Chapter 93

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Who’s the Pitiful One?
That day, the morning lesson ended with a discussion, but the afternoon lesson wasn’t canceled, so Felice, Albert, and Austin went to the practice field.
Gai had been caught by Meison and Doruki and carried to their workshop.
“What are they doing to him about now, I wonder?” Felice was a bit worried, but Albert was already smashing the Whack-a-monster.
However that day, Gai, Meison, and Doruki didn’t appear before Felice and rest. Far from that, they didn’t appear even for the smithing lesson on the following day
Since it couldn’t be helped, Blake volunteered to help them with the basics practice, but their anxiety and uneasiness gradually increased.
In the end, they themselves showed up on their rest day.
On that day’s morning, Felice and Albert were informed of visitors, so they ran towards the entrance.

“I’m glad! You’ve returned.”

“I didn’t think you wouldn’t come back for so long.”

The two were relieved that Gai returned, but when they saw the person at the entrance, their thoughts suspended.

“Gai! …… It’s not him!”

“What, it’s just Niisamas.”

Right, the visitors were Miguel and Nathan.
The two who were worried about Gai didn’t mean any harm, but the elder brothers tilted their heads in puzzlement.
However, Nathan immediately approached the two with a smile on his face.

“Wanting to see our cute little brother and little sister, we returned after facing an utmost obstruction of that idiotic fool and this is the first thing you say to your elder brothers? I’m really, really sad~”

Although Nathan’s eyebrows lowered in sadness while he said so sorrowfully, his hands were pulling on Albert’s cheeks.

“I’m shorry, Niihyama. Welchome byack.”

“Welcome back, Miguel Oniisama! Nathan Oniisama!”

“”We are home. Al, Feli.””

Albert apologized while his cheeks were still being pulled and Felice retreated a step back and welcomed her brothers.
Miguel who saw the situation stopped Nathan and went inside.

“Nathan, that much is enough, isn’t it? Rather than that, who is this Gai?”

“It’s unusual for you two to be this flustered.”

Felice and Albert informed the two who asked wonderingly about the recent happenings.

“A hero and Demon Lord, huh…… it’s hard to believe, but it must be true if the two of you say so.”

“However, it has been a week already. Shall we go see what’s happening?”


That being the case, the four decided to move outside in order to visit Meison’s workshop, but their movements stopped the moment they opened the door.
Because for some reason, Adam, Dylan, and Grace were standing there.

“…… Can I help you with something, Adam?”

“Even though we have just parted ways not too long ago, why have you come?”

“Staying at the Royal Palace is boring!”

“I tried to stop him.”

“I’m sorry for intruding while you are tired. I wanted to see Felice and Albert too.”

“””Dylan and Grace are always welcome.”””

“What do you mean by that!”

“Long time no see. I’m glad you came to see us.”

“Felice! That includes me as well, right!”

“Ueh…… Of, of course!”

“””So desperate.”””

After that, Adam obstinately inquired where the four were going, so the seven of them went together in the end.
The three royal siblings have guards following them at a distance this time too, but they have changed the color of their hair just in case.
With these members, Adam who should have been thinking of his own protection the most was walking in the front, while others were chatting in low voices behind him.
Occasionally, “Really!?” or “That’s a bit scary” and “Is that fine?” would be audible from behind him but Adam who walked in high spirits didn’t notice that all.
They safely found the workshop after a short while and knocked on the entrance door, but there was no response.
It appeared to be locked, so while Albert was unlocking it with magic, Nathan and Felice exchanged glances.

“Unlock…… it’s open~”

“Incredible! Aren’t you able to creep in anywhere with this? Albert, committing crimes is not good…… just kidding! Wahaha.”


Telling such to Albert who opened the door, Adam entered first.
Felice was desperately trying to stop Albert who obviously wanted to hit Adam from behind.
Several seconds later, a scream resounded from inside.


“”””Puha! Is he a girl!””””

“Ahh…… it’s scary as I thought.”

“It will be fine. He’s normal except for his appearances…… I think.”

The guards didn’t move even after Adam’s scream.
That’s because Felice erected a Space-time Barrier at Nathan’s signal.
Following the four boys, Felice went inside while holding Grace’s hand.
What they saw when they entered, was Meison and Doruki collapsed on the floor and a skeleton holding the ankle of crying and unable to stand up Adam.

“Bufu! …… A, are you okay, Adam?”

“Mi, Migu, bo, bones! The bones are, are moving!”

“Kuku…… cough, calm down, Adam. That skeleton is Gai who we talked about before.”


“Sa, save me……”

“It talked this time!”

Giving a sidelong glance to Adam, Felice and Albert checked Meison’s and Doruki’s condition, but they were only sleeping.

“What are we going to do with this?”

“I wonder…… let’s contact Lewis first.”

Several minutes later, Claude and Lewis arrived.
The two had tiring looks.
Claude addressed Miguel and Nathan.

“What, you have returned?”

“Yes, we heard an interesting story when we returned, so we came here.”

“Are you tired?”

“Well, this and that happened. So, what is that?”

Claude was pointing at Gai who was expressing anger, Felice who desperately tried to calm him down and Albert who was subtly trying to soothe him.

“That was terrible! You have abandoned me! I…… just what do you think I went through…… uuu.”

“I’m really sorry! I didn’t think it would take this long.”

