Chapter 356

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Food Sampling
“”Oniichan, you came~!””
“We were waiting for you~”
“Quickly sit down~”

When I met up with the children who had taken Daifuku and headed ahead to the lounge where Rebecca-san was staying, they were waiting for me as if to say, “You are finally here.”

“Huh? You were waiting for me?”
“Isn’t delicious food even better when everyone eats it together?”
“You are saying it’s delicious, but this will be your first time eating it, so it might not be to your liking, Rebecca-san~”
“Oh my, if it’s something you made, then of course it’s going to be delicious.”

Whoah~ That’s a lot of confidence in me~ But, it makes me happy.

“Right, right, Takumi–san. Why don’t you call Joule-chan and others, too?”
“”Is that okay~?””
“Yes, of course. I haven’t seen them for a while, too.”

Rebecca-san and the others know I have Contracted beasts, and they have met many times.
I took her word for it and called up the Fenrir Joule, Celestial Tiger Feat, Thunderhawk Bolt, Scarlet King Leo Vector, and Forest Rat Mile. Oh, and since there’s opportunity, let’s call Shiro and the other pastel rabbits, too!

“My, oh my, what is the matter?”

When Joule noticed that Rebecca-san was there, he was the first to run up to her and try to get her to pat his head. Vector noticed this and followed.

“You guys seem to be doing well~”
(Yes, doing very well!)
(Oh my! Is this voice Joule-chan’s? What an adorable voice~”

Joule and the others seem to have become able to send telepathic messages to people other than me and the children, perhaps because they have become more proficient in the Telepathy skill, and they were happily talking to Rebecca-san.

(Yes, that’s right. How about you, Mama?)
“I’m also doing very well.”
(I see. That’s good. Hey, hey, Mama, pat me~)
(Ah, Joule, that’s unfair! Mama, me too!)
“Fufu, Vector-chan is spoiled as always~”

For some reason, Joule and the others call Rebecca-san “Mama”. I think it’s because she’s like a mother to me, who they look up as their older brother… but Rebecca-san seemed to accept it without question. She has a big heart~

(Fufu. Then, I’m going to have Niisama pat me)
(Aniue, me too, please.)
(Then, I will get patted by Allen and Elena!)

Feat, Bolt, and Mile came up to me and the kids.

(Huh? What is this? New food?)
(Oh my, really. Is this… mochi?)
(Is this something Aniue made?)
(Eh, new stuff? What is it, what is it?)

Joule and the others noticed the Daifuku on the table.

“Ah, right.”
“”We forgot~””
“Rebecca-san, give it a try.”
“”Obaasama, eat up, eat up~””
“Fufu, right. Let me give it a try.”

We were so busy with Joule and the others that I forgot to ask them to eat the Daifuku.

“Today, I have prepared Ichi Daifuku and Choco-nana Daifuku. There are also some without fruit, but we will get to those later.”

As expected, I don’t think we could eat all kinds of Daifuku at once, so I prepared Daifuku with fruit today.


“So it is called Daifuku.”
“From the name, it must contain Ichi fruit and Nana fruit, right? And then there’s mochi around it?”
“Ichu fruit koshi-an.”
“Nana choco-an.”
“”Is inside!””
“Oh my, is that so~”

Rebecca-san, Joule, and the rest were eating Daifuku while listening to Allen and Elena’s explanation.

“Mochi, isn’t that what you had us try back in Rubia?”
“”That’s right!””

I once made a freshly pounded mochi, with a variety of toppings prepared for others. At that time, I think it was Mitarashi sauce, anko, roasted soybean flour, grated daikon, and butter shoyu?

“Oh my, it’s very delicious~”
(((((Yeah, delicious!)))))

Apparently, everyone liked it.

“Mochi can have many flavors, I see~”
(Yeah, yeah! They go with everything! I like everything, but I like Mitarashi the most!)
(Indeed~ I think I like Ichi fruit and anko the most~)
(I like the daikon one.)
(I like this chocolate one the most!)
(I like soybean flour!)
“My, oh my, everyone’s tastes are all over the place~”

Rebecca-san giggled as Joule and the others expressed their own preferences for mochi, but their opinions are so varied.

(Fufu. But, isn’t that just fine? It’s just that the flavors we like best are different, but we all like the others, too, don’t we?)
(Indeed. I like the other flavors, too.)
(Me too!)
(I am the same!)

It makes me happy to hear that you like all the flavors.

“As expected, everything Takumi-san makes is delicious.”
“”The things Oniichan makes are the best in the world!””
“My, oh my!”

Rebecca-san summed it up, but then Joule and the others and Rebecca-san look at each other and started laughing at Allen and Elena’s comment.

“But, it’s exactly as Allen-chan and Elena-chan said.”

I’m embarrassed to be praised that much.

“You are praising me too much.”
“”That’s not truemon!””
(((((That’s right!)))))

The kids’ confidence in me is quite incredible, too~

“Fufu, I’m happy for you, Takumi-san.”

Rebecca-san was smiling at our exchange.

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