Chapter 96

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Thank you for waiting, Miss Elle.”

When Giselle returned to the room, she had a plate with grated apples in her hands.
Apparently, Ewe had prepared it for me.

“I found this letter in the dining room, even though she must not have known you had a cold.”

The letter that Giselle gave me said, “I put some grated apples in the kitchen refrigerator. Please feed them to Elle when she wakes up.”
Not only did she expect me to have a cold, but also that I wouldn’t have an appetite.

“I didn’t think she would be so well-prepared. I’m really grateful for her help, but Ewe is a mysterious person, isn’t she?”

I nodded as I put a grated apple in my mouth.
It’s a little uncomfortable considering how prepared she is, but it’s still a big help.
I’ll be sure to thank her when I’m feeling better.

“Ewe was also the one who helped me chase the Duke off.”

According to Giselle’s story, she tried stopping my father from visiting the inn. But my father pushed through her and came to my room.
Giselle, who was waiting in the room instead of me, pretended to be another traveler to deceive my father, and Ewe kicked him out of the inn, telling him to leave because his daughter wasn’t here.
Hearing this story, one question came to my mind.

“Where was I while you were in my room with my father? Your room?”

There’s no way the two of us were in the same room, and I think it was appropriate for me to be moved to Giselle’s room…
For some reason, she looked away.

“I hid you in Mr. Jed’s room.”
“I didn’t have time to move you to my room, so…”

Giselle looked apologetic. There is no way she would leave me in Jed’s hands without a specific reason.
My father had probably started to climb the stairs before I could get downstairs. There was no way I could ever run into him, so she probably hid me in the next room with Jed.
He also helped me escape from my father, so I was a terrible inconvenience to him.

“He helped me escape from my father as well, I’ve caused him a lot of trouble.”
“Yes, we have to thank him later.”

Giselle nodded silently. She gave me a meaningful look, so tilted my head, thinking, “What is it?”

“One thing I was thinking about… during the incident the other day, it might have been someone from the search party who overheard our conversation…”

Someone had eavesdropped on the conversation between me and Giselle the day before the insect incident was solved.
It’s just that…


“I don’t think it was someone from the search party.”
“Why not?”
“They wouldn’t do anything to make their presence known.”

The Duke’s search party is an elite group. They would not come all the way to the front of the room to let us notice their presence. And if there was a sign of them, I would know it.
Giselle recognized my point.

“Thank you for the food.”

I thought I had no appetite, but I was hungry and ate everything.

“If it wasn’t someone from the search party, I wonder who it was.”

I have an idea who was eavesdropping on us. I just don’t know their purpose.
It’s not good to be suspicious without any proof. I shook my head and replied, “I don’t know.”

“I’ll ask them if they have any ideas.”
“The people from the search party. I will talk to them when I’m done cleaning them up.”

When I was in the Duke’s household, Giselle had once taken on the task of disposing of an assassin who was trying to kill me. I didn’t like it and opposed it, but my father wouldn’t give it up.
Now that she was no longer my personal maid, she no longer had to kill people. I don’t want her to kill anyone ever again.
When I frowned at Giselle’s insistence on cleaning up the mess for me, she just said, “Don’t worry.”

“I won’t kill them. I’m just going to ask them to return to Ansanse quietly.”
“I would never do anything to make you sad.”

Giselle gently stroked my head. I bet the tears in my eyes were caused by the fever.

“I’m sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused you.”
“I’m used to it.”

Giselle smiled teasingly, lifted the plate in my hand, and told me to get some more sleep.
I tucked myself under the covers quietly, and she gave me a satisfied look.

“I’m off then.”
“Be safe.”

I pretended not to see the cold look on Giselle’s face as she left the room.

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