“My arms were removed, they put their hands inside my chest, my head was taken away.”

“There, there, I’m glad you are okay.”

“So light! You don’t think of it badly, don’t you!”

When Claude looked at the opposite side, he saw Lewis pulling on Adam’s ear and scolding him.

“To return and go play even without greeting your parents! Have a little self-awareness, how many several thousand times do you need to hear that!”

“Gyaah! Dylan didn’t greet them too, didn’t he!”

“Dylan came for greetings the moment he stepped inside the palace, you know? Unlike you who went straight to his room.”

“Nua!? Just when did he-!”

Seeing the two’s exchange, Claude unconsciously held his ears with his hands.
He probably recalled something from the past.
Claude shook his head and decided that the two dwarves should be woken up.

“Oy! Wake up, Meison! Doruki!”

“”Guoo~…… Gugaa~””

Claude didn’t have the patience for the two who didn’t wake up even after calling to them and slapping them several times.


“I told you…… to wake up! Electric Shock!”


“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it?”


The children and the laying Gai were startled by Claude’s sudden attack.
Meison and Dorku jumped on their feet while shouting and then once again fell down and stopped moving.
It was only Claude and Lewis who remained calm.

“They still won’t wake up, huh. Then, I will――”

“Will you stop it! I’m up!”

“It’s impossible to get up immediately after receiving such shock!”

Seeing Lewis’ hand clad in magical power, Meison and Doruki immediately stood up.

“We can leave that aside for now, please report your findings. You won’t say “we didn’t find anything” after a week of not hearing from you, skipping Albert’s and Felice’s lessons, not appearing at the meetings, and sleeping like two dead logs…… will you?”

“I, I got it…… Albert, Felice, I’m sorry.”

“No, I’m glad nothing happened to you.”

“Blake overlooked our basics practice so all is good.”

Being pointed out by Lewis, Meison apologized to Felice and Albert.
Doruki apologized to Lewis and Claude as well.

“Lewis, Claude, sorry about that.”

“We will leave it at that this time. Be more careful in the future.”

“Don’t make us worry so much.”

Seeing the adults’ exchange, the children were all thinking “Eh? They were worried…… rather, how are they all right?” the same thing.
The discussion reached the point where Gai became the main point.
This is the conclusion Meison and Doruki came up to.

1. The strength of Gai’s bones is comparable to Ryuu’s scales, and it has high magical power conductivity, so it would be a good material.

2. There’s an SSS rank magic stone in his head instead of being in the center for some reason, the body’s motions are stopped when the head is removed from the body, but it appears that he’s aware where his body parts are even when hidden. He breathes the magic element in the atmosphere and stores it in the magic stone.

3. He can use magic, but it’s shabby.

4. He sleeps for some reason.

5. He has a sense of touch, but no sense of pain.

6. He’s able to eat for some reason.

“This is all that we have found out.”

“Do you have any questions?”

The moment Doruki asked, everyone begun to talk at once.
First, the four Faust siblings.

“How conceited to compare him with me~”

“As a material, right? Al’s hypothesis was correct, wasn’t it?”

“I won’t become something like a material, okay!”

“Eating and sleeping, are those the remnants of living?”

“Even though it would be more convenient without eating and sleeping.”

“Albert! You have been terrible to me since a while ago!”

“Elder brother, how about letting Al and Feli hold onto small bones?”

“Nathan…… what a good idea. We would be able to tell the two’s location. Meison-san, would that be possible?”

“Speaking about possibility then it’s possible.”


“I won’t give you a piece of my body, okay!”

“I don’t want to be carrying bones on me!”

“Niisamas, that’s cruel of you. We would look like eccentrics by carrying bones on us.”

“We are worried that you would get involved in some kind of strife.”

“Now that you mention it, I would feel sorry for them.”

“I’m the most pitiable one!”

Next, the three royal siblings.

“Why do you sleep? Also, if you eat does that mean you po――”

“Elder brother! More than that isn’t good!”

“Dylan Oniisama, what’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing, Grace.”

“Why! I’m curious!”

“That’s not the problem here!”

“Hey Doruki, tell me!”

“It doesn’t come out. It apparently accumulates in the magic stone as energy.”

“What, that’s boring.”

“Adam Oniisama, what is not coming out?”

“Grace is curious too, right? Gai’s po――”

“Stop it, you stupid brother!”

And lastly, Lewis and Claude.

“Since it’s accumulating in the magic stone, does that mean that Gai would able to operate for eternity?”

“I wonder? However, how can his magic be shabby if he has an SSS rank magic stone?”

“It would be better to confirm it, wouldn’t it? Also, I understand not having a sense of pain, but having a sense of touch is mysterious.”

“Indeed. Nevertheless, knowing the location of his bones is good. Let’s have Al and Feli keep it.”

“You have to prepare it first or else the two will throw it away at a critical moment.”

“That’s also true. I want a piece for that fool as well.”

“What good thinking. Let’s talk with Meison and Doruki.”

If Gai heard them, he would be shouting “What about my will!?”
After that, although the questions continued, Meison and Doruki were at their limits.

“Uncle…… my eyes… can’t.”

“Man up. Even though you are far younger than me, I can’t even…… more.”

Batan! The two fell down and comfortably fell asleep, but Lewis and Claude dragged them to the royal palace without mercy.

“”Let me sleep please-!””

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