Chapter 14

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“I think we should start with Namul first.”

While I was taking out the bean sprouts from the shelf and chopping the carrots, I asked the children to wash the spinach and fill the pot with water.

“We put it on the fire, but our stove is induction, so this part just gets really hot, but there’s no fire.”

It’s very safe, but the children may be confused because they can’t see the fire.

“Yes. Put the pot here, and here is the power button. Press it, and you will see buttons with a plus and minus sign. These are the button to adjust the heat level.”
“The heat level? I’ve seen the fire in a book, but this is different from that, isn’t it?”
“As thought, book and real thing, different.”

They had never even seen a fire before, and although they were puzzled, they decided to think it was just like this and learned how to use it after trying it several times.

While the kids were doing things on the stove, I finished cutting the vegetables and put the bean sprouts in the boiling pot for 30 seconds and took them out. Then I boiled the carrots and spinach.

I drained the water and placed each in a separate bowl.

“I’m going to put in the seasonings, the things that add flavor to the food. You two, hold these small spoons.”
“This liquid is called sesame oil. Take a spoonful of this and put it in each vegetable bowl.”

They did so without much difficulty, without spilling.
After that, I asked them to mix in the garlic, salt, black pepper, etc. together, and the Namul was ready.

I cut up some beef-like monster meat that Richmond had brought back and grilled it in a frying pan. The children looked on with great interest.

With a sizzling sound, the Yakiniku sauce mixed with the juices splashed on the meat.
The delicious smell spread around us.

Wah~ it looks so good! As expected, Yakiniku sauce is the best flavoring!


Then, someone’s stomach rumbled.

“Ah, I’m sorry!”

It was apparently the sound of Lui’s stomach.

“I see you are hungry. Mom is hungry, too!”


I took the cooked meat on a plate and handed them a fork, saying, “Let’s taste it.” They ate it happily and laughed.

“All that’s left is to sear the rice in the frying pan to brown it a little.”

I pressed the rice against the pan with a spatula to brown the rice.

“Can you two pass me the Namul we just made?”

I turned off the heat and moved the pan to the table, and ask the children to put the Namul on top of the rice.
They seemed to enjoy helping me, and as I watched them, thinking how cute they were, I began to notice their long, rubber-banded hair.

It’s beautiful hair, but it’s hiding their pretty faces, so I think I should cut it for them after lunch.

“It’s done!”
“Very nice smell.”
“Thank you! Add some gochujang and egg yolk and… it’s complete!!”




“Foo, fooh, this is a delicious combination of sweet and spicy miso, savory vegetables and rice!! The burnt surface is also irresistible!! Above all, this meat is too delicious!!”

The whole pan was placed on the table in the small dining room, and after mixing the ingredients and passing it to everyone, Richmond began to shovel food into his mouth.

His food report was perfect. He seemed to like the yakiniku sauce very much.

I thought it might be too heavy for a grandpa’s stomach, but somehow, I think Richmond was getting younger and younger…

“Y, yummy…”
“Mixed together, tastes like this, surprised.”

Lui and Arthur seemed to like it too.
Of course, it would be lonely with just dolsot bibimbap, so I also made Chinese soup with egg whites, but everyone seems to be crazy about the bibimbap.
I’m glad they like it. As I was smiling, Richmond said, “Speaking of which…” and drank a cup of barley tea.

“There was a little commotion outside in the forest on the Subhuman side, something might have happened.”

Eh? What is this about!?

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