Chapter 17

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And then……
The cake was delicious.
It’s just that honey is a high-class item.
There is no beekeeping business, so it can’t be helped.
Dried fruits are high-class goods as well.
That’s because the production is overwhelmingly low.
Eggs are expensive too.
It’s a mystery how there are no chicken farms.
Difficult to come by goods become high-class goods.
Our house is that of nobility, so we settle it with the power of money though.
As for the conclusion? Cakes are absurdly luxurious items.
But you see, I’m in bliss.
Thor Oniisama is in bliss as well.
Even people who ate the dud were in bliss.
………… I can’t help but shiver when thinking about Otousama, Okaasama, and Oniisama who didn’t eat it.

“Anise, please tell Head Chef to make Otousama’s and others’ share too.”

“Yes. What about your lunch?”

“I will have a light one.”

“Yeah, a light one for me too.”


Anise politely bowed, put the plates on the tray and withdrew.

“Jennifer, you go ahead and eat too.”

“Thank you very much.”

Ahh~~~ he cleaned out the room~
I can’t help but have a bad feeling~~~~~
But, a woman’s courage! Why don’t you try me!
Come at me!

“Elise, what are confections?”

Thor Oniisama asked with a chilly smile.

“Think of them as sweets that go well with tea.”

“I’m hearing that term for the first time though.”

Well, of course you do~

“Is that so?”

What do I do~

“How do you know that sweets are called confections?”

Yes, it came-!
It’s troublesome so let’s explain it later. Then I will get permission to do various things.
Let’s do that!

“I will answer that, but can I explain once the whole family is gathered?”

Gimme your OK! It’s troublesome after all!
I beg you!

“Got it. I will have you explain properly, alright?”

All right! Let’s solve the troublesome at once!

“Thank you very much. Thor Oniisama seems to be fond of…… sweets.”

“They are luxurious goods after all. You don’t get a chance to eat it that often. It was delicious.”

Thor Oniisama replied with a bashful smile!

Knock, knock

“The lunch has been prepared.”

Oh my? It wasn’t a maid but a butler who called us.
The room has been cleared out, so his voice came from the other side of the door.
Standing up together with Oniisama, we opened the door and left the salon.
A butler was deeply bowing in silence to us.

“The cake that Elise-sama has invented was very delicious and appreciated by every single servant.”

Everyone shared the trial product together, huh?
Saying gratitude for that huh, yeah, I understand, but…… it was a luxury item…… I understand that you can’t eat it that often, but……

“I see, I am glad to hear that. Thor Oniisama, let’s go.”

I thought of improving it further by myself~!

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