Chapter 79

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Dungeon of Ripples – Capture 6
After resting between the sixteenth and seventeenth floor, we are currently advancing through the seventeenth floor.


I can see a bear with a deep blue colored fur――Water Bear running towards us while splashing water in the distance.
Is it among the largest variety of monsters we have seen in this dungeon until now?
The moment the Water Bear appeared, Allen and Elena began running towards it.


The Water Bear who noticed the two rushing towards it fired several Water Ball while running.

“Water Ball.”

Supporting the children from behind, I countered each an every Water Ball》
As if understanding it, Allen and Elena closed the distance between the Water Bear in one go.


Allen and Elena were running towards the front of the Water Bear, but they parted left and right before making direct contact, and drove an explosive kick to its both sides.
It would be difficult to defeat Water Bear who is water and cold resistant with magic. However, that has nothing to do with Allen’s and Elena’s kicking. It’s not magic but a blow……


The Water Bear whose movements stopped after one blow got ax-kicked this time. It’s not given any time to counterattack. The Water Bear who ate the two’s full power ax kicks collapsed to the ground.


Delivering a finishing blow, Allen and Elena kicked the Water Bear’s body flying.
The Water Bear’s movements completely stopped and it turned into a drop item.


Allen and Elena picked up the dropped pelt and brought it to me. It seems we obtained quite the large pelt.
When I received it from the two and touched it, it felt quite pleasant to the touch. This looks good for making Allen’s and Elena’s cold weather clothes.

“Shall we make Allen’s and Elena’s coat out of this?”
“Right. It’s clothes to wear when it’s cold.”
“”This is~?””

When I spoke about making coats from the Water Bear’s pelt, Allen and Elena asked while pulling on the hem of their capes they were currently wearing.

“Well, this will also make you a bit cold during the cold season, so let’s make something warmer.”
“”Got it~””

The fabric of the capes the two are wearing at the moment is thick, but I’m bit uneasy about them wearing it in midwinter. Therefore, when I explained such, the two nodded in understanding.

“Allen, like Joule!”
“Elena, like Feat!”

But, what continued after that was Allen and Elena saying the names of the contracted beasts.
Joule and Feat? …… In what meaning?


I tilted my head in puzzlement without understanding what Allen and Elena meant. Then, the two put on the hoods of the capes and pulled on the kemonomimi on top. So they mean――

“Ah! You want to look like Joule and Feat!”
“Roger. Let’s look for a store that will make it for us then.”

It appears that the two are pleased by the kemonomimi hoods. If that’s the case, let’s make them eared coats just as they wish. It’s cute after all!

Wanting a bit more of the Water Bear pelt and walking around with “Will a Bear appear soon I wonder~?” thoughts, we encountered approximately three meters large turtle――Bubble Archelon.
After half of the dungeon――from the fifteenth floor, the monsters that appear are large. The Water Bear from a little while ago was also quite big.

“”What’s that~?””
“N? That is a turtle.”

The Bubble Archelon noticed us and spat out soccerball-sized bubbles towards us.
Our field of vision was covered with bubbles in the blink of an eye.

“Allen, Elena. You mustn’t touch that, okay?”

The buoyantly floating bubbles seem just like ordinary soap bubbles, but they are not ordinary by any means.
A considerable explosion will occur the moment they are touched and broken.
Bubble Archelon is a monster that disturbs the movements of the hostile opponents and escapes in the meanwhile.

“Ah, that’s right.”

I stored all of those soapy bubbles into the Infinite Storage.
Even if it looks like making contact with the bubbles while storing them in the Infinite Storage, there’s actually no contact, so it’s possible to store them without breaking them.
Un, the field of vision is restored with this! After I finished removing the bubbles, I could see the Bubble Archleon escaping in the distance.
Its movements are so swift for a turtle monster! That didn’t happen, so there’s plenty of distance to attack.

“Wind Cutter.”

I fired a blade of wind towards the turtle who was escaping without paying any attention to us, but it seems it didn’t have any effect against the turtle’s hard shell.


The Bubble Archelon noticed that all of the discharged bubbles disappeared, so it spat out bubbles again, but I immediately tidied up the bubbles into my Infinite Storage》.

“Hmm, let’s see. ――Water Pillar.”

When I spring forth a pillar of water under the turtle and onto its belly which seemed like a weak spot, the Bubble Archelon splendidly overturned.


Allen and Elena started vigorously running towards the Bubble Archelon and drove a full power drop kick? …… No, is that closer to a landing rather than a kick? Towards its defenseless belly.


Well, whether it was a kick or a landing, its effect was excellent as the Bubble Archelon ceased to breathe and turned into drop item.


Allen and Elena picked up the drop item and returned to me.

“Thank you.”

It appears there were several drop items.
This is a shell. And this is turtle meat. Moreover, it’s edible. How do you prepare turtle meat? Like a suppon? I can think only of a hot-pot when it comes to suppon.

“Beeear, beeear.”
“Tuuurtle, tuuurtle.”

After that, we encountered several Water Bears and Bubble Archelons, we defeated them in the same way each time and acquired a lot of drop items.


◇ ◇ ◇


“”This is~?””
“This design is the same as the trap from before, isn’t it? It’s that one that drops rocks from above when stepped on.”
“”That one is~?””
“That one is a dummy. You mustn’t touch the area protruding around it, okay~”

The eighteenth floor is a floor covered in many traps with many passages.

“”A trap~?””
“Yeah, this is one too. Be careful not to step on it, okay~”

Traps are loaded with magical power, so I can generally tell them apart with Detection. That’s why we are able to avoid them before getting caught in them.

“”This too~?””
“Yep, looks like it.”

Allen and Elena discover one trap after another too, but――

“Eh? ―― Oops!”

They occasionally carelessly step on the traps.
The moment they stepped on the trap this time, an arrow flew out of a hole in the wall. The arrow is fired in the height of an adult’s head, so it’s not dangerous for the two though.
Traps, unlike monsters, are inorganic things, so it might be difficult for Allen’s and Elena’s Presence Detection skill to detect them. Well, even if the skill doesn’t react, they are able to notice most of the traps with pure intuition.

“”Stepped on it~ Ehehe~””

Trying to gloss over it by laughing is adorable, so I will forgive them!
Too easy? It’s not like I got hurt or anything so it’s fine!

“Be careful you two~”

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