Chapter 89

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Shocking incident.
The people working in this mansion seem to be brainwashed, believing that Anton is a good person. No matter what I say, then won’t listen to me.
It happened when I was trembling in anger. I heard a lot of noise outside the room. The servants seemed to be tussling with someone, and occasionally I heard the complaints of some woman, as the noise was getting closer and closer.

“Please stop. Not good, beyond this point is…!”
“Let me go. I have business with that man.”
“If you need something, I am at your service.”
“Sheesh, you are in the way. Get out of my way!”

It seemed that several male servants were trying to stop a woman who was yelling at them. I could easily imagine whom that voice belonged to. Thinking that a troublesome one came for a visit, the door suddenly opened with a bang.

“This is unforgivable, Anton. To pick that woman over me.”

Anna resembled a demon. She was holding a silver knife in both of her hands. The hair that was usually tied up was messed up. Her cheeks were warped like a different person.
She stared at Anton hatefully as she approached.

“Stop it, Anna!”

For a moment, I couldn’t understand what just happened. Just when I realized that Anton strongly pulled on my arm, I felt the knife Anna held stabbed into my stomach. Not being able to bear the sudden pain, I lost my consciousness.




“Yurika! Thank God you are awake.”
“Lady Yurika, how do you feel?”


I regained consciousness two days later. I was in a bed with a silk canopy. There were two faces peeking at me. Anton, who looked as if nothing happened and the teary-eyed Mille.
I had just woken up and my head was in a state where I couldn’t think well, so I tried to get up, but my abdomen was in pain and I couldn’t get up.

“Don’t overdo it. You covered for me and got stabbed by Anna in my place.”
“I got stabbed by Anna?”
“Do you not remember? Anna pulled a knife on me, and you covered me to protect me from it.”

When I felt uncomfortable with Anton’s lukewarm attitude, he said something somewhat different than what I remembered. I wasn’t covering for him. What does the man who used me as a shield is trying to say? Anton pulled on my arm and thrust me in front of him. At that time, I think Anna looked very surprised. Mille, who didn’t know anything about it, smiled at me as if she was relieved.

“Lady Yurika. I’m so glad you’re okay. We were afraid you’d never wake up.”
“What happened to Anna?”
“After that, Anna was captured and put in jail. The stimulation was so terrible that a few men seized her right after. You can rest assured.”
“Lady Yurika, everything is going to be all right now.”
“I’ll leave the house for a bit. Mille, I’m leaving Yurika in your hands.”

Anton lightly tapped Mille’s shoulder as he walked out. The action of his overlapped with something he did to me before. It was the day he told me about the divorce. As I thought, this conduct was still nothing to him. I was, after all, just a housemate for my husband.

“Lady Yurika?”

I hated myself for not being able to raise myself up for fear of being hurt. I only moved my face from the bed and looked at Anton’s back, which Mille seemed to take as my reluctance to part.

“Lady Yurika, Master will be back soon.”

Mille must have misunderstood that I was worried about Anton. I couldn’t help but feel that Anton was a horrible man. I wanted to run away from here with all my heart.

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