Chapter 91

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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His Identity
Everyone but Gai who wasn’t aware of the situation was surprised by Felice’s words, but Al who came to his senses took the wooden plank from Lewis and showed it to Gai.

“Say, can you read this?”

“N? I can’t read it?”

“I see…… Feli, try reading it. We might be able to find out something. Gai, are there any other similar to this one?”

“Hmm~…… it can’t be helped, so I will look for it.”

“Very well. Feli, try reading this for now.”

“Alright. Then, I will read it.”

Prompted by Albert, Felice started reading what was written on the wooden plank.

(If you are reading this, it means that you have reincarnated or transferred from the same world as me. I was transferred. I came over here when I was summoned at sixteen, but there were other four with me and something like a Demon Lord subjugation was a pain, so I escaped at a good time. Fortunately, I was granted basic ability and skills when I got transferred, so I became an adventurer and thought of living an ordinary life, but I was naive. There was a certain problem with me.)

“It ends here.”

Once Felice finished reading, Albert placed several wooden planks next to her.

“What is a certain problem I wonder? Feli, try reading the continuation from the planks Gai brought.”


Apparently, Gai brought several wooden planks while Felice was reading.
After finding the continuation, Felice resumed reading.

(My certain problem was having 1 Luck. Thanks to that, I got rolled up in troubles and incidents and I wasn’t able to live an ordinary life. But, I was mysteriously blessed with friends. However, getting accustomed to things is scary, before I realized, I forgot that my Luck is 1 and even that I’m a person transferred from a different world. I was made to remember. One day, my wife and daughter were abducted by someone. The criminal whom I found out thanks to the help of my friends was one of the people who got summoned together with me. His name was Kano Gou. His objective was to use me as a sacrifice to kill the Demon Lord. I abided in order to save the two. But, this was also the work of my Luck. In the end, the Demon Lord entered my body. Others escaped, thinking that they have failed, so I went alone to save the two after learning their whereabouts, but…… I wasn’t in time. After taking revenge, I shut myself in a basement where I researched magic and created mechanisms which was my hobby. I tried various things. The Demon Lord’s consciousness kept sleeping. After many years passed, it seemed like I could finally reunite with my family. If possible, I would like to meet my wife and daughter in the afterlife. Right, right, I will give everything in this room to you. I also used the Demon Lord’s knowledge, so they are rare things. Use them as you please. Ahh, the name written on my research material is one I came up with, so people wouldn’t find out it’s me. My real name is Shiranui Kou. It’s unfortunate that we can’t meet directly, but I hope you can live a life with no regrets. There’s also a hidden room, so if you are interested, try finding it. There might be a good thing waiting for you.
P.S.: I think that the Demon Lord’s consciousness might wake up after my death, so I leave it to you! I have sealed his powers with the last of my powers and made sure that he can’t leave this room, but whatever I say…… my Luck is 1! See ya!)

Silence dominated the surroundings when Felice finished reading.
After a short while, Felice and others each spoke up while looking at Gai.

“He dumped it on us. What do we do?”

“Even though he was so pitiful at first, he ruined it all in the end. But, I’m curious about the hidden room.”

“This is the…… Demon Lord? Did I mishear? Austin.”

“No, I heard that too.”

“A hero summoning, do you know about it? Lewis.”

“I’ve heard about hero summoning, but it happened before I was born, so I’m not sure about the details.”

“Mechanisms were his hobby, huh. I’m also curious about the hidden room”

“Meison, Al and Feli too, the issue is a very different one! What is important right now is Gai. His powers might have been sealed, but were his memories sealed as well?”

“Wouldn’t that be the work of 1 Luck? Well, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s troublesome.”

“It would be better to promptly inform Elder brother about this.”

“What are you talking since a while ago? Is it about me?”

Gai who has been silent all this time asked.
The indeed confirmed Gai’s identity, but while thinking they just can’t tell him “you are the Demon Lord,” an unexpected person spoke up.

“Yes. It says here that Gai’s body is that of a hero while the contents are that of the Demon Lord.”

“Ah! Feli, it would be better not to say that just yet!”


“Eh?…… Ah……”

“I’m…… Demon Lord?”

Felice who was told by everyone shut her mouth with her hands, but Gai has properly heard her.

“I thought Al would be the one.”

“”Me too.””


“I have also thought so.”

“…… You guys, just what do you think of me~ ku, I understand!”

Austin and others agreed with the words Claude said while holding his forehead, so Albert became sulky.
The problem is Gai, but the person himself after hearing he’s the Demon Lord let out just “hmm~”.



“I mean, I have no memories, so to be frank, I feel like “So?” you know? Besides, I’m Gai. I don’t have a name like Demon Lord.”


Felice grasped Gai’s hands after hearing his words.
She must have been happy because it was a name she has come up with.
However, there was a person who didn’t feel good about that.

“Feli, sorry while you are moved, but it doesn’t solve anything.”


Felice who was torn off Gai with strict words by the displeased Albert ended up feeling dejected.
The adults who saw that watched it with smiles, feelings of pity, and exhaustion. They had various expressions.
Among them, Blake spoke up.

“It would be better to return soon. We have a report to make, Evan will start moving if we are late.”

“Right. It would be troublesome if he starts moving. Let’s quickly return.”

Claude urged to return, but there were people who protested.

“”Ehh~! The hidden room~?””

“That’s right, that’s right!”

It was Felice, Albert and Meison.
The three were silenced by the smiling Lewis on who’s forehead a blue vein popped up, so after saying goodbye to Gai, they have hurriedly moved to Evan.
Evan who heard about Gai was saying “I want to meet him too,” so after being silenced once again by Lewis, the race representatives joined the conversation.
It was their day off, so Felice and Albert visited Angela and played with her son Rihito.
That day’s night, Felice who was sleeping with Albert as usual, was woken up by having her body shook.

“Hey…… hey…… wake up~”

“Wha~…… Al…… what is it~?”

“It’s me~”


The head of Felice who thought she was being woken up by Albert gradually started working.
When she opened her eyes, she saw Albert still asleep.

(Al…… is sleeping. Huh? Come to think of it, that voice seemed to come from the back……)

Felice timidly looked towards the direction of the voice.
What she saw, was a pale skeleton emerging from the darkness.
Then, that skeleton spoke up.

“Ah, you up? Sorry while you were sleeping. I have something I’d like to ask, so-”

“……… Higya――――!”

“Feli!? What’s…… why are you here…… Gai!”

What Albert who jumped on his feet after hearing Felice’s scream saw was a skeleton――Gai.

“I have something I want to ask.”

“Something to ask? Still, why are you inside the mansion’s barrier?”

“There was a barrier? I simply walked in.”

“That can’t be…… huh? Is it perhaps because you were named?”

Around the Faust House, there’s a barrier that allows only those with permission and repels those with such intentions such as malice, hostility, and ill will.
That’s why while thinking that Gai shouldn’t be able to enter, a certain possibility floated on his mind that made him frown.
At that time, Claude, Samantha, Olivia, and Riley barged into the room and even more chaos spread around.

“What happened!”

“Tousama, Gai is here for some reason and he surprised Feli.”

“You two, are you okay!?”

“Kaasama, we are fine.”

“”Skeleton!? A villain!””

“I’m a skeleton, but I’m not a villain…… I think?”

“Obake are scary, obake are scary, obake are scary.”

“Feli, it’s not obake, it’s Gai.”

“Hey, hey! I asked you before too, but what does obake mean?”

“Gai…… you be quiet for a bit. Ahh…… I have a bad feeling about this~”

Albert who honestly answered everyone’s questions muttered exhaustedly.

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