Chapter 264

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“”((That was delicious~~~))””
(((Thank you for the meal.)))

Since the fish was fresh, I simply grilled it and cooked octopus with rice for lunch.

“Fresh fish taste great, after all~”

The taste and texture of the octopus was great, and I’m thankful for the kids.
Next time, I’d like to try my hand at octopus dumplings. The griddle for grilling octopus was prepared for this occasion. Moreover, I also found some seaweed that could be used to make Aonori (green laver). Rather, if I manage to make green laver, I’d like to make seaweed salt and first and make potato chips with it!

“Well then, what do we do in the afternoon?”
“N? The wolf pelt? But, will we find any so conveniently?”

We might be able to find low-ranked wolves, but we’d be hard pressed to find one that would be good to make a rug for a nobleman’s mansion.


Come to think of it, the Red Wolf and Bloody Wolf we defeated in the Gaya Forest are still in my Infinite Storage.

“We had pelt!”
(Niisama, you mean a wolf pelt?)
“Right, the Bloody Wolf should be spotless, too.”

Allen and Elena defeated it by kicking it, so there should be no cuts to it. Oh, do even air bullets leave marks?

(Bloody Wolves have pretty good fur.)
(Yeah. Well, it’s a far cry from a Fenrir’s fur.)
(Well, you are comparing it to my fur, after all!)

Joule wagged his tail happily after hearing Feat’s praise.

“”… Jii~~~””

Allen and Elena stared straight back at him.

(Allen!? Elena!? You can’t take my fur even if you stare at me for so long!)
“”… Was not looking~””
(You totally were!? You looked at me as if I was prey, though!?)
“”Wasn’t, wasn’t.””

Allen and Elena who were staring fixedly at Joule quickly averted their gazes.

(Hey, Oniichan, you saw it, right——)

In the moment when Joule’s gaze turned to me, the kids jumped on him and hugged his neck, squeezing him tightly.
It seems that what Allen and Elena were aiming for was the timing of the jump.

(Hah~ that startled me~)
“”So warm, mofumofu~””

The two rubbed their faces against Joule’s neck.
Joule’s fur was fluffy and thick, so it feels good to rub your face against it like that~

“Allen loves to mofumofu Joule~”
“Elena too~”

Allen and Elena laughed even more. What cute smiles they have.

(Oniichan, can I leave for a moment?)
“That’s fine with me, but… why so suddenly? Where are you going?”
(I’m going to find a Fenrir and kill it!)
“Eh!? Nonono, why!?”
(Mine is out of question, but Allen and Elena can wear another Fenrir’s fur, no? Or use it as a blanket. Maybe a muffler? Anyhow, to make something of it!)

Joule was fully motivated. Moreover, when you translate it, it becomes “Ready to kill.”

“”… Joule, you are leaving?””

Allen and Elena who were smiling just a moment ago were now looking downhearted after hearing Joule’s sudden declaration.


(Eh!? W, what do I do. I hate the thought of separating from Allen and Elena even for a minute… but, but, I really want to bring back a nice to the touch pelt back. Kyuu, it’s the ultimate choice!)

Joule was flustered.

“Calm down, Joule.”
(I mean, but…)
“You just have to stay by Allen and Elena’s side.”
(But then, I won’t be able to get supreme mofumofu for them.)
“Your fur is much surely much better than the fur of a wild Fenrir, so if you are by their side to embrace at all times, Allen and Elena would be much happier.”

The children nodded in agreement.

“”Yeah, want Joule!””

Allen and Elena hugged Joule’s neck, and Joule happily wagged his tail.

(… I don’t think I will lose in terms of fur, though~)

While I was feeling relieved that we were able to stop Joule from acting without thinking, I heard Feat mutter in a low voice from my side.
… Is she sulking?

“F, Feat?”
(What is it, Niisama?)
“Your fur is also wonderful.”

I stoked the back of Feat’s neck.
Feat’s fur is short so it doesn’t feel that thick, but it feels very soft on touch, so it really entices you to touch it at all times.

“Feat is~”
(Oh my, truly? I’m happy to hear that.)

The mood of Feat who was a little sulkish, immediately improved when she heard Allen and Elena’s praise.

(Me? What about me?)
“Vector is~”
“A bit rough~”

Vector’s fur is of the bristle type, after all. That being said, it’s not uncomfortable on touch.
Rather, gah… he said it out loud.

(Niichan, don’t you have any medicine to make my fur silky smooth!?)
“Silky smooth, huh?”

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a hair-specific shampoo or conditioner. Well, it’s just that I don’t have one and I don’t know about it, but it’s not impossible to find one somewhere. … Over here, you normally wash with soapy water and use a perfumed oil.
This is probably the most common way of doing it, as it was the case at the Risner and Ruven mansions.

“Would you like to try using perfume oil?”
(Perfume oil?)
“It’s an oil with a scent. It’s also used to moisten dry hair.”

Perfume oils come in many different smells, floral, fruit, herbal, etc., but I’m sure there are unscented ones as well.

“But, you would have to wash yourself first before using it.”
(Wash!? You mean I would have to get wet!? No way!!)

He rejected with all of his might.
Anyhow, why don’t I clean him with Washing and try some perfume oils~ Oh, but the only perfume oils I have on me are of the herbal type.

“In any case, if you are to use it, we need to get some unscented perfume oil, so we can’t do that at the moment.”

In addition to the unscented one, I’ll get some other ones with different smells~ Even I could use a citrus fragrance, and Elena would find something she likes too, like a flowery fragrance or something.

(It’s fine! I have given up already!)
“Don’t be modest. I will prepare it properly.”

I didn’t tell Vector that I could use “Washing” instead of washing him normally, and kept smiling.

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