Chapter 94

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Jed’s Point of View
Jed’s Point of View
An hour after the Duke Olivier had been driven away, Giselle came to my room. It was later than I had expected, but she probably feared the Duke’s return.

“Are things alright?”
“The Duke’s matter should be done now. It’s just…”
“Is there a problem?”
“The problem is that the Duke’s search party is still roaming the city.”

As long as the search party is there, the Duke will know where Elle is. They’ll be following her around when she leaves Arburn.
What is Giselle’s plan?

“It can’t be helped. I guess I will just have to clean them all up.”
“Clean up… are you going to do it alone?”

I don’t know how many people are in the Duke’s search party. But you can expect them to be skilled in covert operations. I’m not sure if Giselle can handle it all by herself. When I asked with concern, she smiled and replied, “No problem.”

“I might look like this, but I’m very strong.”
“Is that so?”
“When I was in Ansanse, I was the one who cleaned up the garbage that tried to get near Lady Elle. I’m used to doing the dirty work, so don’t worry.”

Giselle, who was sitting on the bed looking at Elle with a gentle smile, turned to me and gave me an icy stare.
She’s such an unfathomable person.
It was the first time I had ever been afraid of someone.

“Are you going to kill them?”
“I’m just going to have them obediently leave this country.”

The truth is that she wants to kill them.
I guess it’s for Elle’s sake that she’s stopping herself.

“If there’s anything I can do to help, I will, but…”
“Would you mind keeping an eye on Lady Elle while I get rid of the hindrance?”
“I don’t mind, but… are you all right with me?”
“Yes, I’m sure you won’t do anything inappropriate, Lord Jed.”

Giselle gave me a meaningful look. Why do I feel like she’s telling me that I couldn’t bring myself to touch her anyway?
As we glared at each other, I heard a hoarse “Mmm…” It was Elle who slowly opened her eyes.

“Lady Elle, have you woken up?”

Elle opened her eyes at one point, but quickly closed them. The way Giselle hugged her, as if she was spoling her, was so adorable that I wondered if I should be watching.

“Could you stop staring, please?”
“S, sorry.”

As I hurriedly turned away, I heard the bed creak.
Giselle, who carried Elle in her arms said, “I need to nurse Lady Elle up, so I will excuse myself here” and left.
As I sat down on the bed, I could smell the soft scent of flowers in the air. My heart raced at the smell that was not my own.

“I should tell Ewe to change the sheets…”

I don’t think I can sleep with my heart pounding like this.
I let out a deep sigh.

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