Chapter 313

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Clean-up Operation 4
“Takumi-san, are you okay!?”
“Yes, I’m okay!”

As I continued to compare my strength with the Orc King’s Greataxe and my wind shield, Scott-san, who was worried about me, called out to me. There’s too much of a difference in size, and the Orc King utilizes it by swinging down his Greataxe right from above me… Well, of course he would be worried.


I jumped backwards to get some distance from the Orc King.

“Air Shot.”
“It really is tough~”

This time, I tried to hit it with multiple air bullets in multiple places, but it didn’t seem much of a response.


I took a stance with my Water Katana, and as I swiftly slipped through under the Orc King’s arm, I aimed at the arm he held the Greataxe in and slashed down.


Just as I intended, I succeeded in chopping off one of the Orc King’s arms.
To prevent the Orc King from using the Greataxe in its other hand, I secured and stored in the Infinite Storage along with the arm that I chopped off.


The Orc King’s scream was immediately followed by the fierce resistance of the Orc General, which had been suppressed by air pressure.

“Whoops!——Ah, crap!”

In addition to the Orc General’s resistance, the Orc King, who was suffering from pain, threw itself towards me.
I dodged as quickly as I could, but the magic I had been devoting to air pressure was a little disrupted, and the Orc General took advantage of the opportunity to break free!

“I will be your opponent!”

Evan-san, who was the first to notice the Orc General’s movement, confronted the Orc General.


Evan-san caught the sword swung by the Orc General with his big sword, and when it stopped moving, Scott-san immediately attacked.
But the Orc General caught Scott-san’s attack with its bare hands, and then pushed back Evan-san’s big sword.


The Orc General followed up with another attack. Evan-san was attacked and blown backwards.

“Evan-san!!——Air Shield.”

Just as I was about to run up to Evan-san, the Orc King swung its fist down at me. I was able to use my wind shield to block it at a hair’s breadth.

“Joule! Feat!”

I immediately summoned Joule and Feat.


(Oniichan, is it my turn?)
(It doesn’t seem like things went well.)
“Take care of the Orc General and the Orc Mages, please!”
(Roger that!)
(All right!)

I gave a brief order, and Joule and Feat immediately ran toward the targets.
I checked the rear while dealing with the Orc King. I saw Scott-san running while holding Evan-san. He looked relieved, so I’m sure the injuries are not life-threatening.
This is the result of overconfidence in my own strength, though. If I had brought Joule and the Feat in from the beginning, this would not have happened… such regret was growing within me.
With the air pressure released, and the Orc King’s fist repelled by the wind shield, I faced the Orc King again.

“Now, let’s get serious.”

As if responding to my declaration, the Orc King yelled.

“Air Shot, Fireball.”

First, I shot air bullets engulfed in flame.
In addition to being a one-armed, the Orc King had no weapons, so it could defend only against a few of the bullets that I fired at it.

“Air Shot, Fireball, Accelerate——This is the end!”

Thinking that I could end this quickly, I repeated the same magic again and used acceleration magic to get closer and cut off his head. I ended this on a slightly vindictive note.

“And the rest!”

After finishing off the Orc King, I looked around and saw that the battle was already over. I also searched for signs of life, but there seemed to be no remnants of Orcs. I let out a sigh of relief and saw Joule and Feat rushing towards me.

(Oniichan, we are done here.)
(Niisama, are you hurt?)
“I’m not. Thank you, Joule, Feat. Erm… everyone is going to be intimidated seeing you like this, can you make yourselves smaller first?”
(Got it~)
(Of course.)

I stroked Joule and Feat, and asked them to enter their small forms. I noticed that the adventurers were looking at us from a distance, so I wanted to make them feel less intimidated.

“Scott-san! How is Evan-san!?”

I told Joule and Feat to wait for a moment, and I hurried over to the collapsed Evan-san.

“He’s unconscious, but there are no serious injuries, and he should wake up soon.”
“… I see. Thank God~”

It looked like he had been blown away, but he didn’t seem to be injured. When I heard that, I let out a sigh of relief again.

“I’ve got a lot of questions I want to ask you, but I’ll get back to you on that after we get settled. For now, let’s give priority to treating the injured and cleaning up.”
“Ah~ yes, that’s right. I’ll go check on the injured then.”
“No, Takumi-san, the number of Orcs you have killed is far greater than the others, so please go collect the materials. Look, your familiars are gathering the Orcs with their utmost effort.”
“What? Whoah, they really are!”

When I turned around after hearing Scott-san’s words, I saw Joule and Feat gathering the Orc carcasses in one place. After I was told no by Scott-san, I went back to Joule and Feat, who were wagging their tails happily.

(Oniichan, we gathered them in one place!)
(We took only those we could confirm. Niisama, how many Orcs have you defeated?)

The monster materials belong to the one who defeats it. I don’t know if Joule and Feat know this, but they gathered the higher species and Orcs they had defeated beside the corpse of the Orc King, and also asked me how many I had defeated in total.

“Erm… quiet a lot? Those with severed heads were mostly killed by me.”
(Oh my, it’s easy to tell them apart then.)
(Right. Then, we will gather those too, so you can put the ones here away in the meantime, Oniichan.)

They are too quick to act. Joule and Feat weaved through the adventurers and started collecting the Orc carcasses.
I did as I was told and put the Orc King and other carcasses into the Infinite Storage, then followed Joule and Feat.

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