Chapter 305

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Whenever they had time, Allen and Elena would visit Lucario-kun and watch over him, but three days was the limit for the two of them, who were not shut-ins by nature.

“Go out!”
“O, okay.”

As soon as they woke up, Allen and Elena crawled over the bed and demanded… or rather, they declared.
So we decided to go out to the morning market at the port, since it was early in the morning.

“There’s so much fresh stuff here.”

It was a port, so my purpose was seafood. And since I have the opportunity, I’m going to look for seafood I’ve never seen before or don’t have on me.

“Scallops, check~”
“Velvet Shrimp, check~”
“Oh, there are Red Perches, too~”
“And Black Perches as well~”

Allen and Elena looked at the items in the storefront and named the seafood they knew.

“Oh, both laddie and lassie are very knowledgeable.”

The shopkeeper, who was selling the fish and shellfish, was impressed by the children’s knowledge.

“”Because we ate them beforemon!””
“No, no, even if they have eaten it before, kids your age don’t know what fish is what.”
“Yeah! All right, smart kids like you deserve a discount!”
“Yay! Onii~chan, he said he will give a discount!””
“Haha, isn’t that great~”

Thanks to Allen and Elena’s knowledge, the shopkeeper offered us a discount.

“Well, since that is the case, why don’t we buy something? What would you like?”
“”N, you see~… everything!””

The children’s words were followed by the shopkeeper’s and my questioning voices.
Erm… I didn’t mishear them, right?

“Allen, Elena, did you say everything?”
“”Yeah, let’s buy everything!””

I didn’t mishear them.
Umm… In addition to scallops, there were Manila clams, Orient clams and other shellfish, red, white and other shrimps,, and a variety of fish. And all of them?

“So many~”
“We haven’t eaten~”
“That certainly is true, but you see~ Wouldn’t just those you haven’t eaten be alright?”
“”Wanna everything!””

Many of the fish I bought in Bailey were brightly colored, poisonous, or… just strange. Of course, I also bought some familiar fish like salmon and tuna! And just recently, when we fished in the sea near Rubia, we found, most importantly, octopus, and also seaweed, and blue fish like mackerel, saury and blueback.
On the other hand, the fish sold at this store were mostly white fish such as tai, flounder, cod, and even amberjack the size of the twins.
“Laddie, lassie, I’m happy to sell them, but fish go bad fast. So I can’t recommend buying fish that you won’t eat right away.”
“”Is fine!””
“What now? You are quite confident. Are you going to have a dinner party with a lot of people or something?”
“”That’s not it~ But, is fine!””
“… O, ou?”


The shopkeeper kindly tried to stop the children, but when Allen and Elena puffed up their chests confidently, the shopkeeper looked at me with confusion.

“I don’t know what this is about, but what are you going to do about it, lad?”
“N~ let’s see. I can buy it all if it doesn’t interfere with the store’s policies. I have a way for mass consumption and storage.”

I tried to stop the kids at first, but to be honest, I have no problem buying everything. I can afford it, and I also have the Infinite Storage.

“Oh, that would be great for us. Of course, I’ll give you a discount, so please buy them! We’ve had an overabundance of fish for the past few days, so much so that some days we have many unsold left!”

The shopkeeper was overjoyed at my words.
He said the store would not be troubled, so I decided to buy all the fish and shellfish in the store and put them in my “Infinite Storage” while pretending to put them in the magic bag one after another.

“”Bought so many~”
“Truly. I didn’t have in plan to buy this much, but I lost to the flow~”

I don’t have to worry about the fish going bad, but I feel like I bought too much.

“Allen loves fish as well~”
“Elena will eat lots of fish, too~”
“I will cook a lot if you help me with it.”
“”Yea, will help!””

Having said that, I don’t have much of fish dishes in repertoire~
First of all, let’s start with grilled fish, since they’re all fresh.

“We also should share with the Ruven family.”
“”Yeah! Will feed Luca-chan!””
“Nonono, Lucario-kun can’t eat fish yet, okay!”
“”Ehh~ even though it’s delish~?”
“Even if you make dejected faces like these, this is something I cannot allow you to do. Lucario-kun’s meals will only consist of milk for a while.”
“”…… Muu.””

I cautioned them, but Allen and Elena looked unconvinced.

“Babies don’t have teeth, so they can’t eat the same food as you guys. Don’t give him anything to eat, because he could choke or get sick and that would be a serious problem!”

I warned them strongly, this time, not to give him any snacks without permission.

“It’s for Lucario-kun’s sake, so you must promise me. Understood?”

They replied properly after hearing that it was for Lucario-kun’s sake, so I’m sure it will be all right.

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