Chapter 333

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Pastel Colors
When we had completed the tenth floor, I suggested that we leave the dungeon and take a rest in the town, but since everyone insisted on continuing, I decided to continue on to the eleventh floor.
That being the case, we stepped into the eleventh level.

(Oh~ the atmosphere here changed by quite a lot~)

The eleventh floor had a completely different atmosphere, it was a forest of trees in various pastel colors. The colors were not normal, but they were much gentler on the eyes.

(What a cute forest~)
“”Yeah, cute!””
(So cute!)

Feat, Allen, Elena and Mile were happy after seeing the forest.
Pastel colors are the kind of colors that children and women like~

“Well, I wonder if we will find dyes here~”
“”Will find!””

From what I have heard, pastel dyes aren’t very common, so I’m sure they would make great souvenirs.
I hope we can find some~… was my thought process, but Allen and Elena seemed determined to find them.

“We should do our best then.”
“”Yeah, will do my best.””

I don’t know if the dyes will still drop from the Hiding Chameleons on this floor, but let’s keep trying until we find them.

“…… As expected of you.”

I thought we might have a hard time… but we were able to get the first dye easily.
It also dropped from a Hiding Chameleon on this floor.

“”Yeah, yellow~””

It was a pale yellow… cream-like dye.

“Come to think of it, I wonder how much can be dyed with one of these?”
(Oh my, I hadn’t thought of that either~ That’s right, the amount of dyes to collect would change depending on that.)

Up until now, I didn’t consider it because I had a lot of dyes on hand, but now that we can’t get as many, I started to be concerned.

(We can’t be even sure that it’s enough for a single handkerchief!)
(Well, it looks like there’s enough of it for something larger than a handkerchief. Perhaps it’s enough for one piece of clothing?)
(Oh my, a cloth has to be dyed first before turning it into clothes, no? If that’s the case, isn’t it normal to dye a large piece of cloth?)

Mile, Bolt, and Feat each shared their opinions with me.

“A cloth, huh~ It would be great if I could dye an entire roll of cloth from a store, but I believe it would be safer to count it just for one piece of clothing~”
“Let’s get lots!”
“Won’t be a problem then!”

It doesn’t matter how much use a single dye has, as long as you have many of them.
Allen and Elena have made their point, albeit a polemic one.

(Agreed. Let’s get as many as we can.)
(Yeah, I’m going to defeat lots, too!)

Joule and Vector were also in agreement with Allen and Elena.

“We have to work hard then.”
“”Work hard!——Ah, here!””

As soon as they said that, the children found something and started running.

“Was something over there?”
(Ah, there? A Hiding Chameleon seems to be there.)
(Ohh~ they find out immediately!)
(Ohh, they got it.)
(The loot is… it looks like a bottle.)
(Is it a dye then~?)


After quickly picking up the bottle, Allen and Elena returned with smiling faces.

“Did you get something good?”
“”Mm, pink!””
“Oh, that’s a nice color.”
“”Right! You see, this is Almeria Oneesama’s!””

They apparently got a pale pink dye. And it seems that they want to give the dye to Almeria-san.

“Yes, it would suit her well.”
“Then, what about the yellow you got earlier? Have you decided whom to give it to?”
“”That’s Luka-chan’s!””
“Lucario-kun huh, that sounds good~”

I asked them just to be sure, but it seems that they had already decided who they were going to give the dye to, just as I thought.

“Well, I would like to get one for Matthias-san, Rebecca-san, Velio-san, Wald-sama, and Wald-sama’s bride then.”
“Ah, Allen and Elena’s share, too.”
“”Oniichan’s too!””
“Haha, yeah. Hmm, well… we need to get at least eight more.”
“”Will find them~””

Eight bottles were needed in our calculation that took into consideration that a bottle may only have one use, but after that, Allen and Elena were full of motivation, and obtained a light green for Matthias-san, pale orange for Rebecca-san, light lime for Velio-san, mauve for Wald-sama, and light blue for Wald-sama’s bride.
Of course, they also got light greenish, light blue and reddish purple dyes for themselves and me.

“It’s a flower.”
“But not a flower.”
“”What is that~?””
“Ah, you are right. It’s in the shape of a flower, but…”

In between collecting dyes, Allen and Elena picked up something unusual.
It was a pale pink artificial flower made of a plastic-like material. I wonder what kind of flower this is~… It wasn’t a neither a Cosmos, nor a Chrysanthemum. It seemed like something in between.

“It’s a fake flower. A flower that won’t wither.”
“”Won’t wither?””
“That’s right. Do you want to decorate your room with it?”

I suggested this, thinking it would be a good idea to display them in our mobile home, but Allen and Elena crossed their arms and seemed to be troubled.

“What is it?”
“Can give this.”
“To the bride?”
“Yes, of course you can.”
“Would be happy.”
“If a wedding gift?”
“I hope she likes it.”

They want to give it as a wedding gift, not to keep it at their place.

“Let’s look for a matching ichirinzashi when we return to the town.”
“It’s a vase for one flower.”
“One is not good~!”
“Will find many~!”
“Eh!? You are looking for more? Wouldn’t that be a bit impossible?”

We got our hands on several dyes that are classified as rare, but we only found one artificial flower. I’m not sure if will be able to find a lot of them.

“Hmm, why don’t we use this flower to make hair ornaments along with the glass beads we got from the other levels, and the gems and crystals we got from the mines? Let’s make it into something that people can wear instead of using it to decorate!”

The flower was quite large, so when I proposed to the children that we could make a nice hair ornament by combining it with lace and jewels, they were more interested than I expected.
I wonder if I was able to stop them from trying to collect lots of them?

“Ah, but if possible, I would like to get another flower for Elena.”
“For Obaasama too!”
“And Oneesama!”
(That makes it three more then. Why don’t we try our best?)
“”Yeah! Let’s do it~””

When I mentioned that I wanted to make a hair ornament for Elena as well, I was told that they wanted to make one for Rebecca-san and Almeria-san too, so we went all out to defeat the monsters of this floor in order to get three more fake flowers.
As a result, we were able to get a lot of fake flowers that I thought we couldn’t get enough of. Oh, we also got more dyes.

“Haha, so you are satisfied~”

The children wiped the sweat from their foreheads as if to say, “Job’s done”.

(Oniichan, the way down is in sights now~)

Since we had just found the way to the twelfth floor, we decided to go to the hall with the teleport device and take a rest.

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