Chapter 25

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After the unexpected break, a group consisting of six Orcs and one High Orc has appeared after we resumed the survey.

Knights in pairs take on the Orcs, while the “Dragon Breath” party engages the High Orc.
And I’m also responsible for taking care of one Orc.
Although Allen and Elena are here, I confront the Orc alone.
Seeing that, Rudolph-san and Gilm-san offered help, but I of course declined.
There’s only one opponent, after all. There are no problems.

“Wind Cutter.”

I quickly cut its head off, case closed!

Orc has a large body with great power, but its movements are slow so it’s easy to defeat. All you have to do is aim and shoot. A big body means a big target.
Easy peasy!


As for the Knights, one person attracts the Orc’s attention and the other person strikes at it.
They keep repeating it wounding it little by little and then give it a fatal wound. It’s a very steady way of fighting.
I just quietly watch, ready for a follow-up anytime.

However…… Their way of fighting is completely opposite of me who can only fight with brute strength.
It’s a way of fighting that I, who lived 20 years without a single fight can’t do.
In the first place, I didn’t do any other exercises back on Earth than running (I wasn’t fast by any means). I was not athletic at all.
Un, I was a klutz. What a sad thing……

In ball games, I was catching the balls with my face~ It’s all old memories now.
However, I can now run fast because of the present body, my physical ability can’t be compared to my previous one!
Iya~ moving freely is splendid! I could avoid any ball now!
However, even if my physical ability increased, my martial experience is zero, so I may not be able to provide much support……
I know I can’t help because I never had any interest in things like these, leaving me with limited knowledge.

Allen’ and Elena’s fighting style is strong, should I learn a bit from them? Dojo… is there a place like that somewhere~
There should be a place that teaches basics. Let’s look for one next time.


Ah, looks like Wald-sama and others defeat all of the Orcs. There don’t seem to be any injuries.


Oh, Rudolph-san’s halberd beheaded the High Orc.
With the High Orc’s cry of agony, Rudolph-san shouts not losing to the Orc.



When all Orcs are defeated, Wald-sama looks at me with a stern expression. Then he suddenly asks while grabbing my head.

“To instakill an Orc… just who are you!”

Even if you ask me that.
I understand that an experienced Knight will have troubles against Orc in a one on one fight, but I think that anyone with some skill in magic can behead such slow monster easily?
Moreover, others also didn’t take that much time to deal with their opponents.
Why are you grabbing my head?

“Allen, Elena. It’s all right. Wald-sama how about releasing your hand? The two are wary of you.”

I’m being bullied? The two probably thought so and let out cute growling noises.
Hearing my words, Wald-sama notices Allen and Elena clinging to my sides while glaring at him. He awkwardly releases his hand.

“Allen, Elena. Look, I’m okay, calm down please~”

For now, I pat the two U~ u~ growling kids’ heads.

“To have that done to him and be alright!”
“Perhaps captain wasn’t serious enough?”
“No, that was serious. I can tell. That was a considerable amount of power.”
“… Inhuman.”
“Right. He’s not normal.”

Because I was held with all his strength, I felt pain. However, I have a physical attack resistance. Moreover, it’s MAX’ed!
Therefore, although I felt only a little pain, an average person would be finished. The Knight start whispering among themselves after witnessing me not showing any reaction to Wald-sama’s attack.
Hey, you guys…… I can hear you.
They are certainly not wrong. I’m God’s retainer “Human?”. You are not wrong, but…… that’s somewhat rude.

“Wald-sama and others also didn’t take much time to deal with their opponents.”
“We were in pairs! Moreover, we can’t do something like instakilling it! You are an F-Rank fraud!”
“No, I have raised by one rank, so I’m an E-Rank now.”

Adventurers normally start at F-Rank, right? Then, they steadily improve their rank.
I’m not a fraud!

“Doesn’t change the fact it’s stra~nge!.”

So cruel……

“Rudolph-dono! I will contact Guild Master too, but once we return, please tell Guild Master to raise this fellow’s rank immediately!”
“Right. I will definitely talk to him.”

Oh my?

“With a high ranker’s recommendation, the Guild Master can raise one rank to some extent.”

Rudolph-san who saw my bewilderment explains.

Something like skipping grades? I see, so there was such a system.
As expected, I didn’t know such information.
Probably, even though Syl knows basic information, he isn’t aware of small details like this. It’s not necessary for him, after all.

It wouldn’t be bad to raise my rank, right? The extent of requests I could take will increase.
What procedures should be taken after returning to the town?
Well~ Rudolph-san said he would talk to the guild’s top so I should probably just wait since they will be contacting me?


“First of all, let’s clean up. Fuse, Cain. Rudolph-dono and others dismantle the High Orc. Collect as much meat as you need. Others take the Orcs.”

People start dismantling on Wald-sama’s orders.
I also collect the Orc’s materials.
First, the magic stone.
Next, the testicles…… it’s apparently an ingredient used for male-oriented stimulants. I will absolutely never drink it, but…… this seems to be quite high in demand.
High Orc’s materials are the same as Orc’s, magic stone and testicles. Also, it’s skin is used for protective gear.

Also, both have an enormous amount of meat.

This is a problem. Several of 3~4 meters tall Orcs leave behind quite a lot of meat.
It’s food. It would be normally brought back, but today is the first day of the expedition. If we secure it now, it will spoil before we could get back to the town.
Unfortunately, in a case like this, we can only secure enough for us to consume.

“All right, we are done. Then―――”

And, the rest is burned, so they don’t turn undead.

―――Normally, they would be burned, but……

“Takumi, what’s up?”
“Have you forgotten? With me, we can collect everything”

The meat won’t spoil in my Infinite Storage.


He seemed to forget because he’s not familiar with it yet, but the time stops in space-time magic. It should be known that time stops inside the《Infinite Storage》.
Thus, we have decided to collect the rest of the Orc meat.
Because it would take a time to dismantle, I just stored everything inside Infinite Storage just like that.

“Nevertheless…… to think there would be a group so close to the town.”
“This is unusual.”
“What do you think, Rudolph-dono?”

It seems to be rare to encounter a group half a day distance of the town.
They are mostly seen alone.
Wald-sama and Risner-sama confirm the situation with Rudolph-san.

“Mm. I have a feeling that the atmosphere in the forest has been quieter than before……”

Rudolph-san’s meaning isn’t “it’s calm”, but “it’s quiet before the storm”.

“Captain, it might be better to investigate this carefully.”
“Yea, I agree. Let’s move with more care from now on.”

We advance further to the forest while cautious.

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