Chapter 82

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Dungeon of Ripples – Capture 9
Because the alligator meat from yesterday was far easier to eat and more delicious than I thought, both I and the children liked it, so they decided to get even more alligator meat today.
I stopped them in panic. We already have plenty of alligator meat, I somehow persuaded them.
That being the case, we have promptly descended the staircase we have found today and started the capture of the twenty-second floor.

(Let’s get in high spirits and go~!)

Because the twenty-second floor’s passage also had a knee-height water level, I put Allen and Elena on Joule, held the small Feat in my hands and we departed.

(Ah, alligator discovered~!)
“”Yay~ Joule, do your best~””
(Here I go~!)

Just as we set out, a White Alligator has appeared and Joule who discovered it vigorously broke into a run.


Joule easily trampled the White Alligator.

(Meat get~)

The dropped items are alligator meat and…… this is a topaz!
A rare drop jewel right from the start…… seriously, where did the low drop chance go to? Aren’t they dropping too much?

(Ah, another one discovered~!)

Allen and Elena love sparkly things, but they were happier about the meat this time. Do they like the alligator meat that much?

“Next, Allen!”
“Elena too~”
(Sure~ Can you go from here? Shall I approach a little bit more?)
“”Is fine~ ――Water Jet.””
(Yay~ It’s meat again~)

Before I come to myself, the children defeated an alligator and obtained meat again.
The meat won’t rot because it’s stored in the Infinite Storage, but we got enough meat to eat it regularly for a few years. But, while that may be true, the children would get angry at me if I sold it, right? No, they won’t get angry…… I feel like they would be sulking.
I would be troubled if they sulked, so as I thought, I can’t sell the alligator meat~
Ah, I could gift it to Cedric-san and others! The children wouldn’t tell me not to then.
But, I should confirm with them first.

“Oy~ Even if you get so much alligator meat, I won’t be able to use it all~ What do you say about gifting Cedric-san and others some?”
“”Yea, gift~””

I heard the words of approval from everyone. With this, the stock of the alligator meat will decrease.
Then, while thinking such――

(Then, we have to defeat more alligators!)
“………… Excuse me?”

It appears they intend to get even more alligator meat.
No, wait a moment! Even though we already have plenty of alligator meat, why are you set on obtaining even more!?

“”That way~””
(Alright, here I go~)

Without being able to stop them, Allen, Elena, and Joule ran off to get more alligator meat.
Huh…… I feel like it would be useless even if I stopped them? Ah~……


While dejected over the different plan, Feat snuggled up to close in order to comfort me.
While being healed, I hastily followed after the children.

After that, we were alligator hunting all day long. Though I wanted to stop them…… I couldn’t.
Understandably, we obtained a massive quantity of alligator meat. Alligator meat of such quantity…… seriously, what to do……


◇ ◇ ◇


The next day after the second consecutive day of alligator hunting, we stepped on the twenty-third floor.
There, the knee-deep water level returned to the ankle depth.
It’s not necessary to let Allen and Elena ride Joule, but they said that they want Joule and Feat to go with us, so I decided to take them along.
Ah, Feat is being carried by me as usual though.

The journey was smooth and we favorably progressed. The reason being the children instantly killing all the monsters that appeared. My turn has quite not come yet, but I’m enduring, the children are enjoying themselves and I can’t barge in uninvited, after all~
While thinking such, we have discovered a treasure chest hidden along the path.
We haven’t found one that wasn’t in a hidden room, but it was magnificently placed in the middle of the path.

“”Treasure~…… huuh~?””

Allen and Elena rushed up to the treasure chest, but they stopped in the middle for some reason.

“What’s wrong?”
(What, what?)
“”Somewhat weird~?””

Allen and Elena pointed at the treasure chest and proclaimed it weird.
I immediately used Appraisal on the treasure chest. Doing that, I found that it’s a mimic――a monster that camouflaged itself as a treasure chest.

“That is a mimic. A monster.”
(A fake~?)

Even though it looks like a treasure chest until the moment you open it, the two noticed it well. As expected of them.

“Right. It’s a fake treasure chest. It pretends to be a treasure chest and assaults those who approach it.”
“N? Ah, Feat wants to defeat it? It would work with magic. Sure, go ahead Feat.”

When I give permission to Feat who wanted to defeat it, Feat immediately fired Wind Cutter and attacked the mimic. Then, with a bang, a white smoke escaped from the mimic and the pattern on the treasure chest changed.
It appears that this is a genuine treasure chest.

“Allen, Elena, want to open it?”
“”Yea, will open~””

Since it seemed that there are no more gimmicks, the two opened the chest and when I looked inside, there was a Transfer Magic Tool (simple) inside.

“”What is it~?””
“A transfer magic tool.”

Speaking simply, it’s that. That thing which the guild uses to send letters.
It’s a convenient thing, but it’s useless without the recognition code of the recipient.
However, should I sell it or hold onto it? It might eventually become needed. Besides, if I got another magic tool of the same kind, I would be able to exchange with whomever I liked.

“Right. Remember how we instantly moved from the hall to the tenth floor?”
“This can do the same thing. This fellow can only send letters or small things to a person with the same thing though.”

The children raised their voices of admiration.
Do Allen and Elena properly understand? But, I feel like Joule and Feat didn’t understand at all, but somehow raised their voices in consent. Well, Joule and Feat are monsters, so it might be possible that transfer equipment wasn’t necessary for their daily lives until now.

“Alright. Then, shall we keep going?”
“”Yea! That way~””

With Allen and Elena pointing out the direction, we soon discovered the staircase to the twenty-fourth floor.
We continued the capture and were able to find the staircase leading to the twenty-fifth floor.
That was all for the day. I decided to rest before descending.
By the way, alligator meat was used for today’s dinner. We ate it deep-fried with soy sauce. Un, it was immensely delicious.

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