Chapter 329

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Special Training?
(Oniichan, is this the so-called special training?)
(Fufu, that sounds amusing. Niisama, what should we focus on?)

Everyone was in high spirits.

“Let’s see~ although it’s important to hone one’s skills, how about we develop our coordination skills a bit more?”
“”Coordination skills?””
“Moves that we can do together. Although you twins do this naturally~”
(It’s true that Allen and Elena make use of team attacks without even thinking about it~)

Allen and Elena were unconsciously working together, but it’s only between the two of them. If either Allen or Elena were to coordinate with Joule…. It’s not going to work well… it’s not, right?
It’s possible that their intuition will kick in, and it will work, but… it’s not a bad idea to practice.

“For example, how about… Joule shoots a lump of ice and Feat envelops it in wind magic and that hits the opponent?”
(Sounds amusing!)
(I see~ with wind propelling a solid object, its lethality will increase. In that case, it would be better to use stones and rubble instead.)
(I can help with that!)
(Niichan, what about me? What can I do?)
(I also want to do it!)
“What about Allen~?”
“And Elena~?”

When I mentioned Joule and Feat’s coordination skills as an example, the other kids asked what skills they could do.


Everyone looked at me expectantly, but it was impossible to come up with so many things so easily.

“L, let’s see~… how about Allen and Elena making a rain and shooting lightning into it?”

Huh? Wouldn’t the power of this coordination be too strong if successful? Yeah, I’m starting to feel like we shouldn’t be using it at all!

“… Everyone, the attack I have described just now is too dangerous, so pretend I didn’t say anything! Forget it!”

All at once, the voices of discontent arose.

(Oniichan, why~?)
“It’s too powerful, and it’s going to cause damage to the surroundings. If done poorly, we could be in danger, too.”
(Niichan, won’t we know if we try it first, though?)
(Aniue, wouldn’t it be fine if we aim somewhere far away?)
“Even if the damage caused by magic was fine, in a place like this where the trees are densely packed, it would be dangerous if the trees were to fall from unexpected directions, right?”
(That’s certainly true~ a wider place would be better to use this.)
(That’s right! Let’s search for a wider place!)
“”Let’s go~!””

All in unison. The kids started looking for a big place, but unfortunately, all they found were trees.
Well, there were a lot of Hiding Chameleons, so we got all kinds of green dye.

“”Oh~! It’s a boss room~!””

Unable to find a wider area, Allen and Elena found a door that looked like the boss’s room.

“”Oniichan, let’s go in~””
“Yeah, sure.”

When we entered the boss room, we found a normal forest at the back of the room.
Well, the only thing normal about it was the color of the brown trunks and branches and the green leaves, but the place was built like a dome, so it wasn’t completely normal~

“Allen, Elena, what is it?”
“”It’s moving~?””
“You are right. That is a Treant…——hey, all are of these Treants!?”

It looked like just a forest, but the trees were monsters. And not just a few of the trees in the forest, but all of them seemed to be Treants.

(So many~)
(Yeah, I wonder how many there are?)
(Do you think there’s more than twenty?)
(It’s a swarm~)
(There’s going to be more! Let’s defeat them!)

Treants are D-rank and aren’t that strong as other monsters that appear in advanced-level dungeons, but there are so many of them!

(Hey, hey. Wouldn’t it be fine to test that coordination skill here?)

Vector was staring at me with sparkling eyes.
The Treants were clustered on the far side of the dome, so we could certainly make all the powerful attacks we want now.
Well, Treant’s movement are slow, but they are coming towards us little by little, so it would be better to decide quickly!

“I’m guessing small lumps of ice, stone rubble, and lightning don’t mix well with Treants.”
“That being the case, we should use normal attacks here!——Wind Cutter.”
“”Ah! Oniichan, that’s not fair!——Water Ball.””

As soon as I unleashed my magic, everyone else started unleashing theirs one after another.

“Allen, Elena, Water Ball is not effective, so change the type of magic.”
“”Which one~?””
“Well, I will show you——Water Cutter.”

My blade of water sliced a Treant in half.

“Cutting spells are more effective against Treant than hitting them with things like Water Ball.”
“”Will give it a try!——Water Cutter.””

As soon as Allen and Elena changed the magic they used, they cut a Treant in half.

“As expected. Listen to me, okay? It’s important to judge the type of magic to use depending on the type of enemy.”
“”Okay, understand—!””
“Well, let’s keep going then.”

I had already defeated most of them, so we finished the rest in no time.

“”So many trees~!””

The loot was wood, logs, and other lumber. And that was from the Treants.
Treants’ wood is inferior to Gaya’s wood, but it contains magic power, so it will be more heat-resistant than ordinary wood. Well, I guess it’s a good stuff.
But it’s a hard trophy for an ordinary adventurer to take home, since it’s quite massive and heavy. Ah, but a high percentage of adventurers who challenge advanced-level dungeons have magic bags, so I guess it’s okay? My Infinite Storage is really convenient~

“Come on, let’s go to the teleporter and take a break.”

After picking up all the loot, we moved to the back hall.

“What do you want for meal?”
“”Let’s see, let’s see.””
(I want meat! I also want a nice piece of Orc meat!)
(I want snake meat or bear meat.)
(Oh my, I think fish would be nice, too.)
(I’d like shellfish.)
(I want something with lots of vegetables!)

Allen and Elena were still struggling, but Joule and the others were making their requests one after another.

“That’s brilliantly all over the place~ So, what did Allen and Elena come up with?”
“… Oh, Onigiri? Are you sure you are fine with Onigiri?”

When it came to Allen and Elena’s request, it wasn’t even a main dish. No, but it was a standard meal on the move?

“Okay, it’s barbecue then. Let’s grill whatever you like on the hot plate and eat as much as we want.”

If their requests are so beautifully all over the place, a barbecue is the easiest way to go. All you have to do is prepare the various ingredients and grill them.
So, as soon as we moved over, we started the barbecue party. Meats such as Orc, Bloody Bear, and Black Viper; seafood such as salmon, scallops, and shrimp; and vegetables such as spring onions, Ishiuri (pumpkin-like vegetable), and eggplant. We also had grilled Onigiri coated in soy sauce, fulfilling everyone’s requests and enjoying the barbecue.

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