Chapter 3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Regret (Cyril’s point of view)
I want to die at once.

Is there anyone who could grant me this wish?

My name is Cyril de Gautier.
I am the first prince of the historical Ansanse Kingdom.
As the Crown Prince, I had a fiancée whom I cherished.
Yes, that’s right, “had”.
Only a few days ago, it was me and my father, His Majesty the King, who drove my fiancée out of the country.

My fiancée’s name was Gabrielle de Olivier.
Her eyes were as red as rubies and her long white hair seemed to represent her heart. The corners of her eyes were up and her large, round eyes were like a cat’s. She was worried that she looked harsh, but I liked her that way.

The words I threw at my beloved Elle when I condemned her were unforgivable.

You are the worst kind of evil woman.
I wish you had never been born.
The period of time you have been my fiancée is a stain on my life.

Many other abusive words were hurled at her, too.
I wonder what Elle’s face looked like as she listened to my words without saying a word.
Did she look like she was about to cry?
Was she dumbfounded?
Or was she expressionless?
The reason I can’t remember at all is because I didn’t even try to look at her.

Three days after I received the report that she had left the Ansanse Kingdom, something strange happened to my body.

It was as if I had been released from a nightmare and my thoughts became clearer.

“What have I done…”


Remembering what I had done, I struggled to hold back nausea that was rising in my stomach by covering my mouth tightly.

I’ve been told that a certain Viscount’s daughter had cast a spell called charm, which is forbidden as it’s used to manipulate people’s minds, upon me.
I don’t know how long I’ve been under this spell, but I thought the lady was the love of my life and treated my fiancée, Elle, horribly.

I wasn’t the only one who was under the spell.
My entourage, the King and the Queen, Elle’s family, and friends were all under the spell.
They all treated Elle like a hindrance, hurled horrible words at her, and contributed to her condemnation.

Their faces paled as they got released from the spell at the same time as me, and they immediately ordered a search for Elle.
Of course they did. There is no record of her having done anything to the Viscount’s daughter, so she was sentenced to an exile for a crime she did not commit.

I know it’s too late to regret this now.
She had been carefully raised as a precious daughter of a Duke, and there is no way she could leave with nothing and stay safe.
She may have already left this world.
At the very least, I want to return her to her family, even if it’s just her remains.
I want to hold her in my arms if I can.

“Elle, please forgive this foolish me.”

While the prince was suffering from regret, what was Elle doing?

“Hey. Can you give me a little discount on this?”

She was negotiating for a discount on a loaf of bread.

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