Chapter 105

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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What is the Truth?
A little back in time.
Felice who parted with Albert was led by Grace to her room together with Gai.

“Will Oniisamas and others be alright?”

“Otousama and the rest are on the move and Al went too, so everything will be alright”

“You think so?”

In order to divert their mood, the two talked about recent silly things.
After a while, when Gai opened the door when it was knocked on, two maids came inside.

“”We have brought you tea.””

“If it’s tea then I can pour it.”

“”No, it’s our job, so.””

The maids indifferently declined Gai’s proposal and began preparing the tea.
Looking at them, Gai strengthened his vigilance and sent a communication to Felice.

(Felice, the maids are acting strangely. They tasted neither the tea nor the sweets.)

(Got it. It is certainly weird. They are different people from the usual too.)

Felice immediately opened the communication to Grace.

(Grace-sama, excuse my abruptness. I have something I would like to ask.)

(What do you want to ask? Felice.)

(The maids seem to be different from usual. What happened to Risa-san and Anna-san?)

(Something apparently happened at Risa and Anna’s parent’s home, so they had been on a break since about a week ago. These girls are temporary employees introduced to us by Count Dyner.)

(Count Dyner? Where did I hear that name………… I forgot.)

(Grace-sama, these maids seem to be acting weird, so please don’t try the tea and the sweets they brought.)

(Eh!? I, I understand.)

Felice looked at Grace and nonchalantly pulled on her cheeks.
That’s because Grace’s face had become terrible, a smile mixed with the feelings of wanting to cry.

(Grace-sama, your face! It’s showing on your face, please act normal as much as possible!)

(That’s…… way too difficult for me, Felice.)

When Grace’s face somehow returned to normal, the maids placed what they prepared on top of the table.
Waiting after they finished, Gai called out to them.

“You can leave the rest to me.”

“”No, it’s our job, so.””

“It’s fine, please withdraw.”

“”No, it’s our job, so.””

Repeating the same words both to Gai and Grace, the movements and the behavior of the maids was obviously strange.
Gui tried to contact Al just in case, but his communication could connect neither to him nor to Claude or Samantha.

“Felice, I cannot contact the outside. Both of you, get behind me.”

“Eh!? …… A barrier! Since when!? Grace-sama!”


Hearing that the outside couldn’t be contacted, Felice checked the room with The Mind’s Eye, and realized that they were locked up in a barrier.
Felice urged Grace and hid behind Gai’s back.
Felice used The Mind’s Eye on the maids too, but she got so shocked she let out a voice.

“That can’t be…… how……”

“Felice? What did you see?”

“These people, their race is human, but…… it says they are a “corpse”.”

“Then, they are Undead!?”

“No, their race would say “Immortal” if they were Undead, but…… what’s going on?”

“Anyhow, we have to do something about these two.”

While Felice was bewildered, the two maids moved.

“Operation failed…… operation failed.”

“Transitioning to the use of force.”

“Electric Shock!”

The maids attacked, so Felice immediately fired an Electric Shock, but the maids revived immediately after their movements stopped for a moment.

“It’s not working!? Then, Space-time Barrier!”

The two maids were repelled by the barrier, but that didn’t make them stop attacking.

“For now, I think we will be alright in here……”

“We shall stay here until someone comes then.”

“But you know, we cannot contact the outside. Right, let’s make them sleep Sleep!”

“Don’t! If you use magic within the Space-time Barrier…… we will…… too……”

“I feel so sleepy all of sudden……”

“Eh!? Felice! Grace!”

Gai supported Felice and Grace who fell down with drowsiness and he gently carried them into the closet after confirming that they were completely asleep.

“Sorry. It might be a bit cramped in there but endure it for a little please. I will clean up immediately.”

Gai who patted Felice’s head closed the closet with an aura around him completely different when he turned around.
He walked in silence, touched the barrier with his hand and spoke to the maids.

“Pitiful…… I don’t know whether you were enslaved immediately after death or killed to be enslaved, but everyone who wants to harm the Master of Gai will be removed. Don’t think badly of me.”

