Chapter 5

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Before entering the village, I dyed my conspicuous hair color black with magic.
I dyed my hair because I would be immediately discovered by the color of my hair if there was a search party from Ansanse after me.
It would be troublesome to be on the run from the people who exiled me, so I disguised myself because I would like not to be forced back.

“Now then, what should I eat…”

I think the money I brought from the mansion is enough for me to live on as a commoner. That being said, I would surely ran out soon if I kept living the life of luxury.

“That reminds me, I could try the ‘ way of bargaining’ mentioned in the book.”

If I was still a noble, then I would never want to do it, and I wouldn’t even be allowed to do it, but right now, I’m only a commoner. It would be a good idea to experience bargaining once for the future.

“Alright, that place looks promising.”

I found a bakery that looked a bit deserted.
The owner of the bakery was a kind-looking auntie, so I thought that even an amateur like me might be able to score.
I walked into the store with such a frivolous idea.

“Oh my, welcome. You aren’t from around here, are you?”
“I’m a traveler. This is my first time here.”
“A young lady like yourself all alone?”

She looked surprised, but I nodded because it was the truth.

“Yes, well… lots of things happened.”

There was no way I could say that I had come here after being exiled from my country, so I had to cover it up with a bitter smile.

“Looks like you have it tough.”
“No, not really.”

Alright, that was a perfect start.
The book said, “At first, you should talk about trivial things to get closer with the shop owner.”
The next step was to “Exaggerate your desire for the product.”
However, I haven’t seen the products yet, so I’m not sure what to do.
I took a glance at the surroundings and confirmed the price of the bread.
Hm? Isn’t it quite cheap already?
… Ah, I have to get rid of my noble mindset.
Let’s think of it as expensive!

“This cream-filled bun looks delicious.”
“Oh. That’s the most popular item in our store.”
“Is that so?”

Yeah, let’s go with this.
It looks delicious, and I want to eat it. If I fail, I just have to buy it at normal price.

“It looks so yummy! I really want to try it!”

No, my acting is way too shitty, isn’t it?
When I was in the role of a Duke’s daughter, I could fool everyone by pretending to be quiet.

“Say, can’t you give me a bit of a discount?”

When I asked her half-jokingly, the shopkeeper auntie laughed at me.
How embarrassing. I shouldn’t have done it.

“Ahaha, you are so funny, Missy. You couldn’t wait any longer?”

Apparently, she saw that I was trying to bargain.
This was a failure. I could have done better if I had practiced beforehand.
As I was feeling frustrated, the auntie wrapped a cream-filled bun in paper and offered it to me.

“I will give it to you.”
“You were forced to come here because of some difficult circumstances, right? Eat this and cheer up.”

I’m in a difficult situation, but I’m fine as usual. In fact, I’m even happy to be free.
Well, I didn’t say that because I’m not an airhead.
The cream-filled bun was handed to me as if she was trying to force it to my hands. I looked at the auntie’s face, wondering what to do.

“Come on, give it a try.”
“Is that really okay?”
“It sure is.”
“… Then, I will have it.”

With that being said, I took a bite of the cream-filled bun.
The cream that came out of the soft bun had an exquisite sweetness and texture. I couldn’t get enough of the melting tastiness.

“N~ delicious! Auntie, this is truly delicious!”

It was so delicious I ate it at once.

“Thank you for the meal.”
“You are a good eater, aren’t you?”
“T, thank you very much…”

I felt embarrassed that I had eaten it so disgracefully.

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