Chapter 331

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Dungeon Wonders?
On the morning of the sixth day of diving into the dungeon, we proceeded from the hall with the teleport device, and as soon as we entered the 6th floor, we let out voices of admiration

“”This place is also amazing~””
“This floor is also quite a forest~”

To our surprise, the 6th floor was a forest of three colors: yellow, reddish purple and sky blue.

(Too bad. My prediction was wrong!)
(I did not think there would be three colors~ But, it’s quite vivid, isn’t it~)
(Does this dungeon have different colors on every floor?)
(That way, we won’t get bored with surprises every floor!)
(If it’s not just one color, then it’s even harder to predict!)

Joule and the others were also looking around the forest with admiration.
Or rather, they were still talking about the competition to guess what color the forest would be~


Allen and Elena spotted a Black Bison coming towards us.
As the name suggests, it was a black-haired ox monster, so it’s too different from the color of the forest, and thus very noticeable.

(A meat-providing one appeared—!!)
“”Will defeat it~””
(Ah, I’m coming, too~!)

Allen, Elena, and Vector charged at the Black Bison.

(They ran off with quite a plunging vigor, didn’t they~)
(A vigorous plunge, rather than plunging vigor, no?)
(Oh, they attacked it all at once.)
(It’s down!)

The two children and one of animal used their running momentum to deliver a dropkick, killing the black bison with a single blow.

(… This is meat, right?)
“What is it? Did it drop meat?”

It seems that the meat that the Vector craved for was dropped, but… something was wrong with it.
Normally they would pick up the loot and bring it to me right away to show me the loot, but they didn’t this time.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”
“”Pitch black~””
(Niicha~n, is this safe? Is it edible?)

I was astonished when I made my way to Allen, Elena and Vector, who were still staring at the dropped item. It was a lump of black meat.

“That’s an incredible color.”
(Niichan, what do you think? Is this safe to eat?)
“”Can eat?””
“Erm… oh~ it’s fine. It’s edible. My Appraisal is indicating that there are no problems with it.”

The color is unusual, but it’s apparently very tasty.

(Really!? Yaay~!)

Vector jumped up and down in joy at my words.
He was very pleased. It’s not like he couldn’t eat any meat even if there were no meat drops, though~

(I have never seen a meat like this~)
“Eh, you did not?”
(Yeah, I have eaten Black Bison before, but the meat looked normal.)
“Eh? So Black Bison is not originally of this color?”
(It’s not. I guess it’s characteristic to this dungeon?)

I thought that since it was a different world, there would be this kind of meat~… but it seems to be different. The Black Bison you encounter in the forests outside are apparently of normal, red meat.
So it even changes the color of meat… what a terrifying Dungeon of Colors!

“Well, let’s not mind the color as long as it tastes good!”
“”Don’t mind~””
(Niichan, let’s eat that meat today!)
“Sure, let’s do that.”

I will use this black meat for lunch today… no, let’s leave it for dinner.

“But one chunk of meat won’t be enough or everyone, right?”
“”Find more~!””
(Yeah! It’s ox hunting day, then!)
(Ox hunting day, I approve!)
“”Yes~ Ox hunting~!””


The meat chunk was enough for about five or six thick slices of steak. It was a good amount of meat, but considering the amount of food Joule and Vector eat, it just wasn’t enough. When I mentioned this, Allen, Elena, Joule, and Vector were suddenly fired up.

“”Let’s go that way!””
(Alright, that way it is.)
(Let’s go, let’s go.)

And so, the ox hunt began. However, we couldn’t find any Black Bison, and there was a rare sign of misfire.

“”Not around~””
“Maybe it’s a monster that’s rarely found in this floor, and it just happened to be our first encounter.”
“”Too bad.””
“Well, there’s no doubt that they are in this dungeon, so we will find them again as long as we keep moving forward. So, let’s move on for now.”

Allen and Elena said, “Too bad,” but they were not depressed. The reason being that they got new weapons.


Allen and Elena swung their arms down in a joyful manner, and then——a light, snapping sound was heard.

“You got skillful at using it~”

Their new weapons were whips, and the kids had already mastered using it to hit the target cleanly.
By the way, the whip was a loot from killing an Evil Plant, and we got three of them in the same colors as this level: yellow, reddish purple, and sky blue. Allen happily chose the sky blue one, Elena chose the reddish purple one, and the remaining yellow one was in my possession.
We have gotten ropes from Evil Plants in different dungeons before, but why would whips drop here? Dungeons are truly mysterious places.

“Do it too.”
“There’s no need for me to use a whip, right?”
“”It’s fun, you know?””

Allen and Elena stared at me with glittering eyes, so I had no choice but to slam the whip down on the ground nearby.


Then, for some reason, Joule and the other five animals were sitting in a line with their backs straight.

“Erm… what are you doing, everyone?”
(I don’t know, but I just felt I had to be like this!)
(Fufu, it was an instinct?)
(I don’t understand it very well myself.)
(I felt shivers down my spine!)
(My spine automatically straightened!)

Yep, they don’t understand it very well either.

“Now, now, stand up~”

As I told Joule and others who were sitting in a line to stand up, Allen and Elena were tugging at the hem of my shirt.

“What is it?”
“”Do the snap one more time.””
“”One more time! Please!””
“Hm? G, got it.”

Allen and Elena told me with serious expressions on their faces, so I slammed the whip into the ground again.


Then, Joule and the others lined up again.

(My body moves reflexively?)
(Yeah, as if it was instinctively conditioned to it~)
“Alright, I’m going to forbid myself from using a whip ever again!”

Are they reacting to the whip because they are Contracted Beasts? I don’t get it!
Allen and Elena seemed to be unhappy, but it’s dangerous for Joule and the others to act in a way that is not related to their will, so I will seal my whip.
However, I already had a new Whip Art added to my status, and I hurriedly checked Allen and Elena’s status, but they did not seem to have learned the Whip Art skill just yet.

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