When Gai mowed down his hand horizontally, the Space-time Barrier disappeared.
The maids immediately sprung towards him, but Gai’s magic was faster.

“Wind Cutter.”

The maids got shredded under Gai’s magic and collapsed.

“As expected you wouldn’t be able to move once your muscles are cut. I will make you feel comfortable right away. Holy Road”

A warm light rained down upon the maids who were cut all over.
Then, when a faintly shining orb came out of each’s chest and disappeared overhead, their movements stopped completely.

“It went well, huh. Seriously, for this majestic me to use purification magic. Now then, I would seem suspicious without any injuries, so let’s work on it.”

Once Gai tore his clothes and ripped off his skin, he sat down in front of the closet.
The outside of the room immediately become noisy and Gai could feel Albert’s presence, so he quietly closed his eyes.
This is where we return to the present.

Once Gai tore his clothes and ripped off his skin, he sat down in front of the closet.
The outside of the room immediately become noisy and Gai could feel Albert’s presence, so he quietly closed his eyes.
This is where we return to the present.

“So, what happened?”

“We were attacked by those two maids over there. Felice’s Electric Shock wasn’t effective, so she erected a barrier, but because I used sleeping magic inside it, both Felice and Grace fell asleep. The barrier got released because Felice fell asleep, so I hid the two in a closet in a hurry as I planned to make a use of exploding magic, but Felice said that “the maids are corpses” before falling asleep, so I made use of the purification magic.”

“…………… Hee.”

“……… U, umm, won’t you wake Felice and Grace up?”

“……… Oh well.”

Al stared at Gai as if not believing his testimony, but he decided to wake Felice and Grace up.
Al dispelled Gai’s magic and woke the two up.

“N~…… huh? When did I fall asleep, I wonder?”

“Grace! I am glad!”

“Grace! You are not injured, are you!”

“Otousama! Okaasama!”

Grace must have been scared indeed as she embraced Evan and Andria with tears.
On the other hand, Felice was embraced by Samantha and couldn’t move.

“O, Okaasama…… that hurts.”

“I’m glad…… I really am glad. Gai, thank you for protecting the two.”

“I, I don’t need thanks. This time, I won by fluke only.”

“Still, the two are safe. It’s thanks to you.”

“Indeed. Seeing the result, I’m glad I left them to you.”


“Ah! Right, about those maids―――”

Felice spoke about what she saw with The Mind’s Eye.

“It would be better to investigate the two just in case then.”

“We should confirm the safety of Risa and Anna too.”

When the soldiers left the room under Evan and Lewis’ orders, Felice received a communication from Austin.

(Felice! Where are you now?)

(Austin-san!? In Grace-sama’s room!)

(Got it!)

The communication was cut off one-sidedly, but Austin appeared in Grace’s room.
A completely exhausted Angela in one of his arms and the tears-soaked Rihito in the other.


“She’s fine, she exhausted her magical power. Sorry, but take a look at her.”

“Yes! What about Rihito?”

“Rihito fell asleep from exhaustion, can you look at them?”


Austin laid the two on Grace’s bed after receiving her permission.
When Felice began the treatment, Austin moved to a remote place.

“Just what happened?” (Lewis)

“She was attacked by two men when I transferred home. Angela already collapsed from the magical power exhaustion, but the barrier magic tool was holding up. I tried attacking them, but they wouldn’t stay down no matter what I did, so I could only cut off their heads, which worked. Looking at this situation, Grace must have been attacked too.” (Austin)

“It was two maids over here. However, for what reason are they targeting only the children?” (Meison)

“I don’t know, but I realized who is likely involved in this matter.” (Claude)

“Yes…… Count Dyner is most likely involved.” (Lewis)

“Hmm~…… I really feel that I heard that name somewhere……” (Al)

“What are you saying? It’s the father of that dimwit who picked a quarrel with you guys at the school festival.” (Lewis)

“Ahh…… that one, huh~ in that case, I might know the girl that got involved with Adam and the rest.” (Al)

When Al spoke about knowing a girl, the eyes of everyone’s Okaasan Lewis narrowed.


