Chapter 32

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Drinking Contest
After getting a room at the inn, I went to the tavern and found that all the customers were men.
I wonder if I should have dressed up as a man.
Thinking about this, I sat down at the end of the counter.
I ordered some drinks and looked for people who were talking about Jacob.

“That guy Jacob has been in a good mood lately.”
“Yeah, he used to lost his temper a lot when he first came here.”

A table nearby. A couple of brawny men were drinking beer and laughing.
It looks like they know Jacob.
I made eye contact with one of the two men, probably because I was looking at him too much when I was wondering how to talk to him.
I hope we get entangled.

I smiled with such feelings.

“Yo, Madam.”

The one whose eyes I had met called out to me, and I narrowed my eyes, happy that I had been successfully caught.
Perhaps he mistook it for a smile, but the man sat down next to me in a good mood.

“You are not from around here, are you?”
“I just arrived here today.”
“So you are a tourist then?”

As we were talking, another man sat down on the other side of us.
The two men smiled at each other in a weird way.
What do they want? I’m not so naive that I can’t figure it out without asking.

“Hey, guys. Would you like to play a game?”
“Oh? A game?”
“Yes. It’s a drinking contest. The first one to get drunk will do whatever the remaining one says. How about it?”
“Haha, that’s good. You will do anything, right?”

The duo’s uncanny smile deepened.

“Yes. It’s just that two against one is not fair, so can I go against one or the other?”

If they both go down, I won’t be able to listen to them.


“Fine. I will do it.”

The one who came forward with a confident expression was the one who had called out to me first.

“Shall we toast then?”

The sound of clinking glasses signaled the start of the contest.
The rules were simple:
After the first drink, we take turns drinking one drink at a time.
I agreed when they added a rule that allows you to decide what your opponent drinks, but their ulterior motives are so obvious that it’s not interesting at all.
In fact, I was asked to drink only drinks with high alcohol content.
I never get drunk, though.

“O, oi, are you serious…”

It was the man who wasn’t battling against me, gave me a surprised look.
This was my fifteenth glass, you know. Normally, you would have collapsed by now.
It seems that my strength of holding alcohol was inherited from my mother. We didn’t get to drink together, though.

“I… can’t… anymore…”

With a dull thud, the man I was facing plopped down on the table.

“Yes, it seems that I have won.”

I chuckled after I downed the drink he was supposed to drink next.

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