Chapter 306

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“Au, au~”
“”What a good child~””

Today, Allen and Elena have been devoting themselves to Lucario-kun since morning.

“Almeria-san, I’m sorry it’s like this every single day.”
“Fufu, it’s alright. It really helps that they are here to humor him. Besides, Lucario also likes to play with his older siblings.”
“… That is good, then.”

They are sticking to Lucario-kun too much, so I felt bad to the mother, Almeria-san, but she didn’t seem to mind. Well, I cannot tell whether these were her true feelings or just a flattery, though.

“But, please don’t hesitate to scold them if they misbehave.”
“Oh my, there’s no need to worry that much about these children, no?”
“This will sound like something a doting elder brother would say, but… they are certainly clever. However, I have a feeling that they might do something wrong out of good intentions.”
“Oh my, so you mean it like that. I understand then. I also have to be careful anyway, so I will pay attention to it.”

I will try to handle it, but I’d like the adults around Lucario-kun to be aware of it as well, so I had to tell them while feeling apologetic. Almeria-san nodded in understanding.

“”Luca-chan, what is it~?””
“Wah, wahh.”
“”Luca-chan is crying~””
“Oh my? I see, I wonder if it’s time for his milk?”
“”Milk? Do you want to eat?””

When Lucario-kun started crying because he was hungry, I decided to take Allen and Elena away from him.

“See, it’s lunchtime. Let’s go have lunch too, Allen, Elena.”
“”… Okay~””

We also left Lucario-kun’s room for lunch, but when we finished eating, Allen and Elena immediately wanted to go return to Lucario-kun’s room.

“My, oh my, Allen-chan and Elena-chan really seem to love Lucario-chan a lot.”
“”Yea! We love Luca-chan!””

When we came to Lucario-kun’s room again, I found that Almeria-san was not there, but Rebecca-san was.

“Luca-chan, don’t cry~”
“Luca-chan, there, there~”
“Wah, wahhh…”
“”Luca-chan, bed-time?””

Allen and Elena were doing their best to quiet down Lucario-kun, who had drunk his fill of milk and was dozing off.

“Allen-chan and Elena-chan are really attached to Lucario-chan, aren’t they~”
“Indeed. I can’t forcibly take them away… I wonder what to do about this?”

While the kids were taking care of Lucario-kun, I was making small talk with Rebecca-san.

“Oh my, do you have to separate them? There’s really no need for that, is there?”
“Well~ you see… it must be bothersome to have them at Lucario-kun’s side all the time, right?”
“Lucario-chan doesn’t have a wet nurse yet, so he doesn’t have any baby siblings either, you see? That’s why I’m thankful that they are at his side.”

Huh? I think I heard them talking about goat’s milk before, but… I see, when noble ladies give birth, it’s normal for a wet nurse to take care of the child, huh.

“Since there’s no wet nurse, does it mean you had no intentions of finding one?”
“We had a candidate, but her birth was delayed. We are looking for another one, but we can’t find anyone good~”
“I see.”


Well, we are talking about a child that will be the heir, so the family must have strict requirements for the wet nurse.

“Did Velio-san or Wald-sama have a wet nurse?”
“Fufu, Lizzy was their wet nurse.”
“Is that so!”

Lizzy-san is Rebecca-san’s personal maid, she’s a gentle and diligent person. I have been helped by her many times, and she also takes care of the twins.
So she was their wet nurse!

“Eh, then, the foster siblings… did I meet Lizzy-san’s children already?”
“You did.”
“Eh, really?”
“Yeah, you’ve met Daniel.”

Daniel-san is Velio-san’s secretary, and I had met him many times since I arrived in Rubia.

I’ve heard that Cyrus-san is also helping Velio-san with his work and is Daniel-san’s younger brother.

“That’s right. Lizzy gave birth to Cyrus right around Wald-san’s birth. That’s why Lizzy is the wet nurse of both of our children.”
“Is that so~”

I was surprised to hear about Ruven family’s state of affairs.

“Huh, the children got quiet.”
“Really. My oh my, my, my!”
“Rebecca-san, is something the——ah~ the two fell asleep too, huh~”

While I was talking with Rebecca-san, the children were quiet, so we checked on them. Allen and Elena, who surrounded the sleeping Lucario-kun on both sides, also fell asleep before I noticed.

“Fufu, how cute~”
“Truly. Ah, right!”

I took out my magic tool camera and snapped a picture. I took a picture of the three sleeping faces.

“Oh, it came out well~”
“Oh my!”

When I looked at the picture on the screen, it was one of the best shots I’ve ever seen!

“Takumi-san, I know that magical power paper is a precious item, but…”
“Ah, would you like a picture too?”
“If I could ask you for one.”

Rebecca-san looked envious, so I quickly took another picture and handed it to her.

“Fufu, thank you. Oh, I will have someone send you the fee for the magical power paper later.”
“Nono, I was luckily able to obtain a lot of magical power paper, so there’s no need for money.”
“Oh my, it doesn’t change the fact that magical power paper is a valuable item. You cannot refuse.”
“Eh, but…”
“You can’t. Take it.”

I got a lot of magical power paper from Syl, so I can take as many pictures as I want now. So it’s not going to hurt me to give a few away, but Rebecca-san won’t understand that. Even if I had a lot of them, she wouldn’t let me give them away, saying that they are valuable.

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