Chapter 75

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“We should get going soon.”

When I noticed that the date has changed, I spoke to Giselle.

“Please wait a moment while I check his whereabouts.”

While Giselle was checking the location of the man in question, I went to call Jed. When I was about to leave the room, Giselle told me “Let’s go alone if he’s asleep.”
As usual, she doesn’t like Jed.
I walked to his room and knocked on the door.

“It’s Elle. Jed, are you awake?”
“I’m up.”

I heard noisy footsteps and then the door opened with vigorously. The sleepy look on his face and the way his hair was in disarray suggested that he had been asleep.
If you were sleepy, you should have kept sleeping.

“Where’s Giselle?”
“She’s confirming the man’s location in my room.”
“I see.”
“She should be done by now. I will go get her.”
“I’m going to get ready to go out then.”

Jed was now in his sleepwear. No matter how late at night it is, going outside in his sleepwear would be awkward. I nodded and replied “Alright” to him.
I’d better change into something more comfortable, too.
When I returned to my room, I found that Giselle had prepared a change of clothes for me.

“What are you doing?”
“I thought you would like to change, so I prepared clothes for you. Would you like a help?”

She must have thought that I would change because I was wearing a dress, but she was too perceptive.

“Thank you for your consideration. But I don’t need any help.”

I didn’t say anything else because I knew she wouldn’t listen to me anyway.
I wrenched the clothes out of Giselle’s hands with a smile.

“No need to wait upon me. You go change too.”

Giselle was also wearing a skirt. She could chase people in skirts, but I needed an excuse to get her out of the room.
I just told her to meet me in the lobby as she left the room with a resigned look on her face.

“Did I do something to Giselle?”
“I noticed when I saw her this morning that she was an old acquaintance of mine.”

As long as I avoid the fact that I was a Duke’s daughter, and she was my personal maid, it won’t be a problem to tell him.
Jed looked surprised and asked, “Is that so?” and nodded.

“I have taken care of her for a little before… and she has adored me since.”

It’s true that I helped Giselle when she was wandering around town after losing her parents.
She hadn’t eaten for days and collapsed as soon as she appeared in front of me. I took her back to my house and took care of her, and then, when she was caught up in a certain incident and had nowhere else to go, I kept her by my side as a maid.
As a thank you for saving her life, she has pledged her loyalty to me.

“It’s because she adores me, that she…”
“Is wary of men trying to approach you?”

I nodded with a wry smile at the bitterly smiling Jed.

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