Chapter 33

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Ena after What I Can Do Now
Ena’s baby couldn’t be born.
That fact created a small ripple in my heart which gradually became larger.


I’m being brought up together with the affection of Ena’s baby.
Brought up with Ena’s milk and with Ena constantly by my side.

I have been literally brought up by Ena.


The situation now is different from when I didn’t know about Ena’s circumstances and now that I am aware.
Ena looks at me with eyes full of affection and gentleness, but it became apparent that the share of the unborn child was added.
I have never thought about it before, but the thoughts about what I can do to return Ena’s affection has been released.


Children often grow quickly to the wishes of parents, but I’m growing a bit differently.


For example, the total darkness because of the Cloudy Eyes.
For example, the amount of knowledge far different from normal babies.


I can’t say that I’m an entirely healthy child.


Because of the risk that would fall upon me, I have to conceal my knowledge and behavior.
They will be immediately pleased if I show, but they will immediately find out that I’m different from other children.

Such balance always tilts to the way of self-defense.




Several days after the coma, Ena has returned from her haggard condition back to her usual self and was now showing a lively appearance.


Because I have not entered the mysterious space after that, Ena showed her cheerfulness most likely because I have not entered the comatose state again.
Honestly speaking, I was about to confirm the condition to go and return from the mysterious space, but I’m unable to do that at the present conditions.

It’s irritating, but I have no choice but leaving it for later.


I look at Ena who is doing morning cleaning from the baby crib in a daze.
After a little while, she will probably notice that I’m awake.

Until then, I will be watching her in order to confirm her physical condition.
This is something I have done since the next day after the coma.


I have found out that I am able to confirm physical condition by “compressing magical power” in my eyes.
By the color’s “shade” or “shape,” I’m able to confirm physical condition.

The shade is not determined simply by slightly darker color, but by the difference from normalcy.
It appears that stress hit Ena’s stomach which has caused her haggardness, there were black spots gradually spreading all around her stomach.
I have become able to understand a “precise flow of magical power” even when obstructed by clothes with magical power compression.

Apparently, the flow of magical power can distinguish substances, and judge them whether they are “foreign substances” related to “things that have a bad influence on the human body.”
I can understand if the physical condition is bad by the size and shape of the foreign substance.

However, it appears that the things that are determined to be foreign substances by magical power seem to be naturally healed, so I can only detect a degree of subjective symptoms at the present time.
Even if Ena was in a haggard state, because the cause was stress, she got rid of almost all of the foreign substances the next day.

Because my experience with strengthening my vision by compressing magical power is still shallow, it’s not yet accurate as it’s still in the experimental stage.

My observation targets are only family members, and when those family members are not feeling well, they are prohibited from entering my room.
I would certainly like if they were allowed in my room, but the reality is not so easy.

But, I think that I should do what I can do, so I observe every morning.
If I find some kind of foreign substance, I intend to make somehow Ena take a rest.




Fortunately, Ena seems to have no problem today as well.

As long as it’s not a large foreign substance, the human body can manage with natural healing.
It’s strange when there are no foreign substances, as I can find them no matter how small they are.

Today, I have not found any large foreign substances as well.


In the meanwhile, Ena has noticed that I have woken up.
I have fixedly stared at her, she might have noticed my gaze.


“Good morning, have you slept well, Lily?”


Saying such, she kisses me on the forehead.
Gentle brushing my hair with a hairbrush seems to be the recent start of series of morning greetings.


Knowing Ena’s circumstances now, I can unusually feel her affection more than before.
Having my hair brushed felt good before too, but recently, it seems that the comfortableness increased by many times as I can feel some kind of warm aura.

Because I’m strengthening my eyes with the compression of magical power, it can be that my hair which is close also got the strengthening effect.
Because if I don’t collect quite a lot of magical power before compression, I won’t attain the “vision strengthening effect,” so it became considerably harder to control.
As a result, the area of the strengthening around the eyes might have increased to places that weren’t intended.


“I can feel Ena’s magical power that has leaked out with her strong emotions with my strengthened hair.”


Is what I have considered, but I don’t actually see magical power leaking from Ena, so I don’t have any positive proof.

Because my hair is being combed I can’t move my head much, and if I try unreasonably look at Ena she will stop me, so I have no way to confirm if she’s releasing magical power.


Or, she might be leaking such a little amount of magical power that it’s not visible.


I think that I might be able to see it if I strengthen my vision with compression magic properly, but somehow I thought, isn’t it okay to think that it’s “love”?
It’s not necessary to see through everything, and there are many things that one happier when not in the known.


Today’s warm morning greetings finished, and Ena went to prepare the breakfast.

Although I say that, she probably just went to get the breakfast from servants waiting outside the room.

The meals are prepared beforehand, but things which should be warm are warm and cold ones are moderately cold.
It’s so convenient enough to make me think that there’s something controlling the meals’ temperature just like the aircon.

Because there is no clock in this room――even if there were, I wouldn’t be able to see――I don’t know if the time for the meal is the same every time, but if the meals were prepared in advance, waiting on standby behind the door, they should have cooled down by all means.

But, such a thing has never happened before.


When considering that, I came to such a conclusion.

well, since I got to eat warm things warm and cold things cold, I have no complaints.
It’s just a trifling curiosity.


In the meanwhile, Ena finished setting the breakfast on a little table.
Ena usually finishes her breakfast earlier, and I fundamentally eat alone.
I’m moved from baby crib to the usual chair.

The temperature of today’s breakfast is controlled as per usual, it’s a warm vegetable soup with bread sliced in bite sizes, scrambled eggs, salad, and warm milk.

I eat slowly while guided by Ena with a children’s fork.
I eat the bread with hands instead of the fork, but Ena naturally guides me.
It’s still lightly seasoned, but I already got used to it.


I am unable to see the food or tableware by strengthening my sight with magical power compression.
Even with the compressed magical power, I still can’t see anything that does not have magical power.


If it stays like this, it will be difficult to have a meal because someone will have always to guide me.
Even if I can tell the position of food by smell, I still can’t navigate properly.
I don’t know whether it’s because of the magical power, but my other senses don’t feel any sharper.


Well…… I can’t complain when my magical power vision is improving……


I think quite positively…… but.


Although I need to spend a considerable amount of time at meals, we finish safely and calmly, and Ena moves to hand over the tableware to the servants waiting behind the door.

Even when collecting the dishes, the servants are probably always waiting outside as she doesn’t lose any time when handing them over.

It seems that my idea that the servants are always waiting outside the door is right.
I can hardly imagine being left alone.

I can only think that from the standpoint of security and the standpoint of labor, waiting alone outside the door is inefficient.


It doesn’t matter much even if I understand it, but it’s important to keep on thinking.

I don’t want to make unnecessary worries for Ena.
If I don’t always think about something, I will start thinking of the smug-faced fairy, and I will start feeling down.

All I can do now is not to cause any more unnecessary worries.


Except for the first day on which Kuti left for the regular report, I have not shown my disheartened appearances.

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