Chapter 96

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“N? What’s the matter?”
“”It became red~””

When Allen and Elena safely returned to the ground from harvesting Majesta fruit once again, they pointed above again for some reason. When I looked up wondering whether the fruit regrew again, the leaves changed from green and became bright red in an instant.

“This is……”

To change into autumn colors in an instant…… Majesta tree really is a mysterious tree.

“!! Allen-kun, Elena-san! I’m sorry, but could you please go up again and get us some of the red leaves?”

Isaac-san requested Allen and Elena to collect the leaves.
Majesta’s red leaves, huh…… ahh! Green leaves are simply leaves, but red leaves are usable for medicine. These red leaves are irregular as well, it’s said they appear once in several years. Moreover, they return back to green in a few hours.


While in the middle of looking up the knowledge about Majesta, Oswald-san and Mars-kun called out too.

“I would like to ask you as well! Please collect the leaves!”
“It’s fine if you just drop them! We will pick them up!”

They started entreating the children in a very desperate way.
Err, what are Majesta leaves used for again……――Ah! It’s a medicine for athlete’s foot!
The Iwamizu Moss we came across in the Gaya Forest was also a herb used for athlete’s foot, but that was just a material used to suppress the itch. However, Majesta leaves are used to completely cure the athlete’s foot.

“Allen, Elena. Those red leaves are used for medicine.”
“That’s correct, they are herbs. Could you get them please?”

Getting the two’s approval, I flung them to the top of the tree again.

“Feat and Bolt too, could you help to drop the leaves?”
“Naa~ (Un, okay~).”

When I asked Feat and Bolt to help to drop the leaves, the two animal immediately flew up.

“Those two will drop the leaves, may I ask you to collect them?”
“Yes! Thank you very much, Takumi-dono!”
“Thank you very much!”

They thanked me in great spirits.

“…… No, yeah, don’t mind it. Nevertheless, Oswald-san and Mars-kun seem to know what those leaves are used for, right?”

It’s no wonder that the extensively knowledgeable Isaac-san knows, but I found it curious that Oswald-san and Mars-kun knew it as well.

“Well of course! It’s a material I desire, so I memorized it!”
“I gave up because it’s a material that can’t be obtained easily, but I can have hope with this!”

Ah…… the two are also humans troubled by the itch, huh…… well, it can’t be helped when walking in stuffy boots with poor breathability for long periods of time. Can’t be helped.
That being the case, since they know the herb, if we collect as many leaves as possible, we may help a lot of troubled people.

“W, what?”

Only Wald-sama wasn’t able to get the situation.

“Wald-sama, those leaves are used for a medicine that completely cures skin itch.”
“Wha, whaaatーーー!!”

Wald-sama screamed after hearing Isaac-san’s words and joined Oswald-san and Mars-kun who were already hurriedly picking up the leaves.
Wald-sama and others collected the leaves in great vigor and collected quite a lot of leaves. Well, Isaac-san was going at his own pace.

“Everyone~ it’s enough~”
“Nnaa~? (Is it enough?).”
“We have secured plenty of leaves. Allen, Elena, Feat, Bolt, thank you.”

I help Allen and Elena down from the tree and thank Feat and Bolt for their work as well.

“Pyui! (Aniue~!).”

At that time, an unfamiliar voice resounded in my head. But, I heard it overlapping with Bolt’s voice, so……

(…… Is this perhaps Bolt’s voice?)
“Pyurururu!《Yes, Aniue! I have learned telepathy~).”
(Oh, congratulations! I see, Bolt has learned telepathy…… erm, you are a male, right?)

I dared to confirm Bolt’s gender which I wasn’t clear about.
Unlike mammals, I couldn’t judge the gender of Bolt who is a bird from his appearances. This voice I’m hearing through the telepathy would be boyish if I had to choose? Is what I think, but the voice sounds younger than Joule’s, so I can’t be certain.

(Yes, I’m a male.)
(I see……)

…… I’m glad. Because the name “Bolt” seems to be more suitable for a male, I feel relieved that he’s male.

(Aniue. I really like the name Bolt.)

Bolt said so as if seeing through me. But, it makes me really happy that he likes his name.

“”Bolt, you did it~””
(Ohh~ Bolt has learned telepathy too~)
(That leaves just Vector.)
“…… Garu~”

It might have been just my imagination, but Vector seemed a bit down. Well, Vector is the only one who can’t use telepathy yet. He might be feeling left out.

“Eh! Oy, Vector, where are you going?”

But, Vector ran off somewhere all of sudden afterward.

(I’m going to defeat monsters and learn telepathy, he said~)

It seems he left a verbal message behind which Joule conveyed to me.

(But, but~ it’s not like he will learn the skill by leveling up, right~?)
(That’s right. Rather than that, he would have a better chance to learn it by conversing with us through telepathy.)
(It seems he didn’t like being left out~)

Yeah, of course. I won’t say it’s unrelated, but it’s not like he will learn the skill by increasing his level.

“Feat, I’m sorry but could you please go after him?”
(Okay, alright~)

Contracted beasts are connected by magical power so they won’t get lost, but Vector is a worrisome child, so I had the most caring Feat to supervise him.

(Ah, Niisama~ May I borrow a magic bag? I would like to collect the materials if they don’t turn into cinders~)
“…… Ah, yeah, here you go.”

Handing a magic bag to Feat, she ran after Vector.
Rather cinders, huh…… that’s very likely. Let’s pray he won’t burn the surroundings down.

Wald-sama and others were wondering where the two animals ran off to, but after I told them not to worry about, we decided to end the break earlier and continue advancing.

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