Chapter 26

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Err? ………… Are we good already?
Go with the flow!

“That place is very safe. Aren’t you happy, Marianne-sama?”

Her Majesty, Okaasama and I were smiling at each other.
His Majesty who has a doubtful smile on probably doesn’t understand.
Looking at my smile, stupid prince, Otousama and Marianne-sama felt relieved.
Only His Majesty is excluded from the males that can’t enter that place.
However, the inner palace’s villa is a place His Majesty doesn’t step in.
It can’t be helped that he doesn’t know what kind of place the villa is.
Those who didn’t see the place in the inner palace themselves can’t imagine what kind of place it is.
Her Majesty and Okaasama are totally willing to make the marriage ceremony come true.
What are they scheming…… a bad omen……

“I was able to prove my innocence, so I would like to proceed with the formalities.”

I want to return home already……

“Indeed, let’s proceed with the formalities.”

Quicky! QUICKLY!
I exchanged glances with His Majesty.
A middle-aged man dressed in splendid clothes came forward.

“Please, sign here.”

He presented a parchment for me to sign.
Alright! Let’s sign it!
Next is you, you stupid prince!

“Now, Your Highness, please.”



He signed the parchment in bewilderment (lol).
………………… Aight! Goodbye, Your Highness!
And we are done!

The middle-aged man handed the parchment to His Majesty.

“Umu, with this, the engagement of you two has been annulled……… Miss Elise, you have been working hard up until now.”

Yes? What are you saying?
It’s not like I was engaged to him because I liked it~
I heard that we were engaged because you forcefully pushed for it though~
My family has suffered because of this engagement, you know~
………… Sly old man, I will beat you up…………

“Well then, please excuse me.”

So irritating! I’m going home!
Otousama, Okaasama, don’t smile wryly at me.

“Well then, Your Majesties, we will excuse ourselves.”

Otousama bowed with greetings and withdrew.

“It was a just cause.”

After hearing His Majesty’s words, we left the audience hall.
Ah~ that was amusing (lol).
I feel dejected from not being able to beat up the stupid prince, but did Okaasama conspired with Her Majesty so that wouldn’t happen?
Let’s ask………… let’s not, I also like to pretend to be lovely♪

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