this powerful person who can match a Hermit could only sense enough of my magical power compression to make let her think it was just her imagination, but I’m even more surprised that there are people who are able to sense magical power better than her.



It may take some kind of talent to sense magical power.
If extremely proficient, one may be able to perceive magical power just like in the manga or novels. But still, with so much compressed magical power, it was only enough to make her lead to a misunderstanding.
I may certainly consent that it takes a special talent.


“…… But you see, remember this much. I…… no, we are Lily-chan’s, your allies. Even if the opponent is an existence like the Demon Lord, I will become a holy sword that will destroy him. If the opponent is a hero…… I will cut off his head with a cursed sword.”


Her nonchalant expression immediately changed into a marvelous, villainy expression that would destroy everything.
Not like the thorny magical power that appeared during the scolding, but a complex magical power that could cut everything and yet was calming as Holy Mother has appeared.
But, both the expression and magical power lasted only for an instant as her nonchalant expression immediately returned.


“Fufu…… no matter how special you are, such discussion is still too early, isn’t it…… I have been slightly influenced by Ro. Sorry about that, Lily-chan. Let’s talk about it again once you grow up a little bit, okay?”


Hermit-sama whispers with a slightly exhausted voice while rubbing her cheeks against mine.




After the serious atmosphere and the bad skit, five people were friendly chatting in the room.

Annela Obaasama who’s quietly listening to the friendly chat with me on her lap is trying to prevent me from getting bored by playing with me with her hand.

She rubs and squishes my cheeks, pokes my nose…… anyway, she’s looking after me in many ways.
Despite that, the other four are enjoying their chat.


I let her do as she pleases at first, but I gradually became desperate to catch that hand.
It’s impossible to make it in time to catch her hand while she’s poking me. It’s also obviously unsuitable to catch her hand before the poke. I want to avoid repeating the same mistake again.
But, I won’t be able to catch her hand otherwise.

After such a game of tag had continued for a while, Annela Obaasama started swaying in a rhythm from left to right as if enjoying herself.
I also can hear a light humming from above.

But, I who could only chase wasn’t having fun at all.

I chase and chase, but can’t catch her at all.
But, I can’t catch her hand by predicting. It can’t be helped that my stress has been gradually pilling up.

Therefore, I think that it couldn’t be helped that I raised both of my hands and screamed.



“W, what’s wrong, Lilianne!?”

“Lily, what happened!?”


“What!? What happened!?”

“Fufu…… ara, ara, I’m sorry. Lily-chan. Have I teased you a bit too much?”


Everyone, but Annela Obaasama got startled by my scream and looked at me anxiously.
As for the perpetrator of the scream, she just says with a nonchalant tone without destroying her good grace.


Mu~…… this Baasan is a bully.
Without a doubt, Ellie’s toughness is heredity from this person.
I thought it wasn’t the parent’s influence because Claire is not like that, however. It was this person!


Everyone except Annela Obaasama was worried about me, but after the perpetrator has confessed, she managed without any further problems.


The main culprit looked very happy, her nonchalant smile couldn’t be destroyed until the end.

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