Chapter 89

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Forgotten
A few minutes after Felice and the moving bones panicked because of each other, they mutual stood still.
Albert is looking at the bones with Felice behind him.
Albert who thought things couldn’t stay like this forever opened his mouth.

“Ah~…… I’m Albert and the one behind me is Felice. You are…… judging by your appearances, human bones?”

“I’m………… what again? Hmm…… oh well!”

“”It’s not “oh well”!””

Felice and Albert unintentionally tsukkomi’d the carefree Bones.

“Even if you say that, I don’t know~”

“Then, tell us what you know.”

Bones answered Albert’s question while trying to recall.

“What I know? …… Let’s see~…… what I know is that putting the things in this room in order is my duty.”

Curious about the “duty” Bones was talking about, Felice tried to ask.

“By duty you mean that there was a person who gave you such duty, right? Do you remember that person?”

“That I remember! That person is a great magician and it’s said that there are no people who don’t know his name! Everyone feared his power, so he was apparently driven to the frontier.”

“…… Is that so?”

(He is so strong everyone feared him, but he was driven to the frontier? That’s incoherent. Or perhaps, was there some kind of a reason that he couldn’t put up a resistance?)

When Felice looked at Albert after questioning Bones’ story, he seemed to be thinking the same, so she asked again.

“…… Do you remember that person’s name?”

“His name…… his name is James. James Barn! You know him, right?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know him.”

“Sorry, but I don’t know him either.”

When the two honestly answered “don’t know,” Bones got startled.

“Ehh!? You guys, ignorance has limits!”

“Even if you say that.”

“I admit that we are ignorant though. By the way, according to what you have told us, the things in this room are that person’s?”

“That’s right! Everything here is that person’s research!”

“I see…… could we take a look if it’s okay with you?”

(We might be able to learn something by reading the things here.)

“Can’t, can’t! His research is absolutely secret!”

“We can’t, huh.”

(Can’t be helped, let’s secretly take some.)

Albert was rejected by Bones, but while thinking something bad, Felice spoke with Bones.

“But, your duty is “putting the things in this room in order” right? You weren’t told anything like “don’t show the things in this room to others” right?”

“That’s right! I wasn’t told not to show it.”

“Then, there’s no problem if we take a look, right?”

“Un? …… Is that so? But…… is it fine?”

“We want to learn about the “Great Magician” James-san! I think that we will be able to learn of his “Greatness” by looking at his work!”

“Great Magician…… greatness…… alright! Fine, read as much as you want!”

“Thank you very much!”

(I’m glad he’s simple. Well, if it was impossible, I intended to stealthily borrow them.)

Felice had the same thoughts as Albert a little while ago, but when she looked at the smiling Albert, he gave her a thumbs-up.
Although feeling a bit guilty towards the delighted Bones, just when curiosity towards the wooden planks won over Felice, the door the two came in broke into splinters.
When the two dumbfoundedly looked towards the door, something jumped out from the dust.

“Are you safe! Al! Feli!”



The one who appeared was Claude who immediately guarded the two behind him.

“The door broke!? Who is it!”

“Bones!? A lich? What are you! For what purpose did you kidnap the two!”


(I completely forgot that Austin and Blake were with us!)

(Austin-san and Blake-san were with us! If it gets exposed that we forgot……)

Felice and Albert let out small voices, so when Claude glanced behind him, he saw the two with pale faces.
Seeing the two like that, Claude thought they were afraid and glared at Bones even more intensely.
If he was calm like usual, Claude would ask for the reason they are trembling like that, but he forgot himself this time because of anger.
Austin and Blake entered as well and the three took their usual formation.

“I don’t know! The two entered on their own!”

“On their own? Wasn’t it a trap?”

(It would be better to stop them, right? I want to quickly read.)

(We have to stop them! It will turn into a fight!)

Although their reasons were different, Felice and Albert decided to stop Claude and others.

“Wait, Tousama. It’s not his fault.”

“We have found that person…… those Bones squashed under the wooden planks and stones, he wasn’t able to move.”

“Is that so?”


Being told such by the two, the three seemed willing to listen although still vigilant, so Felice and Albert decided to tell what happened until now.
As for the three’s reaction about James Barn.

“Great Magician James Barn? Never heard of him.”

“If Claude doesn’t know him, there’s no way I would.”


“Every one of you is ignorant!”

Ignoring the angry Bones, Claude spoke while looking around the room.

“However, I have interest in the things in here.”

“It’s fine. Otousama.”

“Just a while ago, Bones said that we can take a look, so let’s bring them back.”

When the two were talking with Claude, Bones forced their way through.

“Ah! Carrying them out is prohibited!”


“What about being stingy! This place is protected by burglar-proof magic! A trap will activate if you try to bring them out!”

“”A trap!?””

(I’m glad I didn’t try to stealthily carry them out~)
(I’m glad I didn’t secretly borrow them~)

“Come to think of it, it’s impossible to contact or transfer outside from here, isn’t it~…… by the way, what kind of trap is it?”

“Eh? …… That’s~ that you know…… yeah!”

“You don’t know!? Or did you perhaps forgot!?”

“I thought so!”

While looking at the exchange of the two with Bones, Claude placed his hands on Felice’s and Albert’s heads while wryly smiling.

“Let’s return for now. Samantha and others are also worried.”

“Okaasama and others?”

“I contacted them so they will move immediately if something happens. Evan, Lewis, and Andria knows too.”

“…… Did Andria perhaps tried to come too?”

“You guessed right. Evan sacrificed himself in order to stop her.”

“Okaasama…… did she cry?”

“She was nearly brought to tears when we departed, so she might be crying by now.”

“Let’s return! Let’s immediately return!”

“Quickly, quickly! Okaasama is!”

“You are already leaving……”


When Felice and Albert tried to leave the room in a hurry, they heard a quiet voice.
When the two looked towards the voice, Bones’ shoulders were shaki-…… clattering, with his head hung down.

“Will you feel lonely? We will come again.”

“We will definitely come again.”

“I, I won’t really feel lonely or anything! But, if you really want to come no matter what…… I will wait.”

“It’s a promise…… Bones.”

“Wait for us please, okay? Mr. Bones.”

“””Bu! …… Kukku”””

(((She called a pile of bones Mr. Bones.)))

The touching scene of Felice and others has apparently become a humorous thing for the adults.
Felice and Albert left the room together while glaring at the three adults who were desperately trying to hold back their laughter.
While leaving the room, Felice used『Restoration』on the destroyed door.
However, when they returned to the place they fell in, a problem was discovered by Blake’s remark.

“By the way, do you know how to leave from here?”

“…… Albert.”



“I forgot to ask.”


“Do you think I know? What about you?”

“I wouldn’t ask if I knew…… someone, go ask.”

“Not me!”

“That would be impossible for me as well! Even though we already said farewell, how embarrassing would that be!”

“In the first place, would Bones know? He didn’t know about the trap either.”


“Alright. I will go ask.”

“Blake, I will go too.”

In the end, Blake and Austin were to ask and Bones luckily knew the way, so they were able to safely get outside.
After transferring to the tents to clean up first, they then transferred back to the Faust House.
Samantha who was waiting embraced the two while crying, not separating from them for a while.
In the meanwhile, Claude contacted Evan and others and reported about the two’s safety and decided to tell them the full story tomorrow.

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