Idle Talk 7

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Letter From Elder Brother
I’m Grunwald Ruven.
I’m a knight belonging to the Guardia country, I’m currently serving as the commanding officer of the Shirin’s branch office.

When I put away the office paperwork I’m bad with, Isaac, my deputy secretary, would usually be clearing the papers, but I noticed that he’s staring at a document while frowning.
Isaac with such expression is exceedingly rare. Just what is he reading?
That reminds me, my subordinates brought a letter from the guild, didn’t they? Is he reading that letter?
If I’m not mistaken, it should have been from his home in the Risner territory, but…… he’s reading it quite seriously.
Did something happen at home?

“Oi, Isaac. Did something happen?”
“Ah~…… that’s right…… well, a lot……”

…… He’s quite not making himself clear.
Isaac who speaks mercilessly even to me who’s his superior officer, and argues with me…… is this a prologue to disaster?!
No way, is this fellow possibly Isaac’s impostor!?

“Commander. Could you stop having impolite thoughts?”
“N, no. There’s no such thing.”

Ou. It’s the real Isaac. Don’t scare me.

“Haah…… apparently, Takumi-san and the kids arrived at Bailey.”

Speaking of Takumi, he’s a man with two little children who came to Shirin a while ago. He was in the town for about two months, but Takumi did many things during that period.
He defeated an A-rank monster in the Gaya Forest, saved many lives including me, and spread a new bread in the town.
I also think it was thanks to Takumi that we had the opportunity to arrest the wrongdoing baron.
When that very Takumi said that he plans to leave the town, everyone was surprised.
Takumi is an adventurer. It’s given for adventurers to go from town to town, but I somehow didn’t consider him leaving the town.
When I unconsciously asked about his destination, he said he’s going to the Bailey in the south of Guardia.
I felt relieved when I heard that.
Because his destination was within the country, not foreign territory.

I’d like to keep the strong fighting force in the country as much as possible.
There’s currently a low possibility of war, but monster overflowing happens all the time.
The country, especially the thickheaded guys working in the castle despise the likes of adventurers, but the knights fighting on the front lines think of them as reliable existences.
Generally, I don’t rely on adventurers that much.
However, Takumi is different.
I want to keep him in the country by any means. No matter what, he’s someone who can defeat A-rank monster all by himself, after all.
Besides, I don’t get tired watching them, both Takumi and the children he brings along with him, I’m curious about what they are going to do next~

Bailey, the town Takumi went to is a Risner territory. A land governed by Isaac’s elder brother.
He would be able to protect it if something happened, so I’m somehow reassured, but…… didn’t he arrive at Bailey way too fast!?
It has been a month since they left this town…… was it? It wasn’t, right!?
It’s from the end of the country to another from here to Bailey. Even the shortest route by carriage takes at least a month at best!
Well~ it’s possible to arrive faster than in one month by riding a fast horse, but he didn’t travel like that.
Nevertheless, it’s weird no matter how I think about it that Takumi and the children already arrived in Bailey!
Furthermore, the children Takumi is bringing with him are just little tinies. I acknowledge that they have more stamina than other children, but their builds are smaller than those of normal children.
If bringing such kids along, it should take that much longer to arrive.
Fatigue will accumulate even when riding in a horse-drawn carriage. Normally, it would be necessary to stop at towns or villages on the way to rest. And yet――

“He’s way too early, isn’t he?”
“That’s right. Well, let’s leave the travel schedule with ‘It’s Takumi-san.’ That person’s standards are out of the norm, we won’t understand even if we ponder about it.”
“…… You’re right.”

That’s certainly true. He seems to be able to do astonishing things with ease.
It might be easy for him to move to another town in a couple of days.

“Then, the letter you are holding means he arrived at your elder brother’s place?”
“No, it seems he didn’t come.”
“Haah? He didn’t come?”
“Yes. It appears that he had the gatekeepers to notify him of Takumi-san’s arrival. There apparently was a report that he arrived, but he didn’t visit the mansion.”

Takumi probably doesn’t like to use authority unconditionally.
He wouldn’t use that letter unless something that he couldn’t deal with by himself happened. It’s most likely like that.
Speaking of Takumi, that’s so Takumi-like.

“However, he apparently arrived by a different route.”
“Heeh? A different route?”
“Yes. He discovered a new dungeon and had a conflict with the Adventurer’s Guild’s staff members.”

Haa!? What did Isaac just say?
A new dungeon? Is he saying that a new dungeon has been discovered in Bailey!!
What a thing! Well, isn’t that a serious affair.

“Isaac! Is that the truth!?”
“Yes. There’s no doubt. It appears to be water attributed, intermediate level dungeon.”

The materials brought from dungeons bring profit. I don’t understand it that much, but there seem to be more than that to it…… first of all, the Risner territory has obtained an enormous fortune.
So, the guild staff members and Takumi visited the Risner mansion together?

“Wait a moment! Does that mean that Takumi is the discoverer!?”
“That’s correct.”

Oi, oi, oi, oi. What the hell is that fellow Takumi doing……
Discovering a dungeon is not something that can be accomplished so easily.
It can’t be helped that I was surprised by the ridiculous information Isaac has revealed. But, Isaac was making a complicated expression.

“Oi, is there something else?”
“…… The discovery of a new dungeon will be reported to the country, wouldn’t it?”
“Well, it will. They will be first let know by a letter, then they will have to report directly. Your elder brother will become busy~”
“That he will, won’t he? Making a round trip to the capital will take a lot of time on its own. Aside from that, the discoverer of the dungeon will be reported as well, right?”
“………… He will.”

Ah~…… there’s was such thing.

“His Majesty will call Takumi-san to the capital, won’t he?”
“I don’t think he will be forced to come, but. He will be called.”

His Majesty will certainly like to meet the discoverer of the dungeon.

“It seems it would be best to get a few lines from Leader and inform the capital’s Knights Order.”

A follow-up for Takumi, huh. That will be certainly necessary.
Not about Takumi doing something stupid, but the stupid trying to do something to Takumi.

“They have to nudge the stupid, untactful fellows, so they don’t anger him……”

Should I inform my parent’s home as well…… it won’t be enough to keep everyone in check even if I inform them.

“I would be thankful if the good-for-nothing could be smashed, though. Well, Takumi-san has the power to simply destroy the town, but he wouldn’t do that. If I’m pushed to say, he would simply leave the country.”

That’s plausible……
There are many fellows like that among adventurers, but Takumi has no particular attachment to the country. He would seriously simply leave the country.

“At any rate, I’m really concerned about the new sweets called jelly.”

While I was imagining a plausible future, Isaac changed the topic.

“…… What is that?”
“It appears that Takumi-san let Elder brother eat that. It was very delicious, so he received permission from Takumi-san and started doing a new business.”

Takumi…… seriously what were you doing as soon as you arrived?!
Isn’t your starting pace faster than when you came here!

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