Chapter 77

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Dungeon of Ripples – Capture 4
“Rather than that, wouldn’t it be better to get dry quickly?”
“Y, yeah.”

When I said so, Gray-san and others took off their coats and started wringing their wet clothes.

“…… Can’t you dry it with magic?”

It’s possible with the life magic, Dry. There should be relatively many people who use life magic, but they aren’t using it.

“We don’t have anyone who can use that kind of magic.”
“That’s right, isn’t it~”

I see, they can’t use it. Speaking of drying water, in addition to life magic, wouldn’t fire magic or wind magic be usable too? Not all attributes are available in their party it seems~
I don’t want to pretend not to see, though~

“Stay still please ――Dry.”
“N? ―― Oh! Thanks.”
“…… I’m thankful.”
“Amazing~! It was instant!”

It doesn’t use that much magical power, so I dried Gray-san and the others.
Because I had a feeling that they would take off even their pants and underwear in order to wring the water out…… Allen might be okay, but I wouldn’t want to show that scene to Elena.

“It has been a while. Oh, I’m Aaron. I thought Gray and others were late, it appears they were talking with you. Thanks for the help in the Gaya Forest.”
“I’m Virgil! I was sure that Randy did something again.”
“Yeah, I thought so too.”
“Aaron-san, Virgil-san too, how rude~……”

Then, two men who watched from the side approached us.
They are the members of the『Black Twin Sword』who came to the dungeon’s entrance earlier. The blonde one is Aaron and the black-haired one is Virgil.

“Long time no see. I’m Takumi. Sorry about that, they were late because of me.”
“Don’t mind it. They weren’t that late.”

Aaron-san and Virgil-san already wiped the water from their equipment, but their hair was still wet, so I used《Dry》on the two as well.

“Oh, thanks.”
“That helps. So, it might be boorish asking since you are here, but are you here to capture the dungeon, Takumi? You didn’t come just for the visit, right?”
“Yeah, capturing the dungeon is our objective.”

A visit is that thing, right? Where you take a step into the dungeon which will leave a record in your guild card and that’s all you want.
Because the adventurer guild cards also indicate the dungeon records, non-combatants visit various dungeons and enter them without capturing it.
Well, all the people would see is several “Dungeon of “●●” X/● floors” lined up, but some people use it to brag.
There also seem to be requests for “escort to a dungeon” in the Adventurer’s Guild.-
However, entering a dungeon without trying to capture it, I don’t understand that.

“That’s right~ Dungeons are to be captured, right~”

We are adventurers. We have to adventure after all!

“That being the case~ all of us are gathered, shall we go?”
“Let’s go. Takumi, do you guys want to go with us?”

They wanted to embark on the dungeon capture at once, but Aaron-san invited us to go together. The other members are also nodding in agreement, but――

“Erm…… I’m sorry, but we go that way.”

I said so while pointing at the transfer device.
Although capturing the dungeon together would be fun, we are unfortunately starting on the eleventh floor.


Gray-san and others raised their voices in surprise.
Far from that, the other adventurers at the hall raised their voices too.
Is it just a little bit over one week since reporting the discovery of a new dungeon to the Adventurer’s Guild?
I don’t know how long it is since the official announcement, but it has been about three days since the official investigation?
Because they are surprised by the use of transfer device this much, it probably means that there hasn’t been anyone who finished capturing the first ten floors yet. But, it’s just a matter of time and there will surely appear those who will capture the tenth floor in a few days.

“Ah! I heard that the discoverer of the dungeon was taking care of children.”
“Now that you mention it!”
“Then, he’s that guy!”
“Since he’s using a transfer device, it means that he reached at least the tenth floor, right?”
“Far from being solo, are you saying he reached the tenth floor while accompanied by a hindrance? This isn’t a low-grade, but intermediate dungeon, you know? That’s impossible.”

I hear various things from the surroundings.
As I thought, rumors spread that we are the discoverers. There was such ruckus about it that time, so it can’t really be helped~

“Eh!? Takumi discovered the dungeon!?”
“Are you serious!”
“…… Yeah, well.”

It appears that Gray-san and others didn’t know. However――

“I’m surprised, but it’s a believable story since it concerns Takumi.”
“””I hear that.”””

They were in agreement for some reason.
Being considerate, Gray-san and others took their leave without asking further questions.
We made a promise to have a meal together if we meet in town next time. We went to the transfer device.

“Then, Allen, Elena. Touch the crystal.”


◇ ◇ ◇


We, who transferred straight to the tenth floor descended on the eleventh floor.
The eleventh floor was the same as the first ten floors, but the waterway in the center disappeared and the entire floor was submerged instead.
The volume of water isn’t that much as the water reaches only up to my ankles, but it appears that we will have to walk through water all the way.

“Allen, Elena, are you alright?”
“”Is fine~””

The two were stepping on and splashing the water.
This depth is not a problem even for the height of the children, but I have to think some countermeasures in case the water gets even deeper.

“Tell me immediately if you get tired, okay?”

I thought that moving through the water would have a far bigger burden on them than on a normal surface, so after firmly instructing the two, I decided to continue advancing.

“”Not coming, huh~””

While walking in high spirits, we haven’t encountered a single monster. Just some traps would get occasionally set off.

Advancing while avoiding the traps further――


Allen and Elena suddenly raised their voices and begun running accompanied by the sounds of splashing water.
When I chased after them in a hurry, there were about five Water Lizards in their destination.


Allen and Elena who vigorously ran jumped up with the momentum and landed at the two Water Lizards who were crawling on the floor.

“”Water Needle.””

Following that, they formed needles from the water spreading on the ground and brought down the remaining Water Lizards.
The dropped items of the skin and tusks were floating in the water.


Allen and Elena picked up the dropped items and cheerfully ran up to me.

“Thank you for your hard work~ But, is this the path you wanted to go on?”
“You turned left on the way, remember?”

The two started running immediately after noticing the Water Lizards and took a left on a crossroad. They may not have gone the way they wanted to and just chased after the monster presence.
When I check with the two while patting their heads――


Allen and Elena tried to dodge the question by tilting their heads and laughing. How cute you are, oy.
Because there weren’t any monsters, they chased after the first signs without noticing…… that’s probably how it went.

“Then, what do you want to do? Take a look and go this way? Or do you want to return?”

We aren’t really going for the shortest route, so I don’t mind dropping on the way, we can decide after returning too.

“This way~”
“Let’s go~”
“Alright! Let’s advance this way then.”

As a result, the two chose to continue going this way, so I decided to continue advancing.
Well, we immediately found the stairs down and quickly found the stairs on the twelfth floor as well.
We found a place which wasn’t flooded on the thirteenth floor, so the capturing was suspended for a while.
It’s still early to sleep, but because the floor is immersed in water, it would be better to rest if you can regardless of time.
Although we won’t get wet thanks to the Mermaid Bracelet, sleeping with part of your body soaking in the water is a bit……
That being the case, we decided to finish a meal and go to sleep early.

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