Chapter 114

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Second Target
Jenny is a beastman from the fox tribe.
She has a similar tail to Mira and slightly bigger triangular ears on top of her head.
She has just one tail, she’s not the nine-tailed kind of a fox. She’s not much expressive. But, she’s a considerably laid-back person.

She’s a person who occasionally does unclear actions and her presence is high even among my personal maids.
First, she has a similar, long-tail like Mira.
That which is telling me to mofu it, although not of a superb fur quality as Mira’s, is clearly, at first glance, finely groomed every single day. It must offer wonderfulness of a different quality from Mira’s.

It’s obvious that Jenny is full of expectations after Mira’s last mofumofu.
She has been endowed with a fidgety flow of magical power the entire day and it’s certain that her magical power skyrocketed when I took the brush in my hands.

The action of combing Mira’s tail suggests that the same thing may happen to Jenny.
That was my first time combing the tail of Mira who is my favorite among the personal maids.
It has been a long time since my personal maids have been decided and the tail combing is unrelated to my favorites.
It’s something that started after Reki-kun’s tail was combed.

As a result, the possibility of me combing Jenny’s tail has been born.
In other words, she may taste the whirlpool of pleasant feelings she thoroughly heard about from Mira.

Both in Mira’s and Reki-kun’s case, they received intense pleasant feelings that led them to faint.
Enjoying these pleasant feelings every day would be probably difficult.
Well, there’s a possibility depending on whether she has a partner, but it would be difficult if he/she is not a compatible technician.

That being the case, it goes without saying that the still young Jenny must be very curious.




After combing Reki-kun’s tail, I turn around to Jenny who is restlessly standing behind me.
The brush magic tool in my little hands.
She probably can’t read my mind because I’m always expressionless.
But, she can understand without reading. The dead giveaway is Jenny’s fidgeting that completely switched to nervousness.



“Y, yess, Ojousamaa~”


I finish the last confirmation of the mission plan with Jenny who returned a slow reply even when nervous.
It doesn’t seem it will matter even if I change it.
I probably just have to adapt to the circumstances afterward.

The moment I approached Jenny, the bringing down of Lilianne La Christophe’s personal maids #2 started.

I develop the necessary sorceries instantly with my imagination――without a chant, and complete them.
The sorcery developed around Jenny and me completely deceives a fixed scope of space to the surroundings.
It’s the sorcery I used when I brought down Mira.
It’s a perception inefficiency sorcery that forges the picture and sound of the surroundings, fully equipped with soundproofing that won’t leak outside.

The prerequisites have been nearly completed.
The very Jenny in question also can’t perceive the sorcery I used.
That’s because it’s completely overtaken by the flow of nervous, restless, anticipating, and anxious magical power.


“I will comb Jenny’s tail too~”

“Yes, Ojousamaa~ I will be in your caree~”


Jenny turns around and squats down, presenting me her splendid tail that is at first glance definitely well taken care of every day.

Seeing it this close, I can understand the difference from Mira.
The fur quality is one or two…… no, three steps behind Mira’s.
It’s on a pitiable mofumofu level when compared to Mira.
However, that doesn’t mean that Jenny’s mofumofu level is low by any means.

However, it’s slightly disappointing to me who knows the supreme mofumofu that is Mira.
But, no matter the status, quality or the situation of the target, I will mofumofu it.

Let’s depart, towards the high summit on the other side.




I brush the tail of the slender, supple Jenny.
The flow of the combing that wasn’t caught in anything reaffirmed my expectations of the tail’s quality.

The mofumofu world is still endlessly vast.
There’s still a lot of this world, in this vast universe I haven’t discovered yet.



I’m moved and grateful.


I have brushed with wait-and-see magical power at first, but I saw the tail in a new light when I mofued and realized that I’m not on such a self-important wait-and-see level yet.

As a result, the wait-and-see ended in an instant and immediately poured magical power into the brush and the way of brushing from a little while ago was a thing of past.
As the proof of the magical power in the brush, Jenny tensed up the moment the brush touched her, her ears and fur stood up and her flow of magical power reached the peak of bewilderment and expectations.

Increasing the quality of the magical power little by a little while slowly moving the brush, Jenny’s state quickly changed right before my eyes.


From nervousness to bewilderment and expectations.
And as I expected, from comfortableness to unexpected pleasure.


My desires occasionally run wild with Mira and it simply isn’t possible to slowly observe her, but watching Jenny’s flow of magical power change within a minute is funny.
But, unexpectedly, Jenny’s emotions of bewilderement were soon all painted over by the color of pleasure.

I stimulate her the moment she tries to frantically reach her hand to conceal the moans escaping from her mouth, making that hand unable to reach.
Jenny who was unable to conceal her charming voice from leaking out anymore trembled and looked towards the sky with her mouth open wide.

I continue improving the quality of my magical power to match her rhythm and slowly raise the gear little by little.
It’s already impossible for Jenny to fight back, but my gear is still low.


I haven’t raised it yet, Jenny.
It wasn’t like that when I was giving pleasant feelings to Mira.


The moment my gear went up by one, a frail, sweetest voice yet echoed.
It was at such volume it would become trouble if there was no soundproof.
Unlike her usual slow voice, the gap of an adult woman’s voice was truly wonderful.

Jenny’s charm continued raising over the limit and she embraced her body while trembling, but she suddenly collapsed as if the line holding her got snapped.
I make an air cushion in panic and catch her, but she has fainted as I thought.

How careless of me to let her faint only on the first gear.
I thought she would last more than Mira when she didn’t have any experience, but I thought Jenny would last longer than Mira because of her big sister like appearances, it appears she had fewer experiences than Mira.

While wryly smiling at the unexpected reality, I decided to take advantage of the situation to bury my face into her tail and enjoy mofumofu because I have only combed her tail a little.

Jenny has twitched many times even while unconscious, but I thought she wouldn’t be able to endure anymore, so I had Kuti wake her up after making her clean.

Jenny was in the half-asleep state just like Mira, but she managed to wake up after she slapped her face a few times.




In conclusion, it ended up with Mira’s victory.
Jenny’s opponent was just too strong.
In fact, Jenny’s tail and ears are perfectly satisfactory.

Especially, I think that her ears are of a higher quality than her tail.
It’s the tail over the ears in Mira’s case.

Consequently, it appears that the other two personal maids are expecting to be attacked too.
Lacria’s and Nija’s tails are short and a bit difficult to be mofumofued.
It means that the available places are limited.


However, the combing that is a derivation of mofumofu might be painful for the two.
But, Jenny will surely pass the information to the two.
I know that they are properly sharing the information.
It appears that the four are secretly gathering to exchange information, but I’m troubled because Kuti doesn’t take the monitoring seriously.


It’s Lacria’s turn to be my personal maid tomorrow.
If she’s curious and restless too, it will be that easier.
I have to come up with a plan to attack her ears without delay.

I will have the although awake, but still unsteady on her feet Jenny to properly share the information and amplify Lacria’s expectations.

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