Chapter 31

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When I woke up, Kuti wasn’t here any longer.


Most likely…… She must have thought that I wouldn’t be able to let her go if I were to send her off.
I have confidence that I would cry and not let her go.
Therefore, it might have been better like this.


It had to be like that.

Not being able to feel my little buddy riding on top of my palm feels as if there was a big hole in my heart.

It’s too big to fill it up with something, and there’s not enough time to find anything for compensation.

I feel like I’m being crushed by emptiness, all my motivation disappeared, and desperation like feeling dominates over my whole body.


Ena who noticed that I woke up greeted me with a good morning kiss, but I didn’t care.


For the time being, I decided to close my eyes again and sleep, as long as I sleep time will pass quickly.


I want to see Kuti soon……


Indeed…… When I was thinking such a thing, I was able to let go of my consciousness unexpectedly smoothly.




A pure white world left and right as far as I can see.
Letters are floating in the air.
There are many floors below me.


Right now, I’m in my previous life appearances.
I could somehow figure that out even without looking at myself.


Because of the striking words up above me, I immediately understood.


“I came here again…… In this strange space.”


I spit out together with a sigh.

I came here before when I had the fever, so it wasn’t that long ago.
I had nothing to do, nor did I have any motivation, so I didn’t really mind where I was, but it’s meaningless to come to space where the only thing I can do is think when I just wanted to sleep.

Well, the things I can do became the same in the end.

I lie down on the floor with a plop.


I sigh haa once again and close my eyes while thinking of the person I want to meet the most.


In a moment, I felt as if something has appeared in front of my eyes.


I was about to fall asleep…… just what do you want from me you mysterious space……!


I intended to shout so I opened my eyes and there were……


A rectangle framed in black and white――a window similar to the later type of the largest shareholder on the market of computer OS which everyone in my previous life knew about.

Inside that window, Smugface-san which I wanted to see the most was doing some kind of pantomime.
Just as when we met for the first time, I have no idea what she’s trying to convey with her pantomime at all.

It’s so nostalgic…… The corners of my eyes become hotter.
Smugface-san who continued the pantomime for a while noticed that I didn’t understand at all, dropped her shoulders in defeat and started sulking.


Because we couldn’t understand each other at all in those days……


I didn’t know why did mysterious space showed me images of what happened a half year ago, but because I’m able to see the person I want to see the most so I didn’t really care.


Kuti with dropped shoulders moved on top of the shoulders of me in the projection.
Then, Ena’s beautiful voice became audible.

This projection seems to be a video with sound.

I’m really grateful, but I would rather see a projection of the time where I could hear Kuti’s voice clearly and properly communicate.

The moment I thought such.

The video pauses, another window appears on top of it, something black flows out and immediately disappears.
It was so fast that I have no idea what it was, but after the video had paused, a new one started playing.


“Katra plant you see~ It grows just in hot places with sand~…… how to say it, ah~ that place.”


In the video, Kuti is explaining “Katra plant” to me.


How nostalgic…… naa…… it’s around the time I had become able to write long sentences.


The mysterious phenomenon was already driven away to the corner of my mind as I fondly watched the video of Kuti.
In the video, she was teaching me various things while writing words of magical power with energetic movements.

Kutiality that hasn’t noticed my Cloudy Eyes at all.
Words of spirit and magical power.


It was around then when she mentioned the regular report for the first time……
I learned that she has to go now just yesterday, though.


Kuti’s smug face stabbed my heart, and I became emotional again.


I want to see you soon……
I want to quickly see that smug face……


The moment I thought such, something immediately flew out of the window.
This time, I was able to read a bit.

There were a few “words” I have recognized.

The things which were flowing out were words.
The words I was able to read were “Kuti” and “Smug face.”

And then, before I could think about it further, the window closed and windows in large numbers appeared in front of me.

Several videos were playing in the windows that appeared.

All of them had Kuti’s making a smug face.


“Pu…… kuahahaha.”


As soon as I thought about wanting to see Smugface, many videos of Kuti’s smug face started playing.
This mysterious space is quite sophisticated, where did my feelings of sentimentality go to?
I unconsciously ended up laughing at the smug face videos.

Surrounded by many smug faces and wrapped in many Kuti’s voices.


Somehow, it makes me feel very happy.


I feel somehow encouraged by this mysterious space, it’s a strange feeling.


Even though it’s just a mysterious space~


I continued watching lots of Kuti without getting tired.

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