Chapter 386

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Children, the Guide 2
After eating dinner, we resumed the capture of the dungeon, and at the sixth floor, we naturally took the hidden route. Well, I drew plenty of Nippy Liquor while were there.
Kaiser was also interested in the Nippy Liquor, but I desperately tried to stop him from drinking it here because the effects of drinking it all would be immeasurable. Then, as a compromise, I handed him a magic bag to fill full of the liquor. I told him to drink it after he got back to the sea.


By the time we had completed the sixth floor, Kaiser had become much more disciplined, so he was no longer bursting monsters into little pieces.

“Oh, Takumi, we got some pretty big chunk of meat.”
“Indeed. I think I will slice it into thick pieces and serve it as a steak.”
“What is a steak?”
“It’s just grilled meat. But you can season it in many ways.”

You can simply use salt and pepper, the Simple Salt Series, garlic shoyu, butter shoyu, grated ponzu, sweet sauce, and even the yakiniku sauce… it can be seasoned in many ways.

“Why don’t we have barbecue before you leave? That way we can eat different kinds of meat with different flavors, and maybe we can find out what kind of flavors you prefer, Kaiser.”
“Ohh! I’m looking forward to it!”
“”((Yess~ Yay~))””

When I said that I was going to do barbecue, Kaiser, of course, was delighted, but so were the children.

“Since that’s the case, we will need more meat!”
“Nono, we already got all kinds of meat!”
(You can’t say that, Oniichan. There’s a lot more around!)
“I’m telling you that we have enough!”
“Alright, let’s go, everyone!”

They wouldn’t listen to me.
With Kaiser in the lead, Allen and Elena, Joule and Vector ran off in search of meat.

(Niisama, you won’t be able to stop them in a dungeon, anyway.)
(That’s right. Since it came to this, you would be more peaceful to let them act freely.)
(Indeed! I don’t think they will stop no matter what you say!)
“That’s true. Shall we chase after them, then?”

I chased after the kids who ran ahead with Feat, Bolt, and Mile.

“Takumi, you finally came. Here, more meat.”
“Eh, you have already killed this many?”

As soon as we caught up with the children, Kaiser handed me a large amount of meat.

“Oniichan, this too~”
“I also have more~”

Allen and Elena were also busy bringing in the meat they had acquired.

“There’s more!?”
“We just happened to run into a flock.”
“”There were so many~””
“Is that so? I didn’t hear any heavy fighting, though!?”
“We cleaned them up all in no time, you know.”

I know that with Allen, Elena, Kaiser, Joule and Vector, it would have been over in no time, even if they had been swarmed! But isn’t it strange that there was hardly any thud, bang or boom sound?

“It was over so easily… Well, that’s okay. You simply have that much combat potential. I just wondered how you beat them.”
“Well, if you cut them up with magic, they won’t make that much noise.”

I see. So they didn’t use Waterball or any other kind of magic that would make a bang, but they did it with a cutting magic. No wonder there wasn’t much noise.


While I was listening to the explanation, it seemed that another monster appeared, and the children were prepared to defeat it.

“”Water Blade.””


The Water Blade that Allen and Elena released cut off the head of the Jumbo Elk that was coming toward us in a blink of an eye. And with almost no sound at all.

“Wait a minute!? Eh, what was that just now!!”
“It’s a higher version of a Water Cutter, I guess?”
“Ah, yes, I know that it’s that kind of magic. I wasn’t asking about that, I was asking how the twins know how to use that magic…”
“N? I taught them just a little while ago.”

Kaiser was teaching the children magic.

“But, that’s how it happened, huh. When you ran into the herd, you used that magic to cut them up, didn’t you?”
“Umu, that’s right.”

That explains why the battle was so quiet.

“You were able to master it properly. Keep it up, kids.”
“Alright, let’s continue.”
(Me too, me too!)
(Me too!)
“Umu, umu, I know.”

At first, Kaiser was curious about the dungeon and was fighting ahead of the pack, but now it seems that he has begun to focus on teaching the children.

(They don’t intend to stop, huh.)
(Indeed. They seem to be having a lot of fun.)
(They are so excited!)

Just as Feat, Bolt, and Mile had expected, they continued collecting meat at large.
However, after defeating the boss of the tenth floor, due to the time Kaiser could stay in human form, the dungeon attack came to an end.

“It can’t be helped. After the steak tasting, it’s time for Kaiser to go home.”

Well, Allen and Elena would have been willing to go all the way to the bottom, but as expected, it was impossible to conquer the intermediate level dungeon in a single day.
So we left the dungeon and started a barbecue party at a place away from the highway.

“Ohh! This is tasty.”
“This one is yummy, too~”
“This is tasty as well~”

Kaiser tried all the flavors, but he liked them all and could not decide on the best one. But he remembered the names of all the flavors, which made it easier for him to request what he wanted next time.

“Umu, Takumi, I had a lot of fun.”
“I’m glad to hear that. Have a safe trip. Also, do you remember what to do the next time you come?”

It was decided that the next time he comes, he will Humanize and then call out to me with Telepathy and I will summon him over…

“Umu, I know. Next time I’ll gather plenty of gold from the sea and bring it back to you so you can feed me all sorts of things again.”

Kaiser was completely pleased with the food.
I gave him a couple of meals, but it looks like he won’t have enough… But unfortunately, Kaiser’s magic bag is time sensitive, so I couldn’t give him too much.
It might be better to prepare for his Telepathy to arrive sooner than later.

“Umu, umu, Water Dragon, I know. I haven’t forgotten about it. I’ll bring you some fresh ones.”

Allen and Elena reminded him not to forget their souvenir dragon.

“No, seriously! Kaiser, I urge you not to be overly enthusiastic about this!”
“N? Takumi, don’t be so reserved~ You and I, Takumi, are friends! Don’t be shy! Oops, if we talk too long, I will transform back before I reach the sea! So long!”

Kaiser gallantly ran toward the sea.
The next time Kaiser comes, things are going to be dreadful.

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