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I’ve Been Exiled, But I’m Alive and Well
Author: 高萩 / Takahagi

Gabrielle, a daughter of a Duke, was exiled from her country for a crime of bullying a certain Viscount’s daughter she didn’t commit.

The reason for this was that all the people who condemned her were under the charm spell of the Viscount’s daughter.

Gabrielle, who was the only one to notice this during the condemnation, decided to cancel out the charm spell as a parting gift when leaving the country.

When she was gone and the charm was broken, the country was filled with a storm of regret.

They have done something terrible.

While they continued to suffer in guilt, Gabrielle was traveling normally.
A drama of condemnation was taking place in the Royal castle of the Ansanse Kingdom.

“Gabrielle de Olivier! I’m breaking off my engagement to you!”

At the center of the condemnation drama was the Crown Prince Cyril and his entourage. Standing behind their backs protecting her was a daughter of a certain Viscount.
And facing them was Gabrielle, the daughter of a Duke whom they considered an offender.

“You are the noble daughter of a Duke yet you keep on tormenting a Viscount’s daughter! You’re the worst kind of evil woman, you’re not worthy of being a citizen of our historical Ansanse Kingdom!”

The nobles around Cyril voiced out their agreement and cursed Gabrielle.

Get the hell out of our country.
Don’t show your face again.
You are a disgrace to the Ansanse Kingdom.

There were many other words spouted around. Her family and friends were among those who were speaking out.
No one was taking Gabrielle’s side.

“I wish you had never been born! The period of time you have been my fiancée is a stain on my life!”

Cyril raised his voice at Gabrielle, who kept silent.
Once again, a storm of abusive language filled the hall.

“Quiet down!”

The King of Ansanse Kingdom who was observing from behind, stood up and raised his voice.

“Gabrielle de Olivier! We are sentencing you to the exile!”

At the King’s words, everyone except Gabrielle looked satisfied.
In the midst of all this, only one person, Gabrielle, kept her face expressionless in silence.

These people really are stupid.

She was utterly stunned that no one realized.

“I understand. I will be leaving right away.”

She curtsied elegantly and left from the venue.
Everyone was happy to see her leave.

But a few days after Gabrielle left the Ansanse Kingdom, they regretted it intensely.

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