Chapter 384

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Touring Around
The next day, we showed Kaiser around town.

“Here is the weapon shop~”
“And here is where they make chairs and stuff~”
“Houhou. Something smells good over there. What is that place?”

The children took turns introducing the stores, and Kaiser, attracted by the smell, wandered over to the bakery.

“There are all kinds of stuff in here~ Can I eat whatever I want from what they have there?”
“No, you can’t~”
“You need money to pay for it~”
“Money? What’s money?”

I see. Kaiser doesn’t know about the concept of money. But, well, it’s given.

“Money is, well… a kind of tool to exchange for other things.”

It is difficult to explain about money right from the beginning, isn’t it~

“Err, ‘selling’ means offering something and getting money for it. When we offer money to get something, it is called ‘buying’… We sell the fangs and skins of monsters we get to the store to get money, and then we use the money to buy bread. Well, there are other ways to get money, but remember that you need money to get what you want.”
“Humm, I see, I understand.”

I explained as concisely as I could.

“So monsters can be turned into money. If that’s the case, my scales and other things can be sold for money, right?”
“… Well~ I think you shouldn’t do that~”

If you sell Leviathan’s scales, you will make a big fuss.
Moreover, it would attract a lot of attention.

“Mu? You mean I can’t sell my scales?”
“No, no. You will get a great deal of money for one scale. For sure.”

Kaiser was a little disappointed that he couldn’t sell them, but knowing he can—Wah♪… he showed a joyous expression on his face with flowers fluttering behind him in the background.

“Yeah. It’s just not something you often see, so I think it might raise quite the ruckus. Rather, it certainly will!”
“… I don’t like ruckus.”

Kaiser looked reluctant, as he seemed to have a dislike for noisy places.
Even though he’s a Leviathan… he has a lot of human expressions, which makes him easy to understand. Well, it’s better than being expressionless.

“Anyway, you don’t have to think of ways to get money, Kaiser. If there’s anything you want, just tell me. Let’s start with bread, then.—Allen, Elena, pick out the bread with him.”

Allen and Elena pulled Kaiser’s hand and entered the bakery.

“This one is white bread~”
“This is brown bread~”
“Fumufumu. So, what’s this one?”
“”Erm… what was it again?”
“Haha. It’s the whole wheat bread.”

For some reason, Allen and Elena could not remember the whole wheat bread. Well, basically all we eat is white bread, buns and stuffed bread, so they did not have many opportunities to eat it.

“Fumufumu. I see, there are many varieties. N? This one smells a little sweet.”
“”It’s jam buns!””
“Hoh~ jam buns? Is it tasty?”
“”It’s sweet and yummy!””

Allen and Elena look entranced, with palms on their cheeks.
Seeing the children like that, Kaiser’s expression twinkled.

“I see, so it’s yummy. I would like to try that.”
“Roger that. Just the jam buns, then? Or is there more you would like to try?”
“Allen wants to eat, too~”
“Elena also~”

Allen and Elena raised their hands and insisted, as if to say that it was unfair that only Kaiser got to eat.


“Kaiser, there are a lot of food stalls and food vendors in this district. I’m going to buy everything you are interested in, so can you share a little of each with the kids? If I buy everything you want to eat for the kids, they won’t be able to finish it all. Ah, if you don’t want to share, you can refuse.”
“I don’t mind. Kids, why don’t we eat together then?”
“”Yes! Thank you!””
“Umu, good reply.”

This is what I think, but Kaiser’s food intake is probably so large that he will be able to buy and eat food from a variety of stalls. Of course, the kids will want to eat the same food. But buying all of that for the kids as well would surely be over their capacity.
They could share with me, but I think that Kaiser would probably still outweigh the amount of food I can eat by a lot, so I negotiated with Kaiser from the beginning. I’m sure this would have prevented a future where the kids ate too much and had stomach problems…

“Well, let’s get the buns first.”

We took the buns we bought and headed for the area with many stalls.

“Ohh~ I can smell the delicious smells coming from all over the place~”
“Well then, which one do you want to try first?”

Kaiser compared the various stalls and began to look seriously troubled.

“… You don’t have to worry that much, it’s not like you can’t eat anything but what you choose.”
“No, however…”
“By the way, if you like something, you can always buy it again later.”
“Ohh! I see!”

Kaiser’s eyes lit up.
I wanted to think it was my imagination, but I had a feeling that Kaiser was also surprisingly a glutton.

“”Kaiser, Kaiser.””
“Allen wants to eat that!”
“Elena likes that!”
“Umu, both looks delicious. Let’s try them.”

Allen and Elena pull Kaiser’s hand and head for the stalls.

“Takumi, what’s this?”
“It’s grilled skewers. What kind of meat is this, Mister?”
“We have Horn Rabbits today. It’s seasoned with either curry salt or herb salt, both of which have recently become available!”
“”Curry salt!””

Allen and Elena’s eyes lit up at the mention of curry salt. They both love curry flavor.
Or rather, they seem to be using the Easy Salt Series. Is it becoming much more popular?
Kaiser, on the other hand, looked slightly disappointed when he heard that it was Horn Rabbit. Well, Horn Rabbit meat will be of lower quality compared to Dragon~

“What do you want? Curry salt one? Both?”
“Yes, yes.—Mister, I apologize for the small order, but please give me one of each.”
“I don’t mind. You are trying foods at various stalls, aren’t you? There are a lot of people like you, who eat small portions because they visit various stalls.—Here, thanks for the wait! Be careful, it’s hot.”
“”Thank you!””

The owner handed each child one of the skewers.
The children immediately shared the skewer with Kaiser.

“Mu? Mumu?”
“How is it? Does it suit your tastes?”
“I thought Horn Rabbit meat wasn’t much, but this is pretty good!”

He seemed to have liked it.

“”Let’s get that one next~!””
“Umu, right! Takumi, please!”
“Yes, yes.”

The kids and Kaiser were eating their way through the stalls, one after the other, trying to conquer it all.

“Are you satisfied?”
“Umu. I still feel like I haven’t eaten enough, but I’m generally satisfied!”

If he is satisfied with this amount of food, Kaiser must be eating a little more than the average adult male?
I put the additional food I secretly bought from the stalls we visited in my Infinite Storage just in case he wouldn’t have enough, but it seems there is no need for it.

“Then, let’s go back home while looking around the stores.”

We decided to return to the Ruven residence, taking a different path than the one we came in on.

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