Chapter 60

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Check and Report
“Yeah. Gilliam-dono, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”
“No. I didn’t know that Count-sama and Takumi-san were acquaintances.”
“It’s our first time meeting, but Takumi-san is an important guest of our family. Ah, which reminds me, it appears there was some kind of a problem yesterday at the guild, wasn’t there? Is the reason that the guild master didn’t come today because he was busy dealing with that?”

The sub master’s――Gilliam-san’s complexion instantly turned pale.
Nevertheless, Cedric-san. Why do you know about that matter? It happened just yesterday, you know?
I thought I was being tailed for a moment there. But, if that were the case, both the children and I would notice.
That means, his intelligence gathering is awfully excellent.

“I won’t say anything because Takumi-san compromised, but I hope that such a thing won’t happen in the future.”
“Y, yes. Of course! Severely, I will hold it in my heart!”
“If you, the sub-master says so, I feel relieved.”

Cedric-san, thank you very much.
It appears he gave the guild warning for our sake.
At any rate…… Cedric is talking with the usual smile, but it brought up the fire from the atmosphere.
Hence Gilliam-san nodded with great vigor.

“Allen, Elena. Pointing fingers at people is rude.”

At that time, Allen and Elena who were quiet all the time suddenly let out voices and pointed at Cedric-san. I stopped their gesture in a hurry.

“So, what happened?”

N? Alike?

“Said it’s alright~ to kick.”
“Knight Onii~chan.”

Ah~ that time…… In the Gaya Forest with the Knights Order, Isaac-san said to Allen and Elena that it’s alright to kick Wald-sama……
I also find the smile of Isaac-san at that time exactly the same as Cedric-san’s, but…… however, do I hear a different meaning when the to say it……

“Umm…… by alike you mean Isaac-san, right? Has my little brother grew to like being kicked around by children in the time I have not seen him, I wonder……”
“You are wrong, it’s different! The target on the receiving end of the kick was different!”

See~ Cedric-san had a weird misunderstanding~
I must resolve the misunderstanding to protect Isaac-san’s honor! Ah~ while that may be true, I can’t possibly say that the target of the kicking as Wald-sama……
It seems difficult to explain while not saying the concrete thing.


I somehow managed to solve the misunderstanding, and we talked about the “Ripples” dungeon.
The contents were about the details I found in the dungeon, and the investigation of the people Cedric-san and the guild dispatched.

“Haah~ To discover a dungeon in my fief~ I’m grateful to you, Takumi-san.”
“That so, isn’t it? People are going to gather in our town from now on.”

Speaking frankly, a dungeon is a vein of gold.
When the information of a new dungeon gets out, adventurers will start gathering around. Those adventurers will bring back the dropped items from the dungeon and sell them at the Adventurer’s Guild.
Merchants will gather for those dropped items and trade with the Adventurer’s Guild.
When people gather, the inns and restaurants will flourish.
Since the economy moves in various places and taxes are paid, the financial affairs of the fief prosper as a result.

It was really a coincidence that I have caused a dungeon fuss in the Risner territory, but I think it would be good if it returned the favor that I owe to the Risner house at least a little.
Well, I think that problems will arise with the sudden increase in people, but I can only wish them to do their best.

Oh yeah, there is a total of four dungeons kept under control in Guardia. It appears that the “Ripples” we have discovered is going to be the fifth one.
Yesterday, before returning from the guild, I asked the receptionist about the locations of the dungeons. She then turned towards the adventurers and got me a list with a rough map.
The list had the dungeons written in order with information such as[Fourth Dungeon “Earth” /Low rank/Guardia, Shirin/To the east, half day by foot].
According to this list, half of the dungeons appear to be undiscovered.
I get why the dungeon in the Gaya Forest or the dungeon in the deep sea are not discovered, but I was surprised that even dungeons near the towns are undiscovered.

Because of that~ I have to be more careful~ Is what I was thinking while storing the map into the Infinite Storage, but then――
At that time, I heard an electric sound in my head for some reason.
I thought what could it be, so I immediately opened the designating window.
Then, there was an indication “NEW” by the map tab.
The information written on the paper I stored in the Infinite Storage was now indicated on the map.
That’s right, the map has updated on its own. Seriously~ I was completely dumbfounded then~


“That reminds me, how far in the dungeon did you go?”
“We just looked a bit around the first floor. We did not have much time as I wouldn’t make it in time for today. We indeed had troubles right at the entrance, though.”

As expected, reaching the entrance of the dungeon――it was not easy swimming for about 50 meters without breathing.

“Umm…… I feel bad for asking, but there were no casualties, right?”

Because there is no way to get out of the waterway halfway, if you can’t hold your breath, the risk of drowning isn’t low.
I wouldn’t like to hear the talk of people drowning in the dungeon I have discovered.

“Everything’s all right. The investigator I chose had large stamina and good swimming skills.”

I feel relieved hearing Cedric-san’s words.
But, it’s obvious that when the dungeon is officially announced, reckless people will appear one after another. We have to take measures against that immediately……

“Well, I understand Takumi-san’s fears. I had the investigator hold onto a magic tool just in case, and right now, we are in a hurry to mass produce that very magic tool.”
“You mean a magic tool that allows breathing underwater?”
“Yes. It’s not that highly effective, but it uses wind magic stone which creates a fixed amount of air in the magic tool, so I gave the orders to have that mass produced.”

Creates air…… hee~ so there was such magic tool~ if something like that exists, I can feel relieved?

“Also, regarding the reward. I’m sure you are aware, but the discoverer of a dungeon gets rewarded by the country.

Yeah, the matter of the reward still remains…… I’ve heard from the guild that the discoverer would receive a reward, but don’t conceal the important thing!

“Is the name of the discoverer officially announced?”
“It’s reported to the country, but only limited information is revealed in the public announcement. It was done like that in the past. Takumi-san, you don’t like the official announcement? Discoverer of a new dungeon will receive high praises, you know?”
“I’d like to decline the praises.”
“I understand. I will propose that to His Majesty.”
“I will leave it to you.”

Discovering a new dungeon looks too conspicuous, so I would like to avoid it. Fortunately, publishing my name seems to be avoidable.
In truth, I would like to avoid the reward as well, but…… Cedric-san rejected with a wonderful smile. …… Regrets.

Now then, is the talk done with this? It had become noon before I noticed.
The sub-master who finished reporting quickly left the room.

“Cedric-sama, everyone is waiting in the dining room.”

The butler of the Risner house who guided us to Cedric-san, Joshua-san just came to call for Cedric-san, so we will also take our leave――

“Then, we will……――”
“Now then, Takumi-san. The lunch preparations are done, so let’s move to the dining room.”

Cedric-san smiled with a smile that I couldn’t go against.
Ku…… this smile, it’s definitely a foul play!

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