Chapter 275

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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New Bread
“Ah, right. We have to make a new bread!”
“”New bread?””

Allen and Elena looked up at me curiously when I mentioned what I suddenly remembered.

“Yeah. A cream bread mixed with chocolate or a side dish bread… erm, I would like to increase the variety of breads to eat in place of rice.”
“”Wanna eat!””
“You can’t eat it unless we make it first.”
“”Will make!””

I would also like to make white bean paste, sweet potato paste bread, and also Ishiuri (pumpkin) bread with red bean paste~

“Oh my, you are talking about something interesting?”
“Ah, Rebecca-san.”

We were relaxing in the lounge of the Ruven house when Rebecca-san arrived.

“Then, shall we go to the bakery in the afternoon?”

Rebecca-san’s actions were so quick that a messenger was immediately sent to by her.
After finishing lunch, we came to a bakery, not the one near the Adventurer’s Guild, where we had been before, but near the Ruven residence. Apparently, Rebecca-san was backing up several stores.

“Shopkeeper, excuse us for coming over so suddenly.”
“No, you needn’t worry about that! Uh, Madam? Who might these people be?”
“They are ones I consider my child and grandchildren. By the way, he is the one who invented the recipe for the bread I provided you, Takumi-san is his name.”
“My goodness!”

Hearing Rebecca-san’s words, the shopkeeper, a middle-aged man, widened his eyes and turned to look at me.

“Takumi-san, he’s this store’s owner.”
“My name is Horus! It’s an honor to meet you!”
“H, hello, I’m Takumi. These children are——”
“I’m Allen.”
“I’m Elena.”
“My younger siblings. I wanted to make a new bread today… please pardon the sudden visit.”
“It’s an honor to be involved in the making of a new bread!”

When he heard about the new bread, the bakery shopkeeper’s——Horus-san’s eyes lit up.
I’ve already gotten used to this kind of reaction from chefs when they see a new dish or artisans when they see a rare ingredient in front of them.

“First of all, about the bread the dough——”
“I have plenty of it prepared!”
“Ah, is that so? Thank you very much.”

Rebecca-san didn’t seem to have told him that we were coming, but she did tell him to prepare the dough.
I mean, Horus-san, was so full of motivation~

“Then, let’s start from the cream?”
“I will assist you!”

I’ve already made the white bean paste and sweet potato paste, so let’s make the custard cream with chocolate and Ishiuri.
Horus-san and the kids were fully motivated, so they helped me to make it quickly.

“So this is cream mixed with chocolate, I see. It looks delicious~”
“”Looks delicious~””

Rebecca-san had been only observing, but after I cooled the chocolate cream with magic, she came up to me with the children.

“Would you like to taste it?”
“Fufu, I would love to.”
“”Will taste it~””

I thought she was looking forward to tasting it, so when I asked her, Rebecca-san smiled at me. Of course, Allen, Elena and Horus-san also joined the fray.

“Takumi-san, this is very delicious~”
“This is incredible!”

The four of them quickly scooped up the cream with their spoons and smiled as they ate it.

“Chocolate is, if I’m not mistaken… made from Kaoka beans, right?”
“Yes, that’s correct. But, Kaoka beans don’t seem to be sold that much at the market.”
“There are not many people who know it can be transformed to something this good, after all.”

… Transformed, she said. Rebecca-san, the way you said it, is so…!


“I did ask the Fiji Company to let me know when they secured more, but… there has been no word from then since.”

I made the request, but they had not contacted me about it yet.

“It won’t become easily available unless the demand increases, right?”
“Indeed. Moreover, they apparently collected it in a dungeon.”

Adventurers don’t bring things back from the dungeons that they can’t sell, so if we keep quiet about it, it might not become available for a long time. Oh, that reminds me, I didn’t even ask which dungeon in Creta it was found in!
I forgot to look for the Kaoka beans even though we went to Creta!

“Oh my, it’s from a dungeon? We should create a request sooner rather than later then.”
“Request, you mean at the Adventurer’s Guild?”
“That’s right. Depending on the rank of the dungeon, it may be cheaper to send a request to the Adventurer’s Guild and have them secure the harvest for us.”

The request fees for dungeon goods from lower-level dungeons aren’t apparently that high.
I’m not sure why Allen and Elena have the same reaction as me, but I doubt they understand.

“Rebecca-san, if you want Kaoka beans I can let you have what I have on me, you know?”
“Oh my, you won’t be able to get any sales then. We have to secure a stable route for the flow of ingredients. Or, you know what? Do you not want this cream to ever lift off the ground?”
“Nono, nothing like that… there’s no need for that. If the ingredients can be secured then I have no problem with selling it. Rather, being able to buy this anytime I want would make me happier.”
“Fufu, then you won’t mind if I take care of it?”
“Not at all, please do your best.”

I don’t mind making things myself, but it’s always better to be able to buy them when you want them.
It looks like Rebecca-san will be taking care of all the details, so I won’t have to do anything. I guess I’ll have to agree then!

“But before that, let’s make the bread.”
“That’s true. I’d like to eat the finished product as soon as possible.”
“”Wanna eat~””
“Me too!”

Putting aside the topic of selling for the moment, I wrapped the cream and bean paste in the dough to complete the bread.

“”It’s done~””
“All that’s left is the final fermentation and baking.”
“Indeed. However… have I prepared too much dough, perhaps?”

When I finished wrapping the cream and bean paste in the dough, there was a lot of dough still left.

“Nono, there are many other things I would love to make, so it’s okay!”
“Is that so?”

I wonder what I should make~ Oh, I can easily make cheese bread by mixing cubes of hard cheese. Fortunately, I have cheese!

“Oh my, is that cheese?”
“Yes, it is. We cut it into small pieces…”

Then I flattened the bread dough into an oval shape and sprinkled the cut cheese on it. Then I rolled it up.

“Like this. Allen, Elena, help me out please.”

I showed them how to do it, and asked Allen and Elena to help me with the rest.

“Oh, we might as well roll it with cut bacon pieces.”
“”Let’s do that~””
“Would black pepper be good as well?”
“”That too~””

In addition to the cheese bread, I decided to make cheese and bacon, and also cheese and walnut bread.
I wanted to make cheese and corn too, but unfortunately, I didn’t have any fresh corn, so I gave up.

“Alright, all that’s left is to bake them.”
“”Looking forward to it~””

The baked loaves of bread all turned out well and were very well received.
Therefore, we decided to start to sell all the loaves of bread.

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