Chapter 43

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Daily life in the Capital. Part 3
It’s a parade ground. We are in a certain training room of the military drill building.
The loincloth group that followed after me started doing push-ups in the corner.
Sit-up bench, barbell, dumbbell, things like that are here.
There also is a sandbag made from a mysterious leather, but the pillar in the middle of the room is what gives off the most presence.
Two meters in height, its leather is also a mystery…… some dents are visible in it.
This must be what I used for my punch & kick training.
Taking two steps away from the pillar, I breathed in and out to clear my mind and took a punching posture……


I punched it with all of my might with my right hand, but it didn’t budge.
Kukuku………… Wonderful……… if it’s like this, then there won’t be a problem hitting it as much as I please!


Good! This is good!
I unyieldingly punched and kicked the pillar with all my strength.
Hammering it one hit after another without thinking about anything, I felt refreshed.
I have no idea for how long I was doing this, but my entire body is sweaty.
Feeling moderately fatigued, it’s time to end this soon.

“What a good exercise.”
“You have worked hard!”
“Please, take this!”

When I turned around, they (the loincloth group) were there.
What has been presented me together with the greeting was a cloth to wipe my sweat and a cup of cold water.
I wiped my sweat in the cloth and drank the water in the cup……… that’s not water! It’s somewhat sweet and salty……… t, this is a sports drink………
The sweetness feels different from honey, if I’m pushed to say, then this tastes of sugar……


“This…… what is in it?”

Whoops, I let the voice of my mind out.

“It’s boiled sugar beet diluted with salt water. It’s what you have taught us, Elise-sama.”

That so………
Sugar beet is the raw material for sugar so that’s why it is sweet……
When I returned the cloth and cup in silence, another loincloth presented me with a horsewhip……
Do I have to accept it……?
The loincloth group was looking at me with smiles full of expectations.
A woman’s courage-!
Ga! I seized the whip with a boiling lust for conquest, this is the worst!

“You dogs! Why are you standing around!”

Nooo-! A petty Queen-!
Three people lined up on their fours before me.
Of course, their heads on the “wrong” side.
It’s a preposterous scene.
Bastards lined up left and right with their butts facing me is the worst (cries).

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