Chapter 18

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Farewell (1)
Three days have passed since the day I captured Baptiste and released Lord Gwenael and the others.
The day after I left Viscount Dahl’s mansion, Baptiste and his men were taken into custody and sent to the capital city.
Of course, they were guarded to make sure they didn’t escape.
The captured village girls went back to their homes. The girls and their families were all traumatized. However, it seems that none of them said anything to blame Lord Gwenael and Lady Beatrice.
Perhaps it was because of their personalities and their deeds until now.

By the way, not many people know what I did.
I was walking around when I bumped into Lord Gwenael who was apologizing to the villagers.
At that time, I asked him not to tell anyone about what had happened there.
I didn’t want to stand out in the Portu village, which was so close to the Ansanse Kingdom.
Lord Gwenael was reluctant, but in the end, he agreed with the intentions of his benefactor.

“Auntie! Please sell me this bun cheaper!”
“Haha, you came again? But, I won’t give you a discount just for saying that.”
“That can’t be…”

Of course, Auntie Anna’s bakery never closed its doors.
I have been coming here every day for the past three days and she hasn’t given me a single discount.
Sometimes things just don’t work out.

“Then, I will have this.”
“Yes, that’s the exact amount. Will you eat here as usual?”

The cream buns made by Auntie were as delicious as ever.
But today, I couldn’t eat it in an instant.
I put the half-eaten bun on my lap and looked at her, and she gave me a worried look.

“N? What is it?”
“I’m thinking of leaving this village today.”

Auntie Anna’s eyes widened and she smiled sadly.

“Is that so? I’m going to miss you.”
“I’m going to miss you too.”

The Portu Village was very cozy.
But, I cannot stay here forever.
The search party sent out by the Ansanse Kingdom should be about to reach this village.
I have to leave before that happens.

“Auntie Anna, thank you for everything.”
“I should be the one thanking you, Elle.”

I carefully ate the rest of the cream bun.
Auntie Anna, who had been staring at me, stood up and began to fill a paper bag with the cream buns.
As soon as I finished eating, she handed me the bag.

“Here, I will give this to you.”


When I tilted my head to find out what she meant, she replied, “It’s my gratitude.”
I wondered what she was thanking me for.

“What gratitude?”
“Lord Gweanel told me and the old man from the tavern about Baptiste’s matter. Ah, we won’t spread rumors about it, so you don’t need to worry.”

I was shocked.
I told Lord Gwenael about the bakery and the tavern, but I didn’t think he would have told them the truth.
I had kept my mouth shut, but I guess the reason I was willing to let them find out was because we had become such good friends during my stay.

“Thank you so much, Elle.”
“No. I just didn’t want people to miss out on these delicious cream buns.”

When I laughed, Auntie Anna laughed with me.

“That being the case, please accept this.”
“… I understand. Thank you very much.”

I hugged the paper bag gently so as not to crush the cream bun.

“If you want to leave the village, go to the old man at the tavern. If you leave without saying anything, he will chase you around.”
“Fufu, I’m going to do that.”

I want to say my farewells to both Uncle Urbain and Annette at the tavern.

“Then, take care.”
“Yes. I will come again.”
“Yeah, come while I’m still alive!”

I waved my hand as I left the bakery.

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