Chapter 89

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Jed’s Point of View
I waited quietly in my room and Giselle came to visit me in about 20 minutes. When I asked her how Elle was doing, she gave me a dubious look and said, “It’s just a fever.”
I invited her into the room and got surprised to see Giselle creating a soundproof barrier. I hadn’t expected her to create a soundproof barrier in a room where she was alone with a man.

“Don’t you think I will do something to you?”
“You wouldn’t do anything to me, would you?”

I tried to convince her to be cautious, but she gave me a cold look.
I’m not sure if it’s because she knows my mind is set on Elle, or if she thinks I’m easy to beat. Either way, there must be some circumstances around this, and we can’t talk until there’s a soundproof barrier.

“So, can you tell me more about the strange man who was chasing Lady Elle?”

The man had silver hair and blue eyes, was in his forties, called Elle by her nickname, and seemed to have a friendly relationship with her. When I told her what I had been able to confirm, Giselle’s expression was filled with anger.
When I told her what I could remember, “Why is that person here…” Giselle’s expression turned angry.

“Do you know who that person is?”

I asked, but Giselle just gave me a reluctant look and didn’t answer. Perhaps it was because she didn’t want an uninvolved person who didn’t know anything to step in. She was trying to protect her master, and her response was not wrong.
It’s just that the person I love is the one who got frightened. It’s normal to want to know more.

“Please, tell me about that man.”

When I bowed my head and asked, Giselle let out an exasperated sigh.


“Why do you want to know so much?”
“Because I love Elle.”

I looked at her straight in the eyes and said, “It is normal to want to know about the person who frightened the one you love,” I continued with a wry smile.

“She has known you for less than a month, and I don’t even know who you are, so I have no reason to tell you…”
“It’s been four years.”
“It’s been four years since I fell in love with Elle, with Gabrielle.”

Giselle’s face paled, and she instantly closed the distance between us. Before I could resist, she knocked me down and mercilessly put a small knife to my throat.
Giselle asked, “Who are you?” as her eyes filled with hatred turned towards me.
What a frightening bloodthirst.
I had originally intended to reveal myself to Giselle. That’s why I told her Elle’s real name. She blinked in surprise when I changed my hair color from black back to red.

“That red hair…”

Red hair is a sign of royalty.
If she really was a servant of the Duke’s family, then she must have known that much. This will make things easier.

“I’m Jerald, the first prince of the Fall Empire. I’m a friend of Elle’s.”

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