Chapter 66

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A nostalgic beef stew.
“Shall we eat?”

The beef stew recommended by Fii was delicious and the meat was so tender it melted in my mouth. There were lots of veggies such as carrots, potatoes, and asparagus. It tasted somewhat homely, and made me feel nostalgic of my Baron’s home.

“It’s delicious…!”
“Ain’t that right? Don’t you remember eating this beef stew before? It’s Hannah’s homemade recipe.”
“Ah. Your nanny Hannah, I remember her. Mrs. Hannah often cooked beef stew for lunch, right?”

I can’t remember all the occasions, but we often played in the forest from the morning until the evening. We would be wasting time by returning to the mansion for lunch, so Fii’s nanny Hannah who worried about us brought us sandwiches, scones, and other easy to carry foods. They were not only for Fii as she brought lots for all the children who played together with us. The number of kids who enjoyed playing in the forest kept increasing.

But, when it got cold, Hannah would call for us who played in the forest to come and have a stew, because it would be too much of a hassle for her to bring it over. At that time, I think the guards from my house were also helping.
Hannah’s specialty was a beef stew. I feel that the guards also partake in eating.

“How is Mrs. Hannah doing now?”
“She’s living with her married daughter. You also know her daughter’s husband.”


Hannah was a middle-aged woman at that time, so it’s not strange for her to have grandchildren about now. I heard that she had a daughter that was a few years older than us when I was young.

“Eh? Who? Who is it?”
“It’s Killan.”
“Heh. That Killan is her son-in-law?”

I am surprised that there was such a connection. “Would you like to see her next time?” Fii asked. When I nodded to him, it occurred to me that I should ask about certain something. I feel that it should be all right to ask now.

“Say, Fii.”
“I wanted to ask you this before, but… umm, nine years ago. Why did you not come?”
“That time, Mother and I were living in hiding from our pursuers. Old man’s late wife and my Mother were close friends, so she and the Old man sheltered us.”
“My late Father was quite a wealthy man. People who were blinded by greed targeted Father’s inheritance by pressing false allegations onto Mother, eventually chasing her out of the mansion. Worst of all, they even planned to assassinate her. Mother, who felt the danger coming, cooperated with good-hearted servants to escape with me.”
“Is that so? It seems you went through many hardships. Is everything all right now?”
“Everything’s fine. All the assets now belong to a shrewd Uncle of mine, so there’s no need for our lives to be in danger. This is why I am able to walk outside so brazenly.”

Fii was able to narrate it so cheerfully, but I thought he must have felt differently before he was able to change his mind to think like this.

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