Chapter 382

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Just Like That
“Welcome back. I heard you have a guest with you…… is that person Allen-chan and Elena-chan’s father?”

When I brought Kaiser over to the Ruven residence to confirm with Rebecca-san if he could stay with us, Rebecca-san made a surprising remark when she saw Kaiser.
Kaiser’s hair color was slightly lighter than the children’s, but the color combination of his hair and eyes was indeed the same.

“H, he’s not!?”

I hurriedly denied it.

“Oh my, is that so? If he really was the father, I thought we could have a little chat… I was so confused by the similarity of the coloring of the two that I was quick to assume that he was the father. I’m sorry.”

I was a little scared because Rebecca-san’s eyes weren’t smiling as she laughed.
Rebecca-san seems like someone who would lecture even the Water God-sama. Well, I would also love to have a word or two with him, so I guess we are the same.

“So, Takumi-san, who might this gentleman be? A friend of yours?”
“He’s my acquaintance and—”
“I am Kaiser. Albeit only temporary, I have formed a contract with Takumi.”
“A contract?”
“Umu, I—”

Rebecca-san asked me about Kaiser and I started to talk to her to introduce him, but Kaiser himself came forward. Moreover, I told him to keep quiet about being a Leviathan, but I didn’t mention anything about the contract, so Kaiser tried to introduce himself casually.

“Takumi-san, what did he mean by contract?”
“Err, you see…”
“I don’t see you as a business person, so it’s not a sales contract or anything like that, is it?”

I don’t feel like I can fool Rebecca-san, no matter how well I try to explain it to her.


What to do? What do I say?”

“Sheesh, Takumi-san~ You have got a big wrinkle between your eyebrows. Don’t be so anxious, I am definitely not trying to get it out of you, okay? I want you to stop lying and deceiving me, but I’m not going to force you to reveal your secrets. So if you tell me honestly that you can’t tell me, I won’t ask any more, okay?”

Rebecca-san’s is so magnanimous, I felt like crying.

“Ah~… it’s going to be a tremendously shocking story, you see?”
“If Takumi-san is willing to talk about it, of course I will listen. If you don’t want me to tell anyone, I won’t leak it. But, Takumi-san, you don’t have to force yourself to talk.”
“I trust you, Rebecca-san, as I trust the rest of the Ruven family, so I can’t tell you everything… but I would like to tell you what I can!”

So we called Matthias-san and Wald-san over to introduce Kaiser once again.
Unfortunately, Velio-san and Almberia-san were not available, and Rosalie-san had just gotten married, and I kept surprising her, so I decided to put them on hold, so it was just the three of them first.

“Takumi, what did you do this time?”

Wald-san spoke as if I have done something wrong as soon as he joined us.

“Why are you assuming that already!?”
“If anyone tells me they have something to say about you, of course I would assume you did something again.”

That’s too terrible of you.

“I didn’t do anything, okay?”
“I’m telling you, the children and your contracted beasts also belong to that area. Can you say again that you haven’t done anything?”


If you say that, then I can’t deny.

“So you did something again! N? I’ve never seen this one before. Is it something about him?”
“… Yeah. Let me explain.”

So I immediately told them about Kaiser in a direct manner.

“He’s Kaiser. I will omitt his race, but Kaiser is a monster I formed a contract with.”

The first to react was Wald-san. Matthias-san and Rebecca-san looked surprised without words.

“He’s currently using a skill called Humanification to look like this.”

As expected, I couldn’t tell them about him being a Leviathan.

“Humanification skill, huh… so it really exists.”
“Are you aware of it?”
“I remember reading about it in an old lore book. One Tamer’s monster that turned into a human being saved the country, hundreds of years ago.”

So there had been monsters that had been used Humanification and had been by people’s side before. Good thing there was a precedent!

“That is incredible. So the Humanification skill can make you look perfectly human?”

Rebecca-san seemed genuinely impressed.

“By the way, Takumi. You said you’re going to omit his race… we already know about Fenrir and Celestial Tiger, but if you’re going to keep quiet about his race, does that mean it’s even a bigger deal? Is that it?”
“… Hahaha~”

I got a sharp interjection from Wald-san.
Come to think of it, that’s right~ I’ve already divulged Fenrir, Celestial Tiger, and Scarlet King Leo, these big names, and to hide Kaiser’s race here is like saying he’s a super big deal, isn’t it~

“Takumi. Why don’t you just say it? These people are worthy of your trust, aren’t they? From now on, I plan to visit you guys often anyway.”

… I see, so Kaiser is planning to come by often? I didn’t mean to exclude him from the group, but I somehow assumed that Kaiser would be just an occasional visitor.

“… What should I do, Wald Niisan?”
“Y, you, why do you call me your big brother only at times like this…”

I looked at Wald-san, not sure if I should tell them or not.

“Let’s see~ if he’s even more incredible than Joule-chan and others… is he perhaps a dragon?”
“”Ohh~ great guess~””

As Wald-san and I were engaged in a silent attack, Rebecca-san quietly mentioned her prediction. Then, Allen and Elena easily answered.
Without saying a word, I, Matthias-san and Wald-san looked at each other.

“Then, there is a possibility that Joule-chan and the others will be able to take on human forms soon, no?”
“”Ohh! Will they?””
“We now know that this skill exists, so the chance is not zero.”
“”Can’t wait!””

The children and Rebecca-san were happily carrying on a conversation without regard to our reactions.
… Rebecca-san, you really are a magnanimous person, with a lot of guts… I once again reaffirmed that she was a really dependable person.

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