Chapter 45

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Daily life in the Capital. Part 5
“Ah~……… I’m so tired~”

“Good morning, Elise-sama. You have returned to your usual get-up I see, how regrettable.”

Tch! Don’t say it’s regrettable!
As I thought, wearing dresses in the mornings wasn’t my thing.

“Morning, Anise. Please don’t say that it’s regrettable. I feel calmer when dressed up like this.”

I have to be battle-ready at any time!
Well, I won’t take it off.

“Is that so…… it’s truly regrettable. Even though I was thinking hard about the hairstyle I would make for Elise-sama……”

That’s a lie- I won’t believe it if you say it without a speck of seriousness.
But, well……… let’s have it done a little.

“Anise, braid the sides and tie it together behind please.”

“Yes, understood.”

She joyfully started preparing when I asked her.
Going to the dresser, she truly happily took out many ribbons.

“Anise, in moderation please.”

………… How skilled.
She weaved many ribbons together.
How colorful~♪ Well, accessories aren’t used much~ there are no other things to adorn hair with…… can’t be helped……

“It’s done. What do you think?”

Anise, you are so adorable when you ask me while making such a face~

“It’s done very cutely, thank you.”

“Gee! Even though you would look even cuter if you wore a dress, Elise-sama~”

Even if you say that with a spirited smile…… I won’t wear it!

My daily life will return to normal from now on, I have graduated from the school and there’s no Queen training anymore, so there’s no need to leave the mansion.
After breakfast, should I visit the vegetable field or check the reference books again?
Fumu?………… Shall I visit Grandpa Tom’s work shed?

Alright, let’s wait in the vegetable field for Grandpa Tom’s and go to the work shed if he doesn’t come after a while.
I can’t disturb Grandpa Tom at his work though!
I’m going to eat delicious things today as well!
I have to harvest the pumpkins and loofahs! Especially the loofahs! I want to scrub my body thoroughly!
It might be bad for the skin, but I was a regular user of the loofah scrubbing brush in my past life!
What do I say…… I want to scrub my body after all!
Ah~ I feel my body itching now…… there’s nothing to scrub myself with……
Japanese live quite luxurious lives, don’t they……… that’s what I believe honestly after living in this world………

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