“Yes! What am I saying, I am Al now, Lewis.”

“That does not matter now! Whom are you getting involved with while you have Felice!”

“I’m sorry?”

“Al…… you must not cheat.”

“Haah!? Wha, wait Tousama! It’s a misunderstanding! I only saw that girl at the church near the house where we first lived――”

“Hey, have you finished talking?”

Felice called out to them in the middle of Al’s explaining.
When Al slowly looked towards Felice, he saw Angela on the bed who woke up with a troubled face, Rihito who was staring in puzzlement in her arms, and the smiling Felice.
Austin and others went to the bed, so Al followed after them.

“We should be prioritizing the rescue of Adam and others, but there’s something strange about this.” (Lewis)

“These maids too, I don’t think Dyner has the technique for something like that” (Meison)

“The teacher is the little brother of the patriarch, right? I don’t think those siblings are able of such plans.” (Austin)

“There might be a cooperator…… no, a mastermind.” (Meison)

“However, it’s not like we can let to go through even more danger than this. We should look for that fellow after ensuring their safety.” (Lewis)

“Then, I will stealthily bring them over.”

“No, rather than that…… once Al transfers over and secures the hostages, the rescue party will break in. It’s necessary to confirm whether there really is a third party with the hostages in that mansion.” (Claude)

“In that case, Feli.”

“What is it?”

Felice who was spoken to by Al should have a healing smile as always, but she made Al broke out in cold sweat for some reason.

“Err…… are you angry about something?”

“What are you talking about? I’m the same as always.”

“I, I see…… you know, will you come too? Of course, as “Sayo”.”


“Ahh~…… actually, everyone is wearing the Slave Collars. I thought of having you to break them.”

As everyone was smilingly watching the two’s exchange, Felice’s face turned serious after hearing Al’s words.

“Al! Let’s go quickly! Hurry!”

“I got it! I got it, alright! Then, we will be going first. Contact us when you are prepared!”

When Felice changed into “Sayo”, the two transferred to Adam and the rest.
The people left behind we left in a turbulent atmosphere.

“…… It seems that there’s no need to hold back.” (Claude)

“Let’s have Blake seize the little brother and question him. They made a move on Angela and Rihito. I won’t let them go easily.” (Austin)

“No need for mercy! I’m going to test the new tool I made!” (Meison)

“I understand your feelings but calm yourselves down a little. This is not a conversation to hold in front of young children.” (Lewis)

“True. Anyhow, let’s change the rooms. Angela, Rihito, stay with Samantha and others.” (Claude)

“What about the guards? Should I stay here?” (Austin)

“Wait, if it’s a guarding duty then I will do it. I am still an S-rank just like you.” (Andria)

After the guard duty was left to Andria, Evan who has been silent up until now grasped Austin’s shoulder.

“Elder brother? What’s the matter?”

“I know that this is not the time to be asking this. But, I have to ask no matter what.”

Everyone concentrated on Evan who was unusually serious.
Austin nodded and urged for the question.

“Austin, you…… since when are you able to use transfer magic?”

“…… I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“Didn’t you just transfer with the two in your arms! In the first place, how are you able to use non-attribute magic!”

Austin averted his gaze at the question that pointed everything out.

“N? Come to think of it, others weren’t surprised at all, no?”

Evan looked around the room, but he couldn’t make an eye contact with anyone but Grace and Rihito.

“Surely not…… you all can use it?” (Evan)

“Now then! We have no time for something like this! We have to organize the rescue party!” (Lewis)

“Indeed! I will stay with Lewis just in case! Austin, I leave the command to you!” (Claude)

“Leave it to me! Let’s go, Meison!” (Austin)

“I’m itching to put my skills to use!” (Meison)

“Let us go too! My room should be safe!” (Andria)

“Indeed! Let us go, Angela!” (Samantha)

“Y, yes!” (Angela)

Grace and Rihito who were feeling puzzled were brought away by the adults who suddenly started raising their voices, leaving only Evan behind.

“Those fellows…… don’t you have a better way to deceive me!? You are way too easy! Once this matter is settled, I’m going to have you spit it all out!”

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