Idle Talk 17

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Kaiser’s Adventure
Following the magic, I quickly found the city where Takumi was supposed to be.
However, the city was surrounded by a wall that blocked my way. There were a few places where people could pass through, but I was sure that there was some kind of identification check to get inside. If that is the case, I, who do not have this identification, couldn’t enter. If I can’t pass through the entrance, then—

“… I guess destroying the wall to get inside wouldn’t be good.”

No, wait.


I don’t think it’s too high to get over it. Fortunately, there was no sign of people around here.
I had no choice but to do it, so I took off at a light trot and jumped… It was too high to jump over, but I was able to fly high enough to grab onto the wall, and pull myself up with my hands, so I landed safely inside the city.

“Fumu, I’m in. I seem to have gotten used to this body quite well, too.”

I can’t say that I have mastered the use of my body yet, but I have gotten to the point where I don’t feel any discomfort.

“Now then, Takumi is… that way.”

Right after, I walked in the direction where Takumi was, and soon I started passing people one by one, and in no time at all, people, people, people filled my sight! It was indeed the first time for me to see so many people.
I had known that there were lots of humans, but to see so many people gathered in one place was quite a fresh sight.


As my eyes were drawn to the unfamiliar sight, I noticed that before I knew it, the location of my magic power that Takumi possessed had shifted. It seems that Takumi was moving through the city.
If he was in a building, I would have had to think about how I would charge in to see him, but if he was out and about, I thought it would be convenient, and I hurried to his side.

“Oh, there you are. Long time no see, Takumi.”

It seems that Takumi was heading in the direction where I was, so I was able to see him in no time. I was happy to see him and called out to him cheerfully, but he looked at me strangely. It appears that he did not recognize me. Well, of course he didn’t.

“Allen and Elena also seem to be doing good.”

I tried to talk to the children, but they looked at me strangely, too.

“Err… who might you be?”
“Me, it’s me. Kaiser.”
“E, ehhh!? Ka, Kaiser!?”
“”You are Kaiser?””

The three of them looked very surprised.
Umu, umu. This is what I wanted to see!

“You really are Kaiser! Eh, why did you take on a human form?”
“N? Do you not know about the Humanification skill?”
“It’s a skill that allows you to become a human.”
“Ah, I see!”
“”That’s amazing~”
“I’m great, aren’t I~”

Takumi seemed not to have known about the existence of the Humanification skill, and he honestly praised me.


“……… Hey, Kaiser, did you acquire that skill just recently?”
“N? I’ve had it for some time already.”
“I see, I see now. Let me ask you something, Kaiser…”
“N? What is it?”
“Did you acquire the Humanification skill before you were asked to protect Allen and Elena?”
“……… I did.”

However, it seemed Takumi had realized something I hadn’t even considered.
If I came to the city in my human form, as I did this time, I could have protected the children without destroying the city when Chief-dono asked us to do so.

“I’m sorry! I completely forgot all about this skill at the time!”

I chose to apologize immediately, because Takumi’s expression was a little disturbing!

“… Are you angry? I don’t want to make any excuses but, my first Humanification took place after I met you, Takumi.”
“After you met us? So you never tried the skill before?”
“Yeah. I was never interested in becoming human.”
“I see. Then why did you suddenly remember the skill?”
“After getting to know you, signing a contract with you, albeit a temporary one, and making a connection with you, I had a sudden urge of wanting to meet up with you guys.”
“Eh… is that so?”

When I honestly told him the truth, Takumi did not pursue the matter any further.
On the contrary, since I had come all this way, he took me to various places and fed me delicious food.
I found the life of the human race to be full of interesting things, and I had a good time.

◇ ◇ ◇

Before I reached the limit of my Humanification, I parted from Takumi and the others and came to a deserted beach.

“I think I can afford to stay like this a little longer.”

It appears that I was able to not make the mistake of breaking my Humanification in a public place.
However, if I am to stay with Takumi’s group, I need to be able to stay in the humanized form for a little longer. That’s where the training comes in.

“It should be fine here!”

I took out a bottle of Nippy liquor from my waist bag in a place where I could settle down.
I asked the kids if this drink was good, and they shook their heads as best they could with a scowl on their faces, but Takumi told me it was for adults.
When we found it in the dungeon, I wanted to drink it right then and there, but Takumi did his best to stop me. I didn’t know why, but Takumi looked so desperate that I reluctantly gave up.
However, Takumi lent me his magic bag and let me keep a heap of Nippy liquor in it.
Takumi told me to try drinking it in an unpopulated place if possible… I wonder why?

“Ohh, this is splendid~”

I immediately tried the Nippy liquor, and it tasted like nothing I’d ever tasted before!

“I could drink this all day long.”

He let me have about ten large barrels, so I could enjoy as much as ten times more!
The magic bag is very convenient~ Of course, I knew they existed, but since I am not in the habit of carrying things around, I never felt the need to use them. So I have never had a chance to use it, but when I tried using… I can only say that it is very convenient.
According to Takumi, there are some that slow down the passage of time. If that is the case, according to him, there is no need to worry about food or other items going bad even if they are stored in the bag for long periods of time. Moreover, it seemed that there are also ornaments that are not bag-shaped but have the same function, so it might be interesting to look for them next time.

“Mu?… My Body is—”

I was about halfway through the barrel of booze when somehow my Humanification broke!
I thought I had not reached the limits of my Humanification yet… what is this about? I see,
Takumi was worried that I would lose control of my skill! Takumi sure is wise~
I can drink alcohol in my original body as well, but it would be gone in no time. I’ll hold back and enjoy it when I am transformed into a human being again.

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