Chapter 35

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Grieving Shopkeeper
The crowd was broken up by the guards who rushed to the town square.
I returned to the inn and thought about the future.

“I wonder if Jacob will make his move after all the commotion.”

The town’s security will most likely get stricter. It has to be.
It’s unlikely that Jacob will be able to stroll around freely with so many guards around.
But there’s still a need for vigilance.
Once it became evening, I left the inn after deciding on checking the freighter Jacob was supposed to be on.
Unlike this morning, Uncle Galleo was standing alone in the deserted town square.
The place he was staring at sadly was his store. Signs had been erected around it with guards standing near it. No matter that he was the owner of the stall, he could not go near it.

“Uncle Galleo.”
“N? Ohh, it’s you, Elle… I showed you something unsightly earlier.”
“No, I don’t think you had a choice to begin with.”
“You did not seem disturbed at all though, Elle.”

I was certainly shocked and bewildered to see that scene.
If I was not used to seeing corpses of monsters, I would be definitely throwing up too.
Shaking my head, “That’s not true.” I denied.

“Is that so…”
“Are you all right?”
“I have calmed down already. Still, why would the culprit make use of my stall like this?”
“Isn’t it because your stall is a place where a large number of people gather?”
“The guards said the same thing.”

Uncle Galleo had a distant look on his face.
I guess he doesn’t know whether to be sad or angry that his store was used for a crime.

“… I cannot forgive whoever did that.”

I could feel the anger through his tearful voice.

“I feel the same way.”


That’s why I will definitely make him pay.
I know this is self-satisfaction, but I can’t leave things alone after something like this happened in front of my eyes.
When I clenched my fists tightly, Uncle Galleo looked at me.

“Elle, I’m telling you this for your own good. Quickly get out of this town. Other tourists are doing the same.”

Come to think of it, I think I saw some people leaving Meil in a hurry.
They made the right decision because something like this happened. It’s not right to stay and try to solve the case like I’m doing.

“Indeed. I’m going to leave before long.”

I will leave after I arrest the culprit and peace returns to this town.
I swallowed my words, so I would not make him worry any further.

“Yeah, do that.”

Uncle Galleo smiled sadly.

“I will be leaving then.”
“Ou. Come to Meil again when things here settle down.”

I said my goodbyes and left.
My destination was the magnificently huge freighter anchoring at the port.

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