Chapter 18

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“My name is Leo. I was a knight in the land of the Subhuman race, but I was captured and abandoned in the forest to keep my mouth shut after a dispute with a certain nobleman. I am 21 years old.”

So the man with the cat ears was a former knight! I’m curious about all the things that happened between him and the nobleman… Did he just say all of this to keep his mouth shut!?

I scurried around and looked at Richmond and the children, but the color of their faces didn’t change in the slightest.

“My name is Logan. Master Leo opposed the nobles in order to help our family…! Master Leo, I’m sorry I got you involved in all of this!”

Eh, is that so!? It seems like there is a reason, but it takes a lot of courage and kindness to go against the nobles to save them, doesn’t it?
And this family seems like good people, too, so it must have been something more than that…

“Logan, please raise your head. I have no regrets.”
“Master Leo…”

I don’t know what happened, but I understood that Leo is a good person.

“Could you continue with the introductions first?”

When Richmond interrupted them, they bowed their heads in a hurry.

“I will go next. My name is Evelyn, and I am Logan’s wife. As for our ages, Logan is 32, and I am 30. And this is our daughter…”
“Mimily, I’m 12! Master Leo, my Mom and Dad saved me when I was about to be kidnapped and enslaved by the nobles. They caught us all running away together, bound us, and threw us into the woods to keep us from talking!”


“There are nobles who want to enslave their own people!?”
“Yes. A creepy nobleman who likes kids my age! This Human race Uncle was held in the same dungeon as me, and he patched me up after I had my tongue pulled out!”

T, they pulled out her tongonueee!!!?

I looked at the last person who introduced himself, pale from recalling the terrible experience he suffered, and saw him kneeling down and praying to me.

“My Goddess, my name is Hugo. I study ancient ruins, and I entered the Subhuman country because I heard that there were unexplored ruins in the land of the Subhuman race, but I have provoked the animosity of the nobles, and ended up in that situation.”
“Then, Hugo, don’t you have a place to go back to? If you want to return to the land of the Human race, Richmond can take you—”No, there is no place I can go back to!! You saved my life, Goddess. Please let me serve at your side!!

I’m not a Goddess, so if you ask me to let you serve at my side…

“Why not? He said he was a scholar, right? We need to educate our children, so we can hire Hugo as an educator.”

Since Richmond said that to me, I was not able to say anything in retort.

“Alright. Then, Hugo, will you teach the children?”
“Of course!!”
“I used to work as a gardener, so let me tend to your mansion’s garden!!”


Then Logan, with his droopy dog ears, raised his hand.

“Then, I shall be your guard!!”

Even Leo? Hey, Richmond, don’t just nod, please do something about this!! I don’t have any money, you know!?

“Then I will take care of your personal needs.”


“Mimily is going to, err, umm…”
“Mimily, you’re going to study together with Lui and Arthur!”

I didn’t think that even Mimily would try to go with the flow, so I had to stop her.

“But… if only Mimily…”
“Ah~ then, I’m going to ask you to help me weed the field when you’re free!”

Mimily was about to start crying, so I quickly asked her to help me with the weeding but,

I can’t give her any allowance or anything, what should I do…!!

“Mhm. Then, we will recompense you with a house, a field, food, clothing, and other daily necessities. Are you fine with that?”

Eh!? We don’t have to pay with cash!?

“That seems like too much…”
“The fields we want you to take care of include all the fields in the village. Weeding is a lot of hard work.”

Richmond, smiling at Logan’s mutterings, convinced the five of them with these words.

I knew I could count on Richmond.



Thus, the five of them were not only living in the village as villagers, but somehow ended up working for our family—……

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