Chapter 16

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Hashed Beef Rice Roux
Richmond’s Point of View

“Here, a potion. Will make you healthy.”

The drinks Arthur brought had caused a stir.
It is no wonder, “potion” is a recovery medicine called a “miracle drug”, after all. Nowadays, there is no one who can make such a potion, neither among the Human race nor the Subhuman race.

“We, we have received Healing magic and even a potion… is this a God’s Paradise?”

The most dazed young man muttered to himself. Maybe this guy used to be a knight.
The hands that held a sword and his politeness spoke volumes.

“So, these children here are Angels and the woman just now is a Goddess?”

The woman now said something that Kanade would have laughed out loud if she heard it, and Arthur immediately denied it, saying, “Not Angel,” but Lui caused more confusion in this situation by muttering, “I can’t deny that Mother Kanade is a Goddess.”

“We’ll hear about your situation later, but first you must drink what Arthur brought you.”
“Yes, sir, Lord Dragon!”

The moment each of them took a sip of the potion Arthur had brought, their eyes widened, it must have been quite tasty. They drank it all in no time.

“So potions were such a delicacy…”
“Kanade’s potions are special.”

I mean, the vegetables that grow here and everything else in the “fridge” is special, too.

In fact, I have regained my full strength since I came here. Or perhaps I am in my prime right now?

“Well, I believe you must have regained your strength?”

At my words, the five of them looked at their own bodies.

“Oh my goodness! My body feels so light.”
“Truly, I think I have never felt better in my life!”
“Mo, mother, Mimi, can talk…”
“Ahh, Mimily!! Your tongue has healed!?”
“Mimily!! I’m so glad… I really am!!”

Mhm. It even restored her tongue?

My healing magic cannot heal a missing part. So the potion of Kanade’s cures not only strength, but also restores missing parts…

“Ahh… my God. Thank you.”

The man of the human tribe over here must have had his tongue pulled out, too. He didn’t speak at all until a few minutes ago, but I guess he was cured by Kanade’s potion as well.

However, what a cruel thing to pull out the tongue. The country of the Subhuman race is also a dreadful one.


“Well, there are three rooms with beds on the second floor. We’ll put a futon in the room for you, too. Your family can rest upstairs room for now. The other two can wait a little longer.”
“Grandpa, I will go spread the futons!”
“Can bring rest here?”
“Mhm. Good children. As expected of my grandchildren.”

Lui and Arthur offered to help lay out the futons, while I led the family upstairs to their room.

It was a good thing I had explored the village houses with the children. It’s always useful at a time like this.




Kanade’s Point of View

“Richmond, I was thinking of making a meal for everyone.”
“Kanade, they just went to rest. We can have a meal later on.”
“Eh, is that so? I thought of making Omurice, or omelette rice, though…”

Apparently, everyone was so tired that they fell asleep. I had already started chopping the ingredients, but I think I’d better leave it for later then.

“Omurice!? That’s a new name for me! What kind of food is that!?”
“Err, it’s a dish of ketchup rice wrapped in eggs.”
“Ohh, ketchup? That red, sweet and sour sauce! I wanna eat that, too!”
“Of course! Let’s all eat together when everyone wakes up!”

I left Richmond, who was full of anticipation, in the living room and went back to the kitchen to put the chopped vegetables in the refrigerator.

“T, this is… hashed beef sauce’s roux!!”

That means I can make Omuhayashi (a combination of omelette rice and hashed beef)!!



I quickly made a large pot of hashed beef sauce with more monster meat and let it simmer for over an hour. The smell of the sauce almost made me drool, but I decided it was a good time to fry up some ketchup rice.

It’s been a while since I’ve had Omuhayashi! Omurice rice is delicious, but I love Omuhayashi more.
Richmond, Lui and Arthur seem to like meat, too, so I hope they all like my favorite Omuhayashi.



I also hope it will suit the tastes of the newcomers